Posted on August 28, 2011

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Foxs News Front Page - Paul: Bernanke Is Out of Options to Save Economy 18:46:34
Lord and Levin Welcome Ron Paul to the Top Tier 20:38:06
Economic Cycles Before the Fed by Thomas E Woods, Jr. 17:00:27
Post-FNS Interview Articles are Everywhere! 18:01:06
Ron Paul could be Thorn in Perry's side 09:37:57
Ron Paul's Speech at the Polk County Republican Summer Picnic - August 27, 2011 08:26:50
Vintage Dr. Ron Paul for Congress Political Infomercial 17:35:20
Ron Paul Close 2nd in GA Straw Poll 19:50:31
Neil Cavuto To Ron Paul: "You're a genius, a rock star . . . You could be my co-anchor!" 17:33:28
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Stumpin' In My Ron Paul Shirt (Ron Paul rendition of Nelly's "Air Force Ones") 23:59:33
Libyan Rebels Form Their Own Central Bank 23:54:09
RON PAUL And All That Jazz 23:23:41
Take these 2012 Slim Jims to your Farmers' Markets! Updated 23:21:42
Ron Paul Y'All. A Song for the South. 22:43:58
Cincinnati Straw Poll and Debate Viewing party, Ron Paul supporters needed 22:39:08
Alex Jones discusses Ron Paul with Max Keiser 22:25:25 - Establishment, Media Afriad to Raise Ron Paul's Profile 22:23:50
The Times-Delphic - Young Voters favor ‘Refreshing’ Candidate - Ron Paul is, "more in-line with young people". 22:18:12
Question on FEMA 21:47:00
Comprehensive Electoral Reform: Do You Support This? 21:28:48
Fair and Clean Elections - Does YOUR vote count? 21:06:50
Why the American media hate and fear Ron Paul 20:51:46
Teach Peace VI and Ron Paul 2012 20:45:04
Ron Paul is the Republican's Dream Candidate 20:39:08
Do you like this Ron Paul video idea? 20:33:48
great vid taken at a RP rally in 08 20:33:20
Need Help: We Need To Show That Ron Paul Is The Front Runner! 20:31:37
Radio Interview with Robin Koerner, founder of the Blue Republicans for Ron Paul movement 20:18:01
Rick Perry: The Keynesian Disciple 19:59:38
Fox News Poll *Active* - Do You Think FEMA Should Be Eliminated? Click to Vote! 19:28:12
Good Coverage - Libya - videos inc. 19:13:31
Barack Obama on Hurricane Irene: An Exercise In Central Economic Planning 19:08:35
Tom Woods and Mike Church take your questions LIVE online - 18:45:16
Ron Paul Goes Full Maverick, Calls for End of FEMA on Eve of Hurricane Irene 18:14:42
Proof Ron Paul is right abot FEMA 18:03:40
Dr. Manning talks on Ron Paul 17:24:45
List of online forums for candidates and politics 17:17:08
Ron Paul's Long-Term Holdings Outperform The Market And Most Pros 17:11:39
On the Edge: Max Keiser talks with Alex Jones About the Presidential Election & Ron Paul 17:00:21
Nullification as a Gateway Drug 16:54:12
Ron Paul: the Thinking Persons Candidate 16:52:58
Devastation on the East Coast 16:50:41
EU: Situation Terminal 16:17:37
Email FOX and demand/request a Re-Airing of the Fox Sunday Interview 16:08:24
New People to RP want some inspiration? Weekend Watching.. 15:46:56
Rick Perry begged for TARP in 2008 15:38:13
Nationwide sign wave on Saturday, October 10th, 4:30-6:30 15:08:00
We'd Better Get to Commenting Here. Article - Ron Paul: FEMA Is the Real Disaster 14:57:02
Spartanburg Ron Paul Rally 082711 - Chris Lawton 14:47:06
Louis Farrakhan gives a shout out to Ron Paul "who is like a man crying in the wilderness" 14:41:39
Raw Story : Ron Paul Calls For Spending Cuts Before Hurricane Relief 14:38:47
Beautiful Speech made at Austin City Council, 14:34:23
Ron Paul Song Sung to the Tune of Dixieland 14:28:57
You have the truth on your side.Stay Active! 14:18:13
Ron Paul Song Sung to the Tune of Yankee Doodle 14:15:23
IMPORTANT: Rick Perry 10th Amendment Flip Flop 13:42:04
Kill Them With Kindness! 13:37:25
Who needs Congress? 13:34:05
School these ignoramuses. 13:27:52
HR 1196, Leave Act- Send Illegals out of the U.S. 13:24:56
Lew Rockwell Talks About Ron Paul on AntiWar Radio 13:22:33
Let's shower Chris Wallace with some LOVE! 12:54:44
The Agitator : First Circuit Panel Says There's 'A Clear Constitutional Right To Record Cops' 12:40:48
Joel Salatin, Food Freedom, and Ron Paul 12:26:53
Can the government and pharm empire be trusted? (A compilation of conflicts-of-interest and unethical trials) 12:21:21
Graphic Artists Look! 12:16:01
Inflating War 12:13:50
China's Debt to the US? The Untold Story. 12:09:53
Fox News: Ron Paul is In It To Win It. 12:05:11
Signs in Ft. Worth, TX 12:03:10
What the Founders Thought About Corporations 11:49:18
Good, basic explanation of how The Fed works by Bob Chapman 11:37:30
Will Barron's Mag. Slam Obama Over Personal Treasury Holdings? 11:31:54
Agorist Communities: Protecting Private Property, Voluntary Interactions, and Off-Grid Living 11:29:32
Superb Max Keiser & Alex Jones Video On Ron Paul, Economic Meltdown 11:28:30
Nat'l Weather Service -- we need them, right? 11:05:00
Obama Fact Sheet for When Talking to Democrats & Progressives 10:29:08
Ron Paul Interview On Fox News Sunday: Talks Fema, Libya, Mises & More 10:21:01
Ron Paul is right about FEMA. Herman Cain Forums of all places. 10:20:33
Military wife describes how her husband committed suicide 09:57:06
The Banksters and American Foreign Policy-Justin Raimondo 09:49:16
Taxpayers Strike Back 09:43:24
Paul a thorn in Perry's side 09:10:22
Ron Paul on Foreign Policy and Relationship with Gaddafi 09:09:19
CNN slams Ron Paul 08:41:11
California to make it a felony for MDs to treat cancer without chemo, radiation or surgery 08:24:54
Billionaire investor Jim Rogers throws his support behind Ron Paul 11:08:20
Is this their real reason to support their military budgets? 07:16:24
Excellent Article: Ron Paul; Why A Top-Tier Candidate Is Ignored By Republicans 07:01:34
Ron Paul's Views on Evolution Are Irrelevant! (video) 05:48:41
Dr. Mercola for Ron Paul 04:41:23
Seeking Alpha: Ron Paul's Long-Term Holdings Outperform The Market And Most Pros 03:15:20
San Antonio Express News: Paul could be thorn in Perry's side 03:02:42
Please help me overcome the points made in this article. 03:00:31
*IMPORTANT* In Order For Paul to Become President 02:53:23
Online poll that they'll probably delete: Who would you vote to see debate Obama! 02:29:37 for Ron Paul 02:26:19
This Patriotic symbol, I think, says a lot. 01:47:46
Grassroots Video - Angie4RonPaul 01:42:33
Max Keiser with Alex Jones discuss Ron Paul and his prophetic policies 01:20:49
Ron Paul the Only GOP Contender Who Isn't Upside Down in Poll 00:27:55
U.K. seeks to monitor or limit Social Networking Sites 00:22:21