Posted on September 12, 2011

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Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust 19:05:34
Sweet! DRUDGE Link: Why Rick Perry is Scared of Ron Paul 15:17:54
Ron Paul releases Statement on Jobs ahead of GOP debate 14:44:19
I was quoted in the Boston Globe for defending liberty… 13:34:47
New Revolution Super PAC Ad: Plastic Men 15:01:01
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Unusual YouTube Channel Devoted to the Pauls 23:54:39
Rick Santorum & His Neocon Ilk Are Culpable For 9/11, Not America 23:48:56
Lets get our heads together 23:48:14
Rick Perry is NOT the states' rights guy he proclaims! 23:48:06
Straw Poll Numbers for Debate 23:31:20
Rock the PA Straw Poll on 9/16/11 in Harrisburg, PA! 23:29:44
CNN sent out this email one hour BEFORE the debate 23:29:11
Ron Paul Highlights - CNN Tea Party Debate 23:20:42
Open Letter to Dr. Paul on Tonight's Debate Performance 23:20:01
Polls List - - - Post Debate - - - Go Vote! 23:20:00
It is time to pay back "Senator Stupid". 23:18:15
CNN leaves DR Paul off their poll 23:15:50
Who won the debate poll! 23:15:04
Link to testimony of doctor about not accepting medicare or medicaid. 23:12:55
In 1992, Perry disparaged the N.H. primary 23:11:40
Post debate polls? and Wolf's contact page. 23:02:39
HUNTER: Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Would Make America More Safe 22:45:34
Ron Paul Booed! La Times 22:44:25
Ron Paul is correct. 22:43:41
Ron Paul Fact Check - Rick Perry Doubled Taxes? 22:43:06
Video: Registering Republican to Vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries 22:40:29
The Debate in 30 seconds - No Need to Watch 22:34:15
Why not crowd-source commercials? 22:34:12
Vote Ron at now 22:33:54
Poll: Dallas news wants to know who Won the debate 22:32:01
Ron Paul dominates cnn debate 22:13:31
Thought on CNN Debate 21:28:30
When it gets down to Romney, Perry & Paul: People are logically going to think: Why not Ron Paul? 20:41:53
Medical marijuana question 20:37:44
Lets show them who started the Tea Party tonight 19:59:37
Watch the Tea Party Debate Live! 19:56:35
Paul on CNN with Candy Crowley (Video) 19:42:05
Pray for Ron Paul before and during tonight's debate (9/12) 19:32:43
Thank You From The Jerry Doyle Show - There Is Hope - 19:25:55
A little Ron Paul video I made 19:12:22
The "Gold Exchange Standard"- what does it mean? 18:42:06
Attack on RP 18:26:19
My Post Removed? 18:13:54
BIG Moneybombs Coming Up! 18:12:10
A question for Pilots or anyone else about planes?? 18:01:09
For Liberty 17:57:12
Please answer, will lack of federal university subsidies hurt America's standing? 17:53:50
I'm voting for Obama 17:18:57
Republican poised to Assume the Weiner Seat in Queens, NY 16:38:03
Hanging Ron Paul for President signs 16:33:06
For all the 9/11 truthers 16:14:00
Perry spreading little 'Perry Tales' 16:11:40
Pentagon confirms U.S. boots on the ground in Libya 16:07:33
Debate Ammo - TSA creater calls for it to be dismantled 16:06:14
Calling a Spade a Spade; Dissing Ron Paul is Dissing the Constitution 16:04:31
How the Establishment is Helping Ron Paul 16:00:44
Jan Mickelson Defends Ron Paul and schools O'Reilly on the gold standard 15:33:19
ALERT: Pawlenty endorses Romney - Romney drops to 4th in polls! 15:03:32
TSA Creator Says Dismantle, Privatize the Agency 14:48:15
RP's foreign policy on Israel, please help clarify 14:44:36
Official Announcement. Government changes symbol of eagle to. 14:41:08
Why Ron Paul scares Rick Perry 14:33:06
Daily Ron Paul coverage @ Vanity Fair!?!?! 14:31:22
!Another Outside the Box Idea - If people are willing to exploit their kids.haha 14:24:48
Did I just hear NBC's Brian Williams say. Oh ! He did! 14:21:12
Germany contemplating surrender 14:04:25
Money Bomb!: Time to promote Sept 19th Superbomb! 13:48:00
Years of Shame Paul Krugman columnist for NYT 13:43:20
Peter Schiff to testify before Congress tomorrow, 9/13! 13:40:01
Drudge Posts: Why Ron Paul scares Rick Perry By Brent Budowsky 13:33:11 - Why Ron Paul scares Rick Perry 13:29:50
War–The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort 13:28:49
US Boots Are "On The Ground" In Libya 13:12:21
CNN's Cafferty asks about Christian dominionism 13:01:59
A Few NFL related strategies 12:46:12
Ron Paul goes after the pretty boys 12:41:37
Martin Armstrong: Bound by the Theories of the Past: 12:39:05
Trying to be everything to everybody.God knows! 12:32:59
Today is my birthday ! 12:13:04
Ron Paul’s Electability 12:12:44
Ron Paul VS Obama 2012 11:51:09
Daily Paulers of 2007 vs DPers of 2011 11:49:16
drunk on tv supporting ron. 11:26:46
When is the next Money Bomb? 11:17:41
Why is there no Nashville meetup? 11:12:27
Neal Boortz Tweets about Ron Paul 11:11:38
Check out this silly poll 10:42:52
Griffin House - "I Remember (It's Happening Again)" I've heard this guy's a Paul supporter, give it a listen. 10:39:25
U.S. Commemorates 9/11 By Toasting Stable Afghan Government From Top Of Freedom Tower: must read! 10:25:32
Conn. Gov. refers to Paul as "an idiot" on CNN. 10:22:02
Right Now, It Doesn't Matter How Many Liberals We Get 10:00:04
Info: New Chat Bandwidth Usage 09:56:30
Ron Paul EXPOSED in this old video! 09:49:18
Greece on verge of default; Tea Party to Blame (?) 09:45:57
WