Posted on September 2, 2011

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Constitution-less Conservatives: Paul's website has more Constitution references than all other candidates' sites *combined* 21:22:03
Federal Agency Sues 17 Firms Including BoA, Goldman Over Sales of Risky Mortgage Investments 16:35:31
Talk Show Host Jerry Doyle Is Putting His Career On the Line For Us - Please Read 19:50:09
Former 4-Star General Admits Neocon Coup in Middle East 23:06:46
CNN Political Ticker - Paul Hits the Bike Trail - "We're in good shape and ready and raring to go." - Paul 17:17:25
Ron Paul Campaign Releases Statement On Jobs Report 16:43:00
Ron Paul on Cavuto 9/2/11 16:32:53
Ron Paul Needs You & 1,499+ More Supporters In Columbia, SC On Labor Day - Sept 5th! This is as IMPORTANT as Ames! 10:39:28
Full Speech: Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting at New England College, NH 9/1/2011 08:06:38
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If Truth and Integrity mean anything, then Dr. Ron Paul wins because all the others lie and will eventually implode or explode! 23:13:12
The Drama continues as the US sues banks 23:07:39
Ron Paul and the Middle East 23:01:54
Rick Perry winning this poll 22:35:38
If you could ask Rick Perry one thing? 22:30:42
Hey Ben, how about a little help? 22:13:00
Ron Paul predicted these wardrums would start beating. 21:55:02
Ron Paul & Gary Johnson - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Nuke? 21:41:10
When Will Ron Paul "Drop The Income Tax," Bomb? 21:27:16
Raise minimum wage, make lives and economy better 21:06:59
Dr. Paul supports "rescue operations" by the federal government? 21:04:36
War Made Easy *Must See Video* 20:52:10
Questions NOT in the Fox News/Google debate 20:19:54
The New Republic's Will Wilkinson seems to think Dr. Paul's ideology is inconsistent. 19:43:04
Dick Gregory Arrested in D.C.; Peaceful Protest for BP Oilspill Victims 19:15:02
The six types of libertarianism and how Ron Paul can unite them 19:12:02
Don't complain about Media Blackout - send your finished articles to the media instead 19:05:11
Ron Paul is the Only Republican Who Can Win 18:54:43
War veterans share their stories on 18:53:58
Where is Judge Nap? 18:43:50
St. Column: Ron Paul Slams Unemployment Report; Poll, a runaway 18:14:30
"You Have No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy While In A Public Place." 18:05:30
The Washington Post - Ron Paul Churns in the Mention Machine 17:48:53
The Bismarck Tribune - "Ron Paul coming to North Dakota!" Fargo, Nov. 5th - Hosted by the North Dakota Policy Council 17:42:53
Sarkozy: Iran to be attacked for nuclear development 17:42:33
Can I ask my fellow Ron Paul supporters for a favor? 17:16:11
Ron Paul churns in the Mention Machine 17:12:30
Ron Paul's Final Schedule of Events for Labor Day in Columbia 16:48:34
funny *new* Mitt Romney praises Ron Paul for Iowa victory 16:41:57
Ron Paul on Cavuto next ! Fri 4:32 EST 16:33:19
DON"T watch the president next speech! Spread the word! 16:32:59
Chart Shock : The Real Unemployment Rate is 22% 16:22:04
Blood Boiling Ignoring of Ron Paul on Morning Joe Today 16:14:26
United States (USA) as a Semi-Failed State 16:03:24
The American Independent : FEC to Investigate Fox News Refusal to Let GOP Candidate Karger into Presidential Debate 16:01:55
More good news in Iowa - Guess who my county GOP wants for a speaker? 15:44:50
