Posted on August 18, 2011

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An amazing sketch of Ron Paul built around an old fable 14:33:00
California Straw Poll: Ron Paul Supporters Needed 22:46:47
Glenn Greenwald on Ron Paul 08:08:46
Awesome Local TV Coverage of NH Office Opening 07:40:27
Ron Paul mocks Rick Perry on his Fed statement 05:02:01
ABC News: Ron Paul Credits Jon Stewart 02:28:03
Mike Church Interviews Ron Paul: 'What If We Won? Who Would Suffer?' 08:51:06
Jerry Doyle Talks About The Attacks On Him For Sticking Up For Ron Paul 06:54:39
It's Official: The media is ignoring Ron Paul 19:03:58
Video: 1,000 Show for NH Campaign HQ Opening! 16:04:40
Poll: Paul's 14% Tops Bachmann's 10% in NH 15:45:34
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SEC Illegally Destroyed 9,000 Documents 23:55:53
$333,000 awarded to family when police shot their dog in 2009 23:52:12
Can Ron Paul win? He can and he should! 23:51:06
fyi @ Common Law - Self Defense 23:48:01
'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul 23:47:41
The True Origin of the Tea Party 23:30:52
In Defense of Ron Paul - New Book! written by the grassroots 23:21:53
Whats Next! RP the only legitamite candidate. 23:19:52
Newsmax Promotes Perry and his book, 'Fed Up' 23:16:46
Deep and Broad 22:54:36
2008 Primary: What happened in New Hampshire? 22:53:50
CBS News Caught Selling Barack Obama Merchandise in its Online Store 22:51:14
Ron Paul: The Jim Thome of Politics 22:46:45
Say, Mr. President! 22:29:59
Paul Ad Plays Like Action Movie Trailer (From KXAN In Austin, TX) 22:16:30
Second time’s the charm as Paul learns from ‘08 bid 22:11:37
delete 22:10:55
Santorum on Levin's show jabbing at Ron Paul 22:03:20
Voting For Ron Paul is NOT a vote for Obama 22:01:35
Gov. Rick Perry - China Loves Him! 21:48:47
The Baltimore Sun : "Ron Paul, aka The Invisible Man" 21:48:36
Second time’s the charm as Ron Paul learns from ‘08 bid 21:47:15
Article about Rating Agencies 21:42:57
Washington Times poll 21:39:51
Russell Means has inoperable throat cancer 21:39:19
Why are TPTB so scared of Ron Paul? It's all about the gold. 21:31:46
Jordan Page: The Light of Revolution 21:15:52
I'm new, and idea needing input. 21:12:02
See ya Perry! BREAKING: 21:10:56
Other Republican Candidates Ride Ron Paul's Anti-Fed Bandwagon 21:03:10
This picture can knock Perry down a couple notches 21:01:06
The Launching of RevoluTimes 20:58:04
P.R.I.N.T. Money 20:54:21
Rick Perry pushes for "less drastic" measures with the Federal Reserve than Ron Paul 20:50:43
Effective forms of spreading the word... 20:23:18
Is Obama About To Commit America To War With Syria? 20:20:30
US news poll: Should the Media Take Ron Paul More Seriously? 20:19:34
War On Terrors New Targets : "Veterans, Tea Partiers, Anti - Fed Activists" 20:17:20
Help Ron Paul win comic book straw poll 20:17:10
Fox News America’s Newsroom 9:30am ET Live from New Hampshire 20:08:29
Repeal the 20th Century: Tear Down the Statues of Wilson, FDR, and Truman 19:41:27
Mainstream Media uses FEAR to MANIPULATE YOU! 19:40:00
NH: Activist open carries into cop-shop 19:31:57
Is Obama Trolling for Votes? New DHS rules cancel deportations 19:23:18
Judicial Watch Uncovers New Documents: Obama Administration Bankrolls Massive Internet Propaganda Campaign to Push Obamacare 19:11:13
I recently submitted an idea to the producers 19:11:07
The Birthday Bomb: The Beginning Of Something Special? Or The Beginning Of The End? 19:00:47
SF Chronicle: Ron snubbed as speaker at CA GOP convention 18:55:13
Ron Paul on Wolf Blitzer 8/18/2011 18:19:37
Jon Stewart was right!! The bias against Ron Paul is Real -- NEW STUDY! Politico & Atlantic Wire 18:14:10
Ron Paul Interview With CNN's Wolf Blitzer 08/18/ 2011 18:07:01
VIDEO: Ron Paul on Local NH News Aug 18, 2011 18:05:58
Just heard a caller bring up Ron Paul on Hannity's radio show 18:04:42
Wow...We Have A Pledge Ticker Now!!!! 17:57:49
Perry ads all over the dp site right now. 17:51:37
Study: Ron Paul news coverage lags 17:44:37
Ron Paul Supported on Ron and Fez Show 17:33:34
Pew Research: Are the Media Ignoring Ron Paul? 17:33:25
Obama Finally has a Primary Challenger: Ron Paul! 17:30:38
