Posted on September 1, 2011

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Is it immoral to get a job in the defense industry? 21:42:33
More Ron Paul Pwnage Moments 23:49:48
Fox and Google to Host GOP Debate Sept. 22. Vote for questions to be answered! 17:45:39
Feds to Gibson: "Use Madagascar labor and your problems will go away" 17:32:15
So Shall We - New Revolution Super PAC Video - Super Bomb September 19 18:04:12
Can Ron Paul Lead the 2012 GOP Field? New Fox Video 16:16:01
Ron Paul Info Booth 13:43:12
First Post 13:34:37
Ralph Nader: 10 painful lessons of 9/11 12:41:08
WikiLeaks: Airstrike ordered to cover up U.S. shooting of Iraqi children 09:04:05
Los Angeles Times blogger goes to bat for Ron Paul and hits it out of the park! 01:27:16
All Hands On Deck in SC! 1,500+ Ron Paul supporters to show. 00:05:32
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Reuters Exclusive : "Perry Sought to Sideline Nuclear Waste Site Critic" 23:54:25
"4 More Wars! 4 More Wars!" Obomba campaign slogan 23:38:47
Hershey Chocolate - think twice 23:15:34
9/11 Building 7 - Martin Noakes 22:52:09
My God, He's like a hockey goalie! 22:30:45
Body scanners scrapped from German airports 22:28:08
Fox Poll question 28 22:18:39
Hillbuzz: Why An Establishment Republican Can’t Win In 2012 22:17:34
Fluoride - The Drugging of Our Water Supply in San Luis Obispo, Austin and Much of America 22:04:53
Governmental means of tracking cash transactions in future. 21:37:02
Is Anyone Watching the MSNBC Special "Inside 911 The War Continues" 21:28:08
Fox News - Can Ron Paul Lead the 2012 GOP Field? (Youtube) 21:15:34
How Many Tea Parties? 21:02:44
Bruce Fien vs Charles Goyette? No Contest ! 20:39:27
HAHA Look at this poll 20:15:50
Ron Paul's Morality: Limited Government, Maximum Freedom 20:05:19
Nader proposes new model to challenge Obama, threatens to throw primary process into chaos 20:01:03
Is Mark Levin Suffering a Nervous Breakdown 19:52:51
Former FEMA Director Agrees With Ron Paul 19:51:46
Rick Perry pay for play this time he let a billionaire dump nuclear waste 19:28:11
Iowa ; Heartland Farmers Need You 19:17:59
White House Launches Online Petition to Influence Government! 19:12:28
Facebook Like, Google +1 and maybe even Tweet: Ron Paul on Fox News' Candidate Tracker 18:51:17
∞ The new pledge made for US 18:26:05
Why is FEMA building camps that are now empty but could hold thousands? 18:21:32
Defending Ron Paul: Gays, Lesbians, and Marriage 18:21:10
Steve Forbes is close to making an endorsement 18:00:48
Fall Of The Republic 17:59:08
Adam Kokesh Loses Show For Supporting Ron Paul 17:59:00
Free OBAMA bumper stickers 17:52:26
Bumper Sticker Idea 17:50:14
The Old Open Borders libertarian idea, still wise, if propertly understood by today's libertarians 17:34:22
Dr. No needs to state solutions, not problems 17:29:30
Help with a convert 17:20:32
Appeals Court rules it is 'NOT ILLEGAL' to film police 17:17:40
Fox Business News: Greece to Miss 2011 Deficit Target 17:03:00
Ron Paul : "CIA Chooses Dictators Around The World" 16:57:23
Ron Paul : "FEDS Preparing for Breakdown of Law and Order" 16:46:57
Pentagon Allows Near "Slavery" Conditions Among Foreign Workers 16:46:23
In 2001 Speech Perry Praised Medicaid, Urged Study on Providing Health Insurance to Mexicans 16:23:31
Ron Paul bloggers needed here: tea party sites 16:21:54
Corn Dog Politics 16:18:44
Have Liberal Friends? 16:17:41
Forbes: I Predict We Go Back to a Gold Standard After 2012 16:12:53
NYU Local : "What About Ron Paul?" 16:03:11
Some military are upset regarding this article . 15:54:40