Peter Schiff's Latest Silver and Gold Scam Report -- must read 15:38:28
Campaign Q&A: Ron Paul 15:32:04
Amazing new Ron Paul video! 15:24:16
Evidence Suggests Cover-Up in ATF Scandal, as More Guns Appear at Crime Scenes 15:21:14
urgent! Take Action NOW! Oklahoma Grassroots Needs your help, asap! 15:21:12
Alex Jones Show - Bob Chapman : We Have Been In A 'Inflationary Depression' Since Feb. 2009." 15:12:36
Turkey Downgrades Ties With Israel 14:57:14
'We The People' e-petition 14:50:14
An e-mail I received from Starbucks: ".the time to put citizenship ahead of partisanship is now." 14:47:50
anyone else sick of the allen west ads? 14:32:09
History Lesson from Two Thousand Years Ago and Today(Not Sure if this was Posted at some time) 14:19:43
Funny but maybe useful link - 14:14:11
Ed Asner and Victims Families Speak Out on Building 7 14:07:51
DEVASTATING web page exposes Rick Perry as a Liberal. 14:03:21
The danger of Obama's narcissism 13:58:06
Gibson Guitar CEO on the Peter Schiff Show 13:57:29
Will Wilkinson Calls Ron Paul "an Embarrassment to the Creed" of Libertarianism 13:51:32
The evolution of the Republican Party 13:32:54
Here We Go Again: More U.N. Propaganda to Incite War with Iran. (WMD's: The Next Generation) 13:31:36
Peter Schiff: The Government Needs to Get Out of the Way! 13:13:58
Johnny Carson: 1982 Politician on a lie detector 13:00:37
WHAT is meant by being a libertarian? 12:41:17
Get on over to Facebook! 12:39:58
WAS Ron on Varney? Can't find it. 12:35:23
Ron Paul Should Reach Out to Louis Farrakhan, It's the Right Thing to Do 12:17:17
VIDEO: Cop tases mentally disbabled man even though man was complying with officer 12:06:10
Did Wikileaks Drop The Bomb! 11:59:39
POLITICO : "No Net Jobs Created in August" - We Need Ron Paul More Than Ever! 11:35:52
Obama Asks EPA to Withdraw Ozone Standards 11:34:55
If you want to know the effectiveness of waterboarding, here is an interview. 11:29:15
Labor Day (Huge News) 11:11:47
New Rick Santelli Rant 11:10:15
Romney Machine Cracking Up - Marketwatch Video Re Tea Party Posing 10:46:47
Uh, really? The Color coding? 10:40:08
5 Things Every Paul Supporter Should Do 10:27:43
My Twist to a Popular Political Saying 10:18:12
Brigadier General John Adams 10:04:35
I had a dream last night. 09:36:59
Sept. 2, 2011 - Contact-bomb Continues with Howard Stern, Arlo Guthrie, and Drew Carey! 09:33:05
Need Tea Party info on resignation of NH Repub Party Chair 09:11:17
My Ron Paul Banner 08:52:27
Justin Raimondo: The Return of the Smear Brigade 08:13:41
7.1 magnitude quake hit the Aleutian Islands, near Alaska 08:09:02
Irene Clean-Up Jobs 07:27:26
Pat Buchanan: Looking Back at the "Good War" 07:05:15
Central Falls Set to File Bankruptcy Exit Plan; 50% Pension Reductions, 40% Slash in Police and Fire Budgets Coming Up 07:01:22
Fannie, Freddie Overseer Set to File Suit Against Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank 06:57:28
"The essential thing" 06:35:40
Oklahoma - We got our grassroots RP booth power-grabbed from us. 05:58:43
Kruzic: Ron Paul, the anti-war, pseudo-hippy presidential hopeful? 01:30:15
UPDATE : You Tube Restores Alex Jones' View Count 01:12:06
Ron Paul Interview W / Fox Business - Varney & Co. 10:45am ET 00:54:45
A New Book Written by Liberty Candidates Inspired by Presidential Candidate Ron Paul 00:01:46
Fantastic video about Ghadaffi & Libya 20:49:26
Washington State - Become a Delegate Today 20:18:56