Posted on September 10, 2011

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Freedom Watch: Great Soliloquy on 9/11; Life, Liberty & Truth 11:32:51
Ron Complains (rightfully) About MSNBC Debate 02:29:07
Video: You Voted for Peace! 03:17:49
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Remembrance and Solidarity on September 11, 2011 23:46:34
My Congressman’s Case of Illogic 23:40:31
For your entertainment : Happy 9/11, parody video of Rebecca Black's Friday 23:22:27
Very Old Ron Paul Video 23:21:44
Reagan Library Debate 23:04:40
Calif attempting to pass bill allowing HPV and Hep B vaccines be given to young kids WITHOUT parents' consent or knowledge 22:59:08
H.R. 1146, a big middle finger to the UN 22:44:16
Fox Nation Poll: Who Won The MSNBC Debate? 22:05:06
Micro pieces of support 21:43:48
How do you embed a remote video here? 21:35:09
Fortress America 21:33:37
Soviet nuclear weapons are being sold openly on the black market in Bulgaria. 21:11:12
Obama, 2012 election, Democrats 21:03:47
Israel, Middle East, 20:57:10
Just Logic: Please follow me on Twitter! 20:54:10
Ron Paul mentioned in this article : The way to solve our illegal immigration problem in the United States! 20:39:54
Rand Paul On Peter Schiff's Radio Show Discuss His Father's Campaign And The Economy 9/8/2011 20:38:24
Why They Hate Us 19:23:50
In the Water, Could this be none other than our Rick Perry?? 19:17:05
The Tainted Tea Party 19:10:25
"I Have A Dream" - MLK and Ron Paul - NEW VIDEO via DotSub 18:44:57
911 Ten Years Without Truth 18:41:52
ABC News bias against Ron Paul exposed by Peter Schiff. Paul actually polling in 3rd place 18:10:21
Challenge For Austrian Economist 17:53:07
Get Ron Paul on 60 Minutes! 17:34:52
Ron Paul Returns to Webster Hall - NYC - Sept. 26th 17:34:29
Contrasting Obama’s Anti-War Platform and Dr. Ron Paul’s Platform of Nonintervention 17:26:24
Something for us all to think about.(vid) 17:12:16
Could the Presidential Election Turn On a Dime? 17:09:45
Concerned Ron Paul Supporter, response from RP Campaign 16:34:35
NEW VIDEO: "I Have A Dream": Comparing Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ron Paul 16:21:33
Ron Paul: A counter-friction to the machine 15:11:46
California Republican Party - CRP Fall Convention 2011 14:42:12
This 9/11 Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Lindbergh Des Moines Speech! 14:13:12
Ayn Rand and the Libertarian Party 14:09:17
KY GOP Rule Change! 13:52:04
9/11 and the War on Terror: Polls Show What People Think 10 Years Later 13:46:21
Charlie Sheen Comedy Central Roast: Roastmaster Alex Jones? 13:24:20
Rick Perry -- Jefferson D'Arcy 13:08:48 BIG SIGNS 4'x8' and 2'x4' 13:06:07
Weekend watching, Tapped - The Movie 12:58:23
Wash. Post Smear Piece Getting Hammered; 9-10 12:52:37
Peter Schiff reacts to Obama jobs speech 12:38:02
We Don't Want to LIVE Under a World Government (Ron Paul New World 2012) 12:30:53
Romney New Hampshire Gimme in Doubt 12:29:14
Changing the game. 12:24:58
The antiterrorist on 911 10 year anniversary news. 12:15:49
The Kochs' Keystone Clique Exposed 12:12:05
38 Million View Obama’s Speech 12:02:36
Ron Paul Birthday Mailer Received Yesterday 12:00:45
Remembering 9/11: 10 Years of War 11:57:16
Young Turks Weigh in on Perry vs. Paul 11:33:13
Site on Forbes best is hostile to Ron Paul 10:52:29
YaHoo Blocked My Search For The Daily Paul 10:49:57
Legalizeliberty 10:40:46
In Case You Missed It - Major Developments in the Middle East Going On 10:33:52
PBS alters transcript to hide Obama gaffe 10:32:03
Well, Now I Done It! Finally suspended from the 9/12 Project 10:31:08
Political Hip Hop singer lowkey Wanted to share with my daily paul family 09:40:29
My "Veterans for Ron Paul" video. Please share. 09:30:42
The One Big Reason You Should Not Celebrate 9/11 08:38:17
BBC Video: 9/11 - A Stategy of Entrapment & Manufactured Convictions? 06:02:55
Ron Paul at the Federal Reserve crime scene. New David Dees Illustration 05:49:21
"Rebuild beach houses? Just who's the idiot?" 05:22:44
Audit the Fed Comments Bomb - here's what you can do 05:19:10
Slogan ideas which would attract voters 05:04:07
RP theme song, maybe? 03:37:03
Fiat Currency = Environmental Destruction 03:10:22
New Constitution Day Moneybomb Video 02:47:09
THIS is the kind of answer we need from Ronnie 02:06:18
Why isn't the upcoming moneybonb a "sticky" thread? 01:17:53
The ACLU on Obama and core liberties 01:12:06
I'm trying to get Dr. Paul to come to our University 01:01:22
Poll Poll Poll (Cast your vote for freedom!) 00:46:27
Google Trends Observation 00:33:45
Breaking The Neoconservative Stranglehold on Talk Radio - It Can Be Done - Are You Game? 00:19:12
How many people voted in the primaries last time? 00:09:43
Al Gore remembers Rick Perry 00:04:00