Posted on August 24, 2011

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This is how we roll in my area, St. Louis 22:27:32
Jack Hunter responds to American Spectator smears: Ron Paul and Conservatism 18:16:55
SFGate: Ron Paul Leaps Past Bachmann in Latest [Gallup] Poll 19:25:26
Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs: "I'm Afraid There Will Be People In The Streets" 8/24/11 20:38:17
Help Robin Koerner (Huffington Post Writer/Ron Paul's Blue Republicans) Get On The Daily Show 16:37:45
Video 8/24/2011: "Ron Paul Picks Up Steam Despite Minimal Media Coverage" -KHOU 11 News Houston 11:50:59
Best way to help Ron Paul 01:12:57
Rasmussen Poll: Ron Paul 38% vs. Obama 39% 17:34:51
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Is there a conspiracy against Ron Paul? 23:43:31
Daily Show: Robin Koerner or Ron Paul? 23:21:57
Official Ron Paul T-shirt day (Every Monday) 23:01:05
I need help rebuting some points on another forum. 22:55:31
Smart Politics: Ron Paul Polling 10x Stronger in August 2011 vs August 2007 22:37:25
Ron Paul Interview on Fox News Sunday, Fox News, 8-28-11, 9am Eastern 22:28:06
Mark Levin's Jejune Attacks on Jack Hunter and Mike Church 22:18:58
Paul To Appear On Fox Sunday 22:03:53
FINALLY Getting that Sunday Appearance - Ron Paul on Fox News Sunday this Weekend 22:02:44
Ron Paul Wins In Online Polling 21:59:10
Several Questions on Corporations 21:37:36
10 Reasons Why Devastating US Jobs Famine Will Suck Hope Out of America 21:18:35
Religious leader Glenn Beck. 21:06:45
Interview with Stuart Varney-Fox Business 8-25-11 21:03:14
Cops Confiscate Cameras At Ohio Congressman's Townhall (Video) 20:58:15
Us vs. Them 20:57:32
Ron Paul introduces bill to repeal Gun-Free Schools Zones Act of 1990 20:46:52
O'Reilly's Spin Zone 20:36:32
Adam vs. the Man Cancelled Because of Ron Paul Statements by Kokesh 20:35:04
Uligarchians: Start of the Collapse 20:29:41
Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs 8/24/2011 20:20:18
RNC straw poll 20:06:41
Poll: Ron Paul Could Beat Obama, More Electable Than Bachmann (yahoo news) 19:56:27
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Uninformed and Tainted (yahoo news) 19:54:15
WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah Gets it Right on Libya 19:53:57
Interesting post I saw today online 19:51:48
Here come the food police again. 19:39:02
The Ridiculousness of Licensing Laws To Protect Public Health 19:29:18
Libya was attempting to take Africa and the Middle East to the Gold Standard - Oil transactions in Dinar 19:24:36
Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Neocons 19:19:39
How do we stop the coming Perry-Palin collusion? 19:06:11
Confucius say, 19:00:36
The most important thing to obtain Victory, 18:29:36
Perry / Palin Prediction 18:13:32
Paul Moves Up To Third 17:12:17
! - Promotion Idea - "Ron Paul 20 Mile Bike Ride" - ! 17:10:35
National Post: Giving Ron Paul the silent treatment 16:54:23
Army Ranger commits suicide to avoid 9th tour 16:49:10
Newsmax - Ron Paul: We May Have to Accept Iran Nukes 16:29:48
Cops Confiscate Cameras at Ohio Congressman’s Town Hall 16:22:03
New York Times: Waves of Disinformation and Confusion Swamp the Truth in Libya 16:06:07
Wall Street Journal Finally makes Ron Paul look credible! 15:59:23
The Maverick In Praise of Ron Paul 15:35:39
Let's get a list of cuts to give the "super congress" 15:28:20
Why Paul needs to win the GOP primary 15:23:33
Interesting Juan Williams Interview 15:10:58
Listening to the Rush Limbaugh Program - Guest Host defends Paul! 15:09:28
GOP Congressman has cops seize cameras at town hall. 14:52:33
Obama implements DREAM Act by executive fiat 14:44:21
New National Gallup Paul @13% 14:44:03
Latest Gallup Poll. Paul 3rd. 14:35:07
Insider: Obama Team to Incite Race Riots; Use White Guilt in 2012 Election 14:32:20
