Posted on August 31, 2011

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Vermont has no National Guard choppers to help with cleanup from Hurricane Irene because they are all in Iraq 23:09:04
Huff Post - I Voted for Obama, Now I'm Voting for Ron Paul 22:19:33
Dr. Paul on FOX Biz Special Report w/C. McShane "Polls show if you are a Ron Paul supporter, you usually don't leave" ~8/31/11 20:35:36
Mitt Romney will headline a major national tea party rally? 09:49:25
Update: Ron Paul on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" - 8/31/11 11:28:58
Tom Woods, Constitutional Scholar, Refutes Anti-Paul Claims - The Daily Iowan 8/31/11 10:19:04
August: Deadliest month for U.S. in Afghanistan 08:44:47
Is there a conspiracy against Ron Paul? 07:17:41
Sensational NEW video "Unwavering Consistency, Unparalleled Foresight” 04:33:11
HuffPo: The Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Ron Paul Is the Only Rational Choice 04:32:59
Update: Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show, 8/31/11 10:36:25
Ron Paul: What It Takes To Win 20:13:23
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Congressional Black Caucus declares War on "racist" Tea Party 23:51:50
Mark Levin is on an all out crush Ron Paul binge, he was nuts tonight, he will be having Rick Perry on tomorrow, charge your 23:30:39
NPR Ron Paul interview 23:30:39
Why I Support Ron Paul 23:29:47
Change Your Signature to Your Location! 23:17:08
Ron Paul Halloween Costume Bomb 23:14:15
Daryl Hannah: Keeping my head from Exploding 23:05:36
Huffington Post -- Another Democrat voting Ron Paul!! YEAH!! 23:04:59
Why Do Some Progressives Support Ron Paul, Even Though He Is Anti-Woman, Anti-Civil Rights, and Anti-Equality? 23:03:04
Luke Rudkowski Confronts Larry Silverstein on WTC 7 22:53:09
Greenville, SC: Suspect Pulled Over, Preached to, Then a Citation From GOD! 22:51:58
Obama Moves His Little Speech to Sept. 8 22:41:54
A National Debt Of $14 Trillion? Try $211 Trillion 22:39:28
Dom Giordano Talks Behind Ron Paul's Back After Interview - 8/30/11 22:35:19
Illinois Man Faced 75 Years In Prison For Recording Police 22:01:03
New Book on Ron Paul 2008 Campaign 21:47:33
Matt Welch on FEMA "Of all the subsidies that are the most difficult to remove it is those that affect the rich" 21:32:58
My Blog Converted to Pro-Ron Paul Satirical Online Newspaper 21:14:50
Anderson Cooper Poll #2 21:05:30
Yahoo's Daily Ticker Hit Piece? Commenters needed. 20:58:09
Does Dr. Paul Know about Permaculture. I wonder if anybody has ever asked him 20:13:03
I think Rick Perry helps Ron Paul! 20:05:33
Ron Paul Support Youtube Channel 19:56:08
Ron Paul Right Again on CFPB 19:48:39
Ron Paul on the Campaign Trail in South Carolina - Monday, September 5th. 19:40:44
Dick Cheney Fears Trial As War Criminal, Colin Powell Aide Hits Out At Former VP 19:21:37
Whats up with Bradley manning 18:58:58
GOP Primary Scramble Could Mean 2012 Voting Starts Early--Maybe Even in 2011! 18:14:26
POLL: Should Ron Paul Ignore Obama’s Attempt To Remove Him From The Upcoming Debate? 18:12:07
Rick Perry Has Some Weaknesses as a Debater 18:09:05
Creating cash flow for Ron Paul, and ourselves. 18:00:00
What kind of name is Dannel, anyways? 17:37:14
Blue Republicans are key to win over Likely Republican Voters 17:34:10
"The Keys To The White House" 17:27:23
Tea Party Patriots Getting Some Feedback on Paul Bashing 17:21:04
Boehner Says "NO!" To Obama Request for Joint Session of Congress on Sept.7 17:18:41
Cut, Cap, and, Balance 17:09:12
Obama spent $535 million on Solyndra Solar Energy firm in 2010, firm went bankrupt today 16:54:35
NO! Obama's Request for Debate Night Rejected 16:49:16
RON PAUL And All That Jazz office sing along 16:41:20
Secret files: US officials aided Gaddafi (with Video) 16:18:57
