Posted on September 9, 2011

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Daily Show Covers the GOP Debate. 22:33:16
Congresswoman Lee Introduces Bill to Repeal the Authorization to Use Military Force 12:21:10
NY Sun Editorial: Ron Paul's Secret Weapon 22:05:22
Doug Wead: How will they get rid of Ron Paul? 00:58:18
Update: We are opening for Incubus! Thank You Daily Paul! 22:17:32
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Crazy idea? Ron Paul cable channel? 23:41:50
Michael Scheuer blasts Israel. U.S. government infiltrated at highest levels 23:27:19
Ron Paul Schools Bachmann On Gas Prices 23:03:59
We're Living in a Degraded Democracy 22:56:24
'Ron Paul has had more intellectual influence on Republicans than any GOP candidate' 22:48:48
G7 in meltdown mode now! 22:26:47
Just like That, Senate approve us to borrow $500 billion more. 22:16:28
The War on Jobs, by Ron Paul 22:06:33
Millions Against Monsanto campaign funded by Rockefeller and Merck! 22:03:06
Christian Science Monitor: Jon Stewart Thinks Ron Paul Should Be America's 'Idea Guy' 21:47:38
Republicans Return to a Conservative Foreign Policy 21:35:56
An email I sent to a non Ron Pauler 20:57:02
US & NATO Surrounding Israel With The Dogs of War 20:46:54
Ohio college tries to "internationalize" 9/11 memorial 20:09:02
Building 7 - collapse explained 20:08:39
Vote for Peace! Ron Paul 2012 19:43:08
CNBC will go live Sunday night! You know what that means. 19:18:20
These are a few of my favorite things 19:14:04
Politico: 10 years After 9/11 Americans are Less Free 18:47:57
Disappointed in RevolutionPac 18:47:54
Free, Liberty Standards CD for Daily Paulers 18:44:00
Jim Rodgers, CNBC and the toothfairy 18:33:07
GOP candidates are trying to commandeer Dr. Paul's message. The campaign MUST respond! 18:31:49
I went to the local County Fair 18:31:42
Solyndra and Obama's Crony Capitalism 18:30:56
Anyone notice this? 18:28:57
Got one more for Dr. Paul 18:10:00
To Ron: Purchase National TV Time 18:09:56
Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura Might Run Together 18:08:20
The more good candidates, the worse the bad candidates look. 17:43:11
Ron Paul: Hi-ho silver! 17:33:49
Ron Paul on the Tyranny of the NLRB 17:22:31
Senate Approves $500 Billion Increase in Borrowing Authority 17:19:29
What the News should be saying - Video 17:18:51
How Ron Paul won the debate. 17:18:33
ThyBlackMan: Ron Paul over President Obama anyday… 17:12:50
"Ron Paul: Call him a nut " 17:10:36
Death to Righthaven! Bankruptcy on the horizon =) 16:52:10
LibertyFest NYC Just 1 day away! Over 500 people coming - 16:07:23
Mike Church and Tom Woods- Freedom Watch 9/8/11 (video update) 16:01:42
Competitive Enterprise Institute Web Site Measues Union Power in Each State 15:57:20
Politico : Perry Fully Committed To Florida Straw Poll 15:55:52
How to get a primary vote for Dr. Paul from unlikely sources 15:42:38
Politico: How Ron Paul won the debate; Perry is "alpha dog" 15:07:01
Great Article in the International Business Times 14:38:59
Are there any contests going on yet for car wraps or signs in yards? 14:29:41
Ron Paul: The War on Jobs 14:25:19
The Wolf and the Lamb 14:22:48
VIDEO: Ron Paul 2012: And The Idiocracy Of Bill O'Reilly 14:21:44
Ron Paul 1 page issues PDF 13:29:33
Help! Anyone Here Have Experience Making Radio Commercial Spots?! 13:22:31
Post Debate Breakfast with Ron Paul - 9/8/11 video 12:58:28 article on RP television ad 12:51:19
Ron Paul Is Reagan’s True Heir--Google News 12:40:50
Holy Smokes! Where is the PPT ? BAC Triggers Avalanche Of $7.00 Stop Loss Sell Orders 12:33:41
Who would Ron Paul pick for a running mate? 12:30:14
confirmed! Ron Paul To Speak at Florida cpac 12:24:33
Ah. Glenn Beck is at it again. 12:07:05
Ron Paul: Decades Of Truth About The Federal Reserve (must watch) 12:04:37
Anyone else find people saying "Keynesian Economics" as strange? 11:58:40
Black Friday, & How Wall Street/London Will Commence WW3 **UPDATED** 11:56:55
Oh, he must be the smart one. 11:48:10
Why We Fight 11:37:29
How I'll Remember 9/11 This Year 11:34:17
Why Don't Corporations Support Libertarianism? 11:26:47
Ron Paul 500,000 fans on Facebook! 11:26:24
Capitalism versus Corporatism 11:06:21
Delingpole: "Ron Paul is right." 11:04:23
California Governor Jerry Brown (D): "Not Every Human Problem Deserves a Law" 10:57:03
Newspaper Chain Drops Righthaven — ‘It Was a Dumb Idea’ 10:46:42
Ron Paul Campaign Chair Issues Open Letter to Rick Perry 10:21:30
MSNBC changes the graph to represent actual data! We did it!! 10:18:11
Among The Costs Of War: Billions A Year In A.C.? 10:15:35
Debate By Us 10:08:37
Looking for Trevor Lyman - the guy that started the Blimp Project. 10:02:18
Romney On Social Security 09:50:23
Ron Paul Emerges as Formidable GOP Presidential Contender 09:50:12
How will they get rid of Ron Paul? - Doug Wead 09:46:32
Hi-ho Silver! Washington Post blogger Charles Lane 09:34:51
Little Boy Supports Ron Paul 09:31:49
Ron Paul Emerges as Formidable GOP Presidential Contender 09:18:54
Contacting Linkin Park, DL Hughley, and Dave Mustaine! 09:07:02
New Chat bars on the DP 09:02:36
Columbus, OH Straw Poll / Oct.22 08:58:21
Perry a globalist 08:44:11
Remember to submit your questions for Fox/Google debate Sept 22 08:22:19
Would someone post this to go viral, if legal, please? 07:41:11
Southern Avenger Jack Hunter Video Essays 07:10:48
Ron Paul winning people's minds in the UK 06:51:06
Rick Pick 2. Bullies Ron Away From Podium! 06:27:00
Free Trade = Tyranny And Genocide 05:49:20
Rick Perry- Arrogant Ass 05:35:33
An ounce of practice is better than a ton of preaching. - Sai Baba 05:26:55
Video: CNBC’s Rick Santelli Tells NYT’s Thomas Friedman He’s An Idiot On Live TV 04:43:39
Ron Paul Widens MSNBC/NBC Poll Lead; Over 200k Votes Now Cast 03:50:48
'Consent' 03:42:31
Idea: Gas for a silver dime project 03:27:56
Silver is closing on 50 bucks again, looks like they might have to kill Osama again. 02:56:11
Lionel Riffs on the NBC Debate 02:45:09
The first shot of the Texas Revolution, Battle of Gonzales on October 2, 1835 02:37:39
Obama's jobs speech in 2 minutes 02:28:35
As you go forward this blessing from the past: Kent Snyder 01:10:34
Ron Paul brings substance to a poorly moderated debate 00:54:53
Perry assaults Paul.what was said 00:35:04
I love it when Ron Paul punctuates a point with, "lemme tell ya" 00:32:45
I am Ron Paul and I am older than anyone on this stage but. 00:27:28
HAHA! Great pic of Rick the @ick 00:19:56