Great article: Ron Paul Trounces Rick Perry In Presidential Poll 17:24:55
Arizona for Ron Paul 2012 17:18:52
Ron Paul, also known as the Invisible Candidate 17:07:38
Bank of America offers to help Rick Perry 16:59:34
Become a Ron Paul Delegate! 16:58:52
SFGate: He'll get attention in CA: Ron Paul to join Michele Bachman at GOP state convention in September 16:50:07
Indirect campaigning: Using my money differently (i think) 16:28:43
Can this be Obama's "Dukakis" moment? 16:26:15
Does DC need Liberty Lobbyists to counter all the Corporate and "citizen" Lobbyists? 16:24:54
Bret responds to Jon Stewart and Ron Paul supporters 16:21:06
HuffPo - What about Ron Paul? 16:14:29
Bachmann = Warhawk = Status Quo 16:12:14
Houston, Conroe, Spring TX Supporters: Ron Paul Sticker Army Meets This Saturday! 16:07:03
Dallas Paul Supporters? Member search function? 15:57:19
Worldwide poll to vote in on Facebook! 15:55:51
Ron Paul Campaign App Revived + Ron Paul Websites launched 15:44:23
Just got off the phone with Austin Ad guy, Robert Morrow 15:41:25
Who is this guy running the Perry ad in Austin? I am first to say I do not approve of this tactic. 15:30:29
Vote for Paul in this poll!! 15:30:10
Former Goldman Sachs Vice President Changed Name, Went To Work As Top Staffer To Darrell Issa 15:22:17
You can see here how much is pledged for the Aug 20th moneybomb! 15:12:41
Mixing - Are you an artist/musician who wants to create music for Ron? 15:07:22
S&P and the Bilderbergers: All Part of the Plan? 15:04:39 smear piece on Ron Paul's foreign policy 14:56:55
We Are Ron Paul, & We Are Going to Change the World 14:50:29
The official campaign is really working for the moneybomb! You should too! 14:41:08
Vote: Should the Media Take Ron Paul More Seriously? 14:39:48
infowars google bomb!! get this search term number 1 on friday!! 14:35:50
Jerry Doyle Won't Back Down - Supports Ron Paul Auditing The FED 14:34:55
Jon Stewart-Michael Steele no mention of Ron Paul in top 3 14:32:20
Have a good laugh....Herman Cain's Gospel Album from ten years ago.... 14:30:42
'Mossad plotted to harm Egyptian fertility' 14:30:09
Background of WND F Michael Maloof highly questionable (hit piece on Ron Paul) 14:27:50
Finally, an unbiased, truthful article 14:18:33
The Granger NorCalGOP Report: My First Meeting 14:08:28
Establishment attempting to fool americans into thinking perry and bush are different. 14:08:05
Someone Runs A Full-Page Newspaper Ad Seeking Possible Rick Perry Mistresses 14:06:17
Freedom: too big to Fail 14:05:56
Good Video: Ron Paul Media Blackout in the Northwest (and beyond) 13:52:22
Department of Justice agency is being accused of obstructing justice 13:47:03
Have you ever met an ex-Ron Paul supporter? 13:47:02
Evidence Corporate Media Connived to Ignore Ron Paul 13:43:35
Michele Bachmann lied about attending family reunion, says her own mother 13:42:22
Ron Paul Versus The Candidates 13:34:54
Gold miner minting gold & silver coins - to pay dividends in kind! 13:28:03
Matt Taibbi: Rick Perry vs. Ben Bernanke: Round One 13:17:21
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you..." The Tipping Point 13:10:47
We Will Accept NO Substitute! 12:53:26
GOP Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul to Address National Press Club, Oct. 5 12:49:21
Call Coast to Coast TONIGHT and promote the B-DAY MONEYBOMB!! 20:34:02
Ron Paul in Google top 10 news stories 12:27:54
Pew research survey shows we aren't delusional about the MSM 12:15:27
Delete please 12:13:02
You're entuastic about Ron Paul right? Then vote in Fox's poll! 12:07:36
Ron Paul's First Action as President 12:05:43
David Stockman> Props to Ron Paul 11:58:40
Overseas coverage---fair and unbiased! 11:54:59
Creed - Ron Paul Video 11:49:26
The Economist Magazine Has Peice About Ron Paul-We Need To Comment On This! 11:47:29
LA TIMES: Ron Paul "Forgets" Rick Perry's name.. Praises Jon Stewart! 11:41:35
VIDEO - Lobbyist Says He's Gonna Help Rick Perry Out! 11:33:45
[VIDEO] Targeting Blue Dog Democrats. Share it-let's get it seen. 11:30:32
Jon Stewart on FOX Bill O'Reilly about IRAN - 'Then why did Fox News not treat Ron Paul better?' 11:08:38
Update Wikipedia Republican 2012 Primaries 11:07:02