NPR: "Ron Paul: 'Philosophy Of Liberty And The Constitution' Has Been Vindicated" 16:17:57
Politico: Paul may object to President Barack Obama’s surprise request to address a joint session of Congress 15:46:04
Politico Breaking News: The Republican presidential debate scheduled for Sept. 7 at the Reagan Library will not be postponed, 15:38:43
Excellent OppoResearch page on Rick Perry - presented in time line. 15:32:47
"No advertiser was willing to touch Glenn Beck's program" -Neilsen Ratings 15:25:05
Sen. DeMint Blasts Fed Policy, Secrecy 15:09:55
aimee allen ron paul revolution song 15:07:54
The hacks at Chicago tribune know RP is doomed. 14:56:24
YAL looking for 1k more activists to train at "campaign bootcamps"!! 14:47:38
Aide: Dick Cheney Fears Arrest for War Crimes 14:36:42
A weakness for Ron Paul 14:02:07
I have had great success with this post about Ron Paul with my Facebook Friends! 14:01:05
The New American: Ron Paul: An Enigma who Could be the Next President 13:51:02
Interesting Video on Fast approaching changes.Possibly 13:35:49
Endorsement Projection 13:33:59
Dr. Mercola : Why is this "Unsafe" Food Banned When its 35 Thounsand Times Safer Than Others?" 13:05:02
First Federal Reserve Audit Reveals Trillions in Secret Bailouts 12:59:42
GOP Congressmen Put Constituents Who Asked Tough Questions On A 'Watch List' 12:57:50
Rick Perry Loves HillaryCare ? 12:54:58
Bastiat's "Broken Window Fallacy" Cited on NPR! 12:53:58
Banned 2008 ABC/ Ron Paul Interview 12:44:00
Government suing to block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger. and a response from the past. 12:43:50
Get Sick and so Angry, you will vote for Ron Paul 12:41:39 New site, and very nice 12:35:53
Educate The Loonies At Rawstory! 12:29:48
Dannel Malloy can't type or write, yet he calls Dr. Paul an "idiot". 12:24:11
911 - The Cats Out of The Bag 12:20:41
Joe Scarborough calls out Perry 12:17:45
“Fair and Balanced” My Ass 11:52:50
Use It To Wake People Up! - 11:50:07
Breaking: DOJ blocks AT&T bid for T-Mobile 11:07:22
Conn. Governor Dannel Malloy: Ron Paul is 'an idiot' 10:39:35
Conn Gov calls Ron Paul an idiot and blames him for wars on CNN 10:30:42
Defending Ron Paul: Abortion and Human Rights 10:21:25
Government Is Sending Us to Early Graves 10:14:48
Anderson Cooper, Ron Paul Spar About fema (video) 10:12:00
Liberty Dollar Owners BEWARE. Secret Service will confiscate 10:02:09
Associated Press: NYPD doing domestic spying! 09:52:03
Jim Marrs on C2C Last Night - Ron Paul the Only Truthful Candidate 09:46:43
Infiltrate Largest Online Media Outlets!! 09:24:47
Let Me Tell You About My Doctor 08:51:04
Corporate News Network is a total joke! 08:45:28
A Rare Interview With Hayek [MP3} 07:13:24
Obama's 4% Refinance Plan for Homeowners is a Bank Bailout in Disquise 07:03:12
Matt Taibbi: GOP Hearts End-Times Insanity 06:51:11
Rick Perry Loves HillaryCare (1993) 05:05:11
Disturbing Romney ads on Ron Paul Google News Searches 04:32:45
Should we bring Pizza Man back? 04:08:56
RP is BEHIND in this poll! 04:02:09
Paul, Sanders on FEMA: Anti-Federalist vs. Federalist, or a Battle Over Bloat? 03:43:41
GOP Straw Poll 2012 02:23:50
Rick Perry Wanted Bi-National Health Insurance with Mexico 02:16:32
New GrassRoots Video - Angie4RonPaul - More Ways to Get Involved 02:13:49
.dumb idea. 02:02:23
Public School's Worst Nightmare: Thousands have Transferred from Public to Private Schools using Vouchers 08:59:52
The Greatest Plot Against the Ron Paul Camp To Date (Bruce Fein is bad for the campaign) 00:56:14
Famous Artist Submits Ron Paul Les Paul Guitar Image 00:20:22
The Media Tactic Now Emerging Against Ron Paul 00:09:41
“Social Security to Americans: I am Not Dying” A Response 00:01:46
ROUND 2: Debate Suggestions for the 7th 23:14:35