Posted on August 22, 2011

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Texas Straight Talk - True Liberty vs. Perfect Safety 18:50:55
Gallup: Obama 'Closely' Matched Against Paul, Bachmann 20:34:30
Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs Radio 8/22/11 14:16:40
The Hill: "Why Ron Paul is Good for America," by Brent Budowsky 13:42:06
(Rogue) Ron Paul Advertising at SeaWorld 16:12:04
My Op-ed On Ron Paul: Republicans will have a bright future if Paul wins 10:32:00
Houston Chronicle: Perry vs. Paul: 2 very different Texans want same job 00:57:14
Best Ron Paul Song Yet: Ron Paul Free by Carolyn Karger 19:27:38
Ron Paul Birthday Money Bomb Raises over $1.82 Million! 01:34:51
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S&P Board Fires ECO Deven Sharma Over U.S. Downgrade 23:50:54
Tea Party 2011: How Will We Serve the Cause of Liberty on December 16th? 23:28:24
Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar doom plans behind Libya 23:26:31
National Inflation Association (NIA) Endorses Ron Paul For President! 22:55:07
About the coverage of Perry's Fed comments - with video 22:45:41
♠ Bloomberg covers their Federal Reserve FOIA release 22:39:05
On the definition of fiat currency 22:24:07
How will a Palin run affect Paul's campaign? 22:23:59
Don't Copy That Floppy (Official Video - Digitally Remastered) 22:15:43
Ron Paul - The Revolution & The Anti-War Movement 22:14:55
Has anyone noticed this? 22:14:03
Ron Paul: The other texan running for president *Houston Chronicle* 22:07:58
Daily World: "Paul Is A Better Candidate This Time Around" 21:59:47
wi gop Website 21:58:52
Just Got Off The Phone With Mary Putnam From Revolution Pac. 21:52:21
Ron Paul campaign truck in 1991 movie called "Slacker" 21:36:07
Ron Paul Holiday 21:27:42
Front page Houston Chronicle: Reader Poll: What do you think of the media's coverage of RP Campaign 21:25:58
Yet Another Example of Reason Mag Not Hating on Ron 21:12:13
Why Is the Republican Hierarchy and the MSM Looking for More Warm Bodies to Enter Race? 21:01:33
Ron Paul invited to Palmetto Freedom Forum with Jim Demint 20:31:11
If Ron Paul Was President : the spoken word 20:22:10
The Income Tax Is A War Tax - Ending The Income Tax Will Create A Lot of American Jobs. 20:16:31
Where is Freedom Watch?! Why is Varney and Co. at Night on? 20:10:41
Romney acknowledges Paul's success at Ames 20:10:10
MSNBC Interview with Jesse Benton - 8/22 18:58:08
Americans Are Not Convinced Of Washington's Top Down Economics. 18:51:27
Short note from someone I led to Ron Paul via facebook 18:47:19
New Interviews with Ron Paul 18:25:26
Goldman’s Shares Tumble as Blankfein Hires Lawyer 18:19:55
Georgia Needs Ron Paulers this Saturday! 18:11:30
Delete please 17:59:46
Liberty for the Ron Paul Generation 17:35:03
BP accident area leaking again 17:34:13
American Nostalgia Culture 17:20:52
Help on Reddit. Who do the troops support? 17:00:02
The Atlantic - Why the Press Loves Jon Huntsman but Ignores Ron Paul 16:53:17
"The Tea Party can go to HELL" & "I was driving a Porsche 911" Democrat comments on how they want the gov to save them! 16:51:15
The Hill - Ron Paul raises $1.8M in 24 hours 16:50:09
Shop sells Ron Paul Skateboards! 16:36:37
What happened to Freedom Watch?! 16:36:03
live from tripoli. Western Media Complicit in nato’s “Humanitarian Bloodbath” 16:17:34
How to handle the "paul is a profiteer" hater. 15:59:27
Internet Personality “drinkingwithbob” Endorses Ron Paul in 80 Second Rant 15:55:25
Michael Medved slams Ron Paul - Then slams him again. 15:46:55
New American: Ron Paul as an Anti-communist Cold Warrior 15:40:59
