Posted on September 11, 2011

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Huff Po: A Decade After 9/11: Time to Choose to be America Again? 23:01:36
Video: Ron Paul Supporters at the Reagan Library GOP Debate 22:23:13
"The Sound of Silence" 9/11 Memorial - Paul Simon 12:04:53
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on 9/11/11: Ask the Right Questions and Face the Truth 16:55:23
Ron Paul on 9/11 Anniversary: Wars ‘Made Things Much Worse’ 10:23:34
Video: First Session of the Super Congress Interrupted by Protesters! 14:42:59
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Ron Paul Emerges as Formidable GOP Presidential Contender 23:51:15
Colin Powell regrets Iraq war intelligence 23:40:03
Public opinion surprises: "U.S. wrongdoing might have motivated attacks" by Terrorists. 22:24:26
Nothing earthshattering.. Just thought this was funny 22:15:04
Public law is nothing but the Private contract of the Whole Society 22:07:36
World War 3 Propaganda via Rick Perry 21:50:11
Our family friend was killed 10 years ago today. 21:39:30
Vote for someone else lol 21:38:38
WaPo's latest attempt to dismiss Ron Paul as crazy - 20:53:10
No Competing Democratic Primary 20:29:24
Rick Perry Nazi Ad. 19:59:58
The Dead, the Dollars, and the Drones: 9/11 Era by the Numbers 19:58:29
Beautiful antiwar poem from the Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg (1936) 19:33:57
End the Fed Flash Mob 19:30:31
Changing the Conversation 19:28:09
When Is The Fox Business Debate? 19:12:59
Clueless Or Malevolent "Leaders"? 18:56:30
War Is Over 18:48:03
Republicans Vs. Economics 18:44:23
Trickery and Treachery: International Business Times 18:27:43
Jack Hunter - 911 and Foreign policy 18:07:57
FEMA First National EAS Test 11/9 17:36:40
Ron Paul is Here! "Three Shoes Posse" Reggae jam from 2007 17:28:59
Caught on tape: Cop maces free stater 17:02:08
Scam & Sham By Brian Wilson: The All Out Attack Against Ron Paul 16:56:37
911s a lie ! (pass it on)--MUSIC 16:50:16
Snickering at Arizona's Prostitution 16:34:22
Congressmen Ron Paul . Right again 16:07:28
Just got into Denver, interested in meeting up with RP Activists 15:51:32
Rick Perry has "Katrina" moment, misses Texas wildfires press conference 15:51:02
Politico, National Journal Praise Ron Paul Campaign 15:45:02
Server Issues Today 15:44:42
Loosechange: Final Cut 15:44:17
Talking The Talk Or Walking The Walk - I Need To Vent A Little 13:13:52
Here we go! 13:12:56
We're NATO troops now, not American soldiers 13:12:49
Poll: Republicans On Verge Of Shocking NYC Upset - National Ramifications 12:54:19
9/11: A Conspiracy Theory 21:11:47
The narrative should be: Who blew up building seven? 12:48:03
Sept 11, 2001: Eulogy for my Father 12:41:55
Why They Hate Us 12:33:51
Where is the Rebuilding? 12:23:34
Perry is too easy to pick apart 12:19:42
The Easiest Way To Win Support For Ron Paul! 12:11:26
New Ron Paul Super PAC ad 12:10:41
Commentary: Since 9/11, the government might know you're reading this 11:24:37
Ron Paul Has Saved Us From Hyperinflation says Gary North 11:23:12
Rick Perry gives $33 million tuition assistance to illegal immigrants in Texas colleges 11:02:02
Testimony of a Separating Military Man 10:56:36
9/11 a Very Sad Day Indeed 10:56:18
Would like some suggestions for using the "slim Jim" position cards 10:49:15
Would like some suggestions for using the "slim Jim" position cards 10:48:21
Sept. 11 panel's forgotten concern: ‘paramilitary’ CIA 10:41:35
Fed Chairman Bernanke Blames American Consumer for Continuing Recession 10:07:10
Today, instead of reliving the events of 9-11. 09:47:07
Ron Paul is Reagan's True Heir by Doug Wead 09:46:10
Loose Change 9/11 10th Annivesary Edition 09:18:34
Why the media HATES Ron Paul 09:17:00
Someone at CNN didn't get the memo 09:09:09
Great Buchanan article mocks the stupidity of US foreign policy 06:51:01
Trying to exclude Ron Paul 06:11:59
Primetime Terror: How TV Dramas Depict the War on Terror 06:06:25
Firearm ‘open carry’ lawsuit filed against Warren police VIDEO 05:42:32
9/11: The day we lost our privacy and power 05:33:52
New Campaign ad(s) coming soon 05:28:43
WND Poll: What Should Our Next Move Be in the War on Terror? 04:26:34
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TYT on Paul Perry photos. 01:03:10
Some guy on Border wars drunk, and or drugs getting arrested. 00:35:16
Report from Get Prepared expo in Springfield, MO 00:09:38