Posted on August 30, 2011

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Ron Paul on 9/11 Anniversary: 'I don't think we've learned a whole lot' 15:53:32
Video Update: Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto / Fox Business 8/30/11 18:24:52
Video Update: Ron Paul on Larry Kudlow / CNBC 8/30/11 19:41:47
Why Should I Support Ron Paul? A Very Short Documentary 09:25:53
God Bless Ron Paul and Those Who Follow Him, says Pat Buchanan 06:56:48
Jack Hunter Video: Does Attacking Neoconservatism Reflect Racism or Reality? 03:18:24
CNN and “Opinion Research Center” — The Numbers Don’t Add Up 00:41:27
TYT: Obama Admin Protecting Criminal Banks 01:44:03
Politico: A New Town Hall Strategy for Ron Paul 06:11:53
Huffington Post: Ron Paul Can Win 02:20:09
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Paul vs Bachmann 23:36:07
Gibson guitars legal fund bomb. 23:21:36
Why Do Some Progressives Support Ron Paul, Even Though He Is Anti-Woman, Anti-Civil Rights, and Anti-Equality 22:56:27
Report: Gibson Competitor is Dem Donor; Uses Same Wood, Experienced No Federal Raids 22:52:14
Proof that we live in a police state! 22:21:21
Long Knives taken to RP's 14th District. 22:09:23
The greatest threat to Ron Paul to date is Bruce Fein 21:27:55
Educational, Ralph Waldo Emerson: Self-Reliance 21:24:57
BAM!! Former FEMA Director agrees with Dr. Paul -- video 21:15:56
Mike Maloney - Up Close and Personal - Why he hopes Ron Paul won't be president 20:48:56
Ron Paul Biography 20:45:10
Rick Perry: We Need To Bomb Some Brown People 20:00:20
Daily Paul mentioned,( Ron Paul Lovers Blow Up Republican Poll in Cuyahoga County) 19:54:30
An opportunity we can’t afford to miss 19:42:51
Ron Paul vs Moronic arguments 19:29:11
US Government Asset Seizures on the Rise 19:18:05
Huffington Post: The top ten reasons why Ron Paul is the only rational choice 19:14:07
The Judge Is back! 19:14:04
Mexico starts manditory vaccinations of Gardasil 19:09:53
Charles Krauthammer says that 9/11 was the biggest attack in the history of the world. 18:46:48
Ron Paul on FEMA 18:18:01
Dan Savage's New Threat to Rick Santorum 18:10:17
Free & Equal to Co-Host Liberty Fest NYC 18:00:31
Rolling Stone hit piece on RP. Get to it! 17:58:04
RP on C-span at 5:20- pm ET i.e. very soon 17:15:21
Breaking News? 17:04:32
Cops Confiscate Lakewood, Ohio Lady’s Arsenal; Motive Pending 16:45:30
"Ron Paul Republican" Congressman Jason Chaffetz of UT helps Mitt fundraise?!? 16:36:16
Hope 16:35:18
Florida Straw Poll Flop? 16:29:31
Troops, we REALLY need to comment on this article. It's one of the worst I've read! 16:20:48
Sign Up To The Washington March Today! 16:08:07
Video Update: Ron Paul on Anderson Cooper 360 / CNN, 8/30/11 20:19:18
Rick Perry: The pro-Shariah candidate? 15:49:01
Here is the Aga Khan/Rick Perry curriculum: Scrubbed from the web, cache scrubbed from Google Search 15:42:19
Plot against the Ron Paul campaign? 15:23:24
ATF Head Reassigned amid Gun-Trafficking probe 15:20:37
Rick Perry and Jerry brown believe it is ok to force children to take drugs 15:14:07
Defending Ron Paul: Minorities, Equality, Property Rights 14:58:33
Corruption Alert: Lobbyists Scramble to Influence Super Congress 14:06:11
New Ron Paul interviews 14:03:52
CNN: Rick Perry Al Gore 2012 14:02:00
Ron Paul on Alex Jones Wednesday 13:39:19
Acting ATF Chief Kenneth Melson Steps Down 13:35:43
UPDATED! Ron Paul rEVOLution Artwork: Inspired by Grass Roots! 13:34:20
Report on Man Who Faces 'Life Sentence' for Recording Cops 13:21:08
Defending Ron Paul: Video Series from 2 College Students! 13:12:39
Flash!! Feds May Seize 'Liberty Dollars' 13:01:58
Podcast Update: Ron Paul Interview with Lou Dobbs Radio Tuesday August 30, 2011 12:46:56
Latest CNN Presidential Poll 12:43:53
Obama and Holder taking on Arizona SB 170 12:38:05
Ron Paul and fellow Republicans failing history 12:16:27
O'Reilly and Beck warn Americans. 12:01:44
Unicef Requests Funding - pdf 11:51:21
American Soldiers Are Waking up 11:38:04
the algemeiner article: Iran and All, It’s Got to be Ron Paul 11:31:45
DailyIowan - Ron Paul Wrong on Constitution (Watch the comments section and laugh hysterically) 11:02:50
EU Debt Crisis - Italian Town Mints Own Currency 10:56:39
Gold=Money? Bernanke No, Greenspan Yes 10:20:07
Arguing the existence of God is a red herring, and detracts from the cause of liberty. 10:17:42
Buying Things With Silver 10:12:01
GOP Takes Aim At the UN 09:36:30
Barney Frank's District Surreptitiously Speaks Out 09:32:48
What's the deal with the latest CNN poll . 09:28:27
Focus On Peace 09:26:38
Wear your Ron Paul shirt every Monday. 09:15:54
When they wanna talk "poll numbers", send em here. 08:59:26
Did Senator Rand Paul vote for Cold War II? 08:58:05
Advancing U.S.-Canada Economic, Energy and Security Integration 08:55:08
article i wrote on why to elect ron paul..would love to get it circulated 08:54:26
Wall Street Journal - Greenspan discussed unintended consequences 08:38:11
Ron Paul: "I don't accept the theory of evolution" 07:47:51
Sen. Jim DeMint says he Won't Seek Re-election in 2016 07:30:52
Prayer is Activism 07:26:42
Walker's Blowback: Wisconsin Town Bars Republicans From Labor Day Parade 07:03:07
The Great Ron Paul Songbook (Fantastic Ron Paul Jazz Standards Swinging in 2012) 06:53:48
Trying to do my part for liberty: 04:53:01
Taxes in Texas 04:29:14
Need help turning a liberal Democrat 03:49:14
Ron Paul's Candidacy vs. Biblical Law 03:23:58
Ron Paul 6% in new CNN poll 03:14:50
Video: SCButterfly and Congressman Trey Gowdy Tussle over Bruce Fein, the Patriot Act and the 4th Amendment 03:10:28
Voting Principles over Party & Politics (Ezra Taft Benson) 02:42:03
Do we REALLY have to suffer through the meningitis vaccine propaganda ad at top of site? 01:53:13
Please Read My Wall Of Text 01:47:44
Mission Accomplished in Libya? by Ron Paul. 01:24:32
Article: How Ron Paul is walloping the market 01:21:11
4 x 8 Signs 01:14:16
Government and Job Creation 01:12:29
Need help finding an old video 00:41:05
Who thinks this would be a good song for a prom video? 00:32:38