Paul Campaign Applauds Boehner For Requesting Change of The Day for Obama Joint Session Speech 15:39:44
Steve Forbes to endorse Rick Perry? 15:35:38
Ron's clear positions on many issues: 15:20:47
Time for a TRUE Tea Party platform. 15:10:03
Bowling Green Daily News: Rand Paul blasts Obama’s nomination of Krueger (blast is an understatement) 15:02:11
How to Attract More Democrats For Ron Paul 14:48:54
Jon - Subtle color fade on comments is better now. 14:45:58
The North Dakota "Miracle" 14:42:32
Ron Paul-Constitution Day Money Bomb-Promotion Video! 14:27:38
Shortcut to the Plantation. 14:23:47
Vermont Gov tells RP to come to vermont and look into the eyes of the people 13:52:56
Delete please 13:49:14
Help needed in comments 13:45:07
One of Obama's Biggest Financial Supporters Sanctioned by Fed Gov for Robo-Signing 13:44:14
Santorum FAIL 13:01:25
Government from the latin gubernare meaning "to manage" 12:58:39
Officer Steven Segal Kills Puppy for Ratings 12:31:13
GREAT Madison speech on "general welfare" 12:27:17
ABC News Bans Flag Lapel Pins 12:17:29
Somebody goofed on designing the Fox News 2012 Candidate Tracker. 12:02:40
Revolution PAC holding a tshirt Design Contest 11:56:48
WikiLeaks: Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head 11:45:25
Ron Paul on FOX at 11:15am? 11:28:00
Imagine Ron Paul 2012 10:46:11
Justin Raimondo connects the dots on Operation Fast and Furious 10:45:37
Ron Paul Poll 10:34:51
Truth Exposed Radio Year of Activism Special Broadcast 10:34:26
Gov. Texas Perry - Fact Checking his Texas Job Growth Claims 10:30:08
Ron Paul Media Deception 10:16:33
Green Police Invasion 09:59:08
Prescott, AZ cop tases compliant, mentally handicapped man 09:18:33
9/1/11 Contact Bomb for the The R3voɺution Super Concert Starts TODAY! 09:06:52
Communist Party of America Endorses. 08:59:49
Ron Paul on Anderson Cooper 360, Why he'd do away with FEMA 08:50:30
To my Dear Sisters of the Daily Paul 07:51:21
Steve Forbes: Obama, Bernanke must go. Leans to supporting Rick Perry 07:48:56
When they came for the Jews, and Gary Johnson 07:46:51
North Dakota's Economic “Miracle”—It's Not Oil 07:26:53
You American ? You Watch This Now ! 07:24:30
Paul Craig Roberts: Rule of Law is Dead: Bank fraudsters, torturers, and war criminals running free… 07:16:58
Changes to DP, colored backgrounds 07:08:34
CNBC poll: Return to a gold standard? 06:56:22
I Got A Youtube Idea 06:55:53
The Next Financial Crisis is Coming Worse than 2008 06:42:53
The State of the Police in a Police State ~ Judge Napolitano 06:24:05
Paul speaks for nation (Editor's Inbox) 06:20:52 The Trolls vs. Chris Hedges & Ron Paul 06:20:42
Obama Changes Speech Date After Dust-Up With GOP 06:01:28
Bonehead: Mark Levin needs a direct confrontation by the campaign. Enraging rant enclosed. 04:59:49
Response to my idiot neo-con, new deal democrat friend. 04:04:30
The Gold "Conspiracy" That Hasn't Got Much Attention 04:02:41
Police state - Man Facing 75 Years In Jail For Filming Police 03:57:45
Goldmans pushing for QE3 03:49:14
Rick Perry's humble foreign policy 03:25:08
No wonder CA is losing businesses. 02:41:41
3 Reasons Why Filming Cops MUST Always Remain Legal 02:01:51
Siebel Edmons warns of Paul campaign plot: nix Bruce Fein quickly 01:59:18
Waitin for FEMA 01:57:52
And Obama's already blaming the Republicans in Congress 01:57:09
'$5 k an hour to fly a terrorist': Sky-high fees paid by CIA to move around suspects exposed . 01:39:31
Interview on 560am Wind Chicago "The Big John and Amy Show" 9:30am ET 00:55:50
"Voters act like teenage girls" 00:46:29
Election Central - 2012 Primary Debate Schedule, News, Videos, and Polls 00:45:02