Please Continue to Ignore 15:16:03
Silver Circle is HIRING -- work for the End the Fed movement! 15:15:49
Gallup Poll: Ron Paul tied for First Place with Mitt Romney 15:15:24
flash: cnn "Don't mention Al-Qaeda" Journalist not "following order" are threatened from all countries 15:08:24
Why the Press Loves Jon Huntsman but Ignores Ron Paul 14:45:20
The Real Terrorist Threat From the Surveillance State--Greenwald 14:34:43
End the Wars.. Vote Ron Paul 14:33:47
Ron Paul ignored again, BUT. 14:24:21
Bachmann: List of 'gaffes' 14:11:08
Farrakhan Blasts Obama On Libya Bombing 13:57:30
Philadelphia C4L sings Ron Paul a happy birthday at the Federal Reserve! 13:57:05
Ron Paul mentioned on Fox News Sunday "Panel Plus" 8/21/11 13:39:45
Wanna Collab? Got some music 13:38:39
Boomer Retirement Could Slow US Recovery 13:32:09
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk - True Liberty vs Perfect Safety - August 22, 2011 13:29:01
Documentary about European Paulites? 13:26:51
Anyone have a short concise list on why RP is most trustworthy, has integrity? 13:10:37
Why don't the money bombs raise $12 Million every time? 13:09:54
Unbeatable campaign slogan. 13:09:37
A winning issue 13:02:27
voting question. 12:56:06
Why Ron Paul is good for America 12:47:34
MSNBC does story about Ron Paul's lack of coverage 12:44:45
Guess How Much Wall Street Borrowed From Fed 12:38:53
Ron Paul Interview with Lou Dobbs Radio, 8-22-11, 2:30pm Eastern 12:26:50
CNN’s Howard Kurtz Calls Media Blackout Of Ron Paul ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecy’ 12:23:17
Tax the Rich - Pros and Cons - What's Warren Buffet Thinking? 12:19:22
Im Not A 700 Club Fan..(Or Watcher Really)..BUT 12:19:04
Outstanding Houston Chronicle Article: Perry vs. Paul 12:17:39
Another Liberty/Ron/Rand Candidate! Kristi Risk for Indiana's 8th 12:04:16
Delete please 11:58:40 WIDGET?? 11:50:25
LibertyFest NYC 19 days away! - Tom Woods, Jack Hunter, Sheriff Mack & many more - 11:37:17
Delete please 11:22:38
Just in time for Jackson Hole. 11:13:55
Fighting the last war. 11:06:11
Palin/Bachmann 2012 (Video humor) 10:52:41
Right to Know About the Science Behind Dietary Supplements! 10:46:08
Paul's Supporters Fewer but More Passionate (Texas Tribune) 10:12:31
Flash Mob Epidemic 09:56:49
Thoughts on a Gold Bomb? 09:42:19
Ron Paul Disclaimer 09:40:36
RT: Libya, us Congressman gets flight out while reporters are trapped 09:39:40
Christianity and War 09:30:07
Ron Paul Interview by FOX Journalist (Media Blackout **Unaired**) 09:27:52
VIDEO: Ron Paul Comments about HR645, The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act 09:22:17
Ron Paul: True Liberty vs. Perfect Safety 08:39:22
Eyewitnesses dismiss overnight rebel advances on Tripoli 08:08:30
The Anniversary of Ruby Ridge is Upon Us 07:29:57
New Ron Paul Song | "Restore America Theme" 07:02:32
Next MoneyBomb should be Nov. 5th. 06:36:06
Help: Ron Paul DVD to hand out and wake people up. 06:35:24
Vandals 4 Paul not helping us 04:58:11
Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Donation Chart 04:47:20
Milwaukee Meetup? 04:25:59
Excellent article about Ron Paul from a WVU student publication 04:19:44
Romney/Huntsman vs. Obama/Patrick 03:59:13
Who is Gaddafi anyways? 03:10:05
Light Bulb Issue 02:46:28
Bachmann reads Ludwig von Mises? 02:30:18
Members Of Swiss Parliament Endorse Ron Paul For 2012 01:19:51
Libya set up by NATO - Fake Libyan Rebels exposed 01:00:35
Will The Bard 00:47:52
Is Ron Paul Too Big of Threat to Government Way of Business to Become President? 00:38:04
Rick Perry letter for TARP funds 00:25:37
Ron Paul 2012 Page Views Increase 517% Over Last 3 Months 00:17:43