Cartoon idea. Steal it. 14:28:32
Another Way To Get Ron Paul's Name Out There - Fantasy Football 14:21:00
8/24/2011: Ron Paul Headed Back to Iowa and New Hampshire 14:16:33
Massachusetts Bankruptcy Judge Overturns MERS Foreclosure 13:43:36
Washington Post: 2012 looks like Groundhog Day for Ron Paul 13:43:36
Ohio Congressman Has Police Confiscate Camera's At Town Hall Meeting 13:37:14
New Level = New Devil 13:28:14
I just saw an ad for "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight 13:14:47
AHA - The Truth laid bare in the Kokesh/Benton/RP flap! 13:13:55
National Review Offers "Apology" On Slighting The Good Doctor. 13:06:24
The Daily Divide on The Daily Paul 12:38:51
Get 'em to riot, then use riot to justify loss of freedom/security for all 12:26:59
Politicians Kiss Babies - Babies Kiss Ron Paul Part 2! 12:19:34
As his numbers continue to improve, Ron Paul presents challenge to Obama, other GOP candidates 12:14:13
GOP Candidates Jousting for Lead Position (Video) 12:10:32
Strategy in Open Primary States 12:01:21
Is it time to stop questioning only the MSM about lack of media coverage? Update #2 11:53:58
Jerry Doyle Interviews Jefferey Lord On His 6-page Anti-Ron Paul Piece in The American Spectator 11:44:15
Republican National Chairman credits Ron Paul for bringing spending, debt, and Fed to the mainstream (Video) 11:31:22
The Hill: Rick Perry = Rod Blagojevich 11:21:40
Is anyone able to search blogs in Google using keyword "Libya"? 11:17:54
The Hill: RNC Chairman Thinks Ron Paul's Campaign Has Gotten 'Fair Shake' in Media 11:07:20
Double, triple, quadruple threads on the same topic 11:01:05
His new slogan, “Have you seen this man?” could be printed on the sides of milk cartons. 10:57:28 - Front Page article covering The Atlantic: What's the worst that Ron Paul could do? 10:45:34
Federal Court rules Warrant required to obtain Cell phone Location Data 10:29:38
Forced Abortions in China 10:28:44
Jack Hunter’s blatant lies about defense spending and conservatism 10:21:56
Video: Jesse Benton On MSNBC 8/22/2011 10:17:53
Adam vs. the Man Aug 24, 2011 10:16:22
Biden Vs Napolitano 10:00:44
Check Yourself 09:56:43
Paul Turns Media Neglect into an Asset 09:24:51
I am going on a flight next week. What can I do to assert my rights when I deal with TSA? 08:51:32
Ron Paul Economics-for-Dummies Website 08:41:03
Just for fun - Ron and Rand were the subject of a Jeopardy Question last night! 07:55:21
Keeping an eye on Gary Johnson 07:19:47
Rumor that JP Morgan Chase may takeover Bank of America 07:02:35
As his numbers continue to improve, Ron Paul presents challenge to Obama, other GOP candidates 06:55:27
GOP Operatives Fear Lasting Ron Paul Problem 06:50:52
Domestic Intelligence Force: the NYPD After 9/11 06:08:56
RP Friendly Chairman Under Attack? Politico: New Hampshire Party Chair Alleges Bribe by National GOP 05:58:38
An interesting statement from the Daily Show comment section. 05:17:49
Ron Paul - The Dark Knight (VIDEO) 04:39:57
The Economist Blog Looks At Gallup Poll, includes RP. 04:36:34
PBS: 'Clearing the Smoke': The Benefits, Limits of Medical Marijuana 03:53:17
S&P Replaces President After US Rating Downgrade 03:45:18
Cops Assault Girl & Throw Her Down Stairs For Accidently Knocking A Flower Plant Off Balcony 03:32:43
Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman will respond to the American Spectator article on Mike Church tomorrow 00:29:42
FLASH!! Ron Paul Shatters His Google Search Record 226 Million results in (0.08 seconds) 00:19:11
Russia Today says Ron Paul supporters should not watch their show 00:17:27
Who Is Jesse Benton? Someone please.. 00:16:40
Ron Paul is the ONLY republican that can win 00:06:38
Like Religion or not . this is just wrong. Preacher arrested for public preaching 00:06:31