What Ron Paul's 2nd Place at Ames Really Meant 11:02:49
New Ron Paul Rock 'n' Roll Anthem!!! 11:01:26
The Ron Paul Media Flap: Looking at the Numbers for His Press Coverage 10:55:40
Political Judo 10:51:47
Charlie Sykes- Paul supporters, help push our cause on the media! 10:49:50
New Ron Paul Poster for the Grassroots--America Needs Ron Paul 10:48:33
NY Times - S.E.C. Files Were Illegally Destroyed, Lawyer Says 10:42:44
Ron Paul with KXNT’s Wayne Allyn Root (8/16/2011) 10:39:47
Converting a Neocon? 10:36:13
David Stockman - RON PAUL IS RIGHT, practical endorsement!!!! 10:34:06
"Rick Perry Polyester Ron Paul, Amateur Dick Cheney" 10:31:13
∞ Are you in it to win it? 10:26:55
Michele Bachmann lied about attending family reunion, says her own mother! 10:20:21
Fox News Panel Discusses Ron Paul's Media Exposure 10:18:33
Russian Money- Has anyone else seen this? 10:14:42
SHTF - 10 year Treasury yield hits all time low - gold record high 10:14:36
Go Vote - Palin is destroying Paul in this poll 09:53:41
Ron Paul as Frodo Baggins 09:51:46
Implications of a New World After the Ron Paul Revolution 09:33:28
Janine Garofalo says Cain shouldn't be a conservative because he's black, 09:32:00
Is this the perfect storm? 09:31:32
NEED VIDEO - Yet another arrogant CNN anchor slams guy defending Ron Paul 09:24:50
The 'Neocon' perspective post-3rd debate 09:24:28
Stewart mentioned RP again last night. 09:20:03
Stockman on Ron Paul Video 09:19:26
All Trading on Russian MICEX Halted (ZEROHEDGE) 09:07:09
Bachmann Iowa organizer previously arrested for terrorism. 09:03:40
After Near-Win at Poll, Ron Paul Fights for Respect 08:13:05 -- anybody know the clown that set this up? 07:59:00
Are Food Stamps a Stimulus? 07:52:37
Perry's Attack on Fed Echoes Ron Paul 07:51:09
Neoconservatism Interrupted 07:47:41
ABCs of American Tyranny 07:47:26
Cracked Fukushima: Radioactive steam escapes danger zone 07:44:44
81 Members of US Congress, led by Steny Hoyer, on Israeli Tour, Sponsored by AIPAC 07:38:51
Phil De Franco show mentions Ron Paul 07:15:19
6 reasons we can’t stop coming economic meltdown 07:09:57
Nikola Aleksic of Serbia calls for a stop to GMO and Chemtrails 07:08:51
Philip Mencken of the DailyCaller writes the most aggressive article I've yet seen 07:04:43
Let's Roll.....Alex Jones show....from ignoring to attacking Dr. Paul.... 06:55:14
Michele Bachmann and her Husband make $161,000 a year on medicaid 06:43:59
Key talking points to nail Bachmann to the wall of shame 06:38:55
WSJ: Obama Aims to Keep White Voters on Board 06:27:41
Reason editor on Fox 05:03:30
Orange County Register calls it a FOUR way race. 04:57:32
Be sure to vote in the Townhall August Straw Poll 04:39:51
Required RFID Chips in Obamacare? Help me decipher this Please! 04:19:23
Rick Perry and the Neocons 04:01:27
THROWBACK VIDEO (2007): Ron Paul as Neo of The Matrix 03:48:55
Dennis Kucinich on Freedom Watch: "This Administration Headed By Constitutional Scholar Is Ignoring The Constitution!" 03:37:09
Ron Paul, Romney, Bachmann and Perry Begin to Shape Republican Field 03:02:56
The Ron Paul Revolution: NeoCon Learns The Truth 02:57:16
Blowback Against the Media 02:39:07
PBS Newshour Segment Critical of Excess Credit and Debt 02:36:15
Ron Paul can't win unless Republican voters understand that a dollar collapse is much more dangerous than Al Qaida 02:34:58
Wisconsin State Fair GOP Straw Poll 01:48:25
Ron Paul Video Elevator Speech 01:39:30
Note to campaign: Get a proper video cam 01:30:15
The FIX is in: Neo-Con heavyweight weighs in against FRNs and for gold!! 01:25:58
Stupidest Attack Article Ever. From World Net Daily: "Russian network host boasts of 'money bomb' for Ron Paul" 01:07:38
Ron Paul supporters 01:03:34
Pop Quiz on a Card - Gets People Thinking - Ron Paul is the Answer 01:01:23
The end of corporate media 00:57:11
New Ron Paul video, Paul vs the Tea-o-cons 00:49:25
Google Ron Paul 00:49:17
Who is Ron Paul? 00:47:31
Jerry Doyle "Yes Men" & Party Corruption. Mentions Paul(again!) 00:39:14
Ron wins another one! 00:37:30
Video that seems to support Dr. Pauls position on Iran. 00:09:18
Ron Paul - The Revolution and The Anti War Movement 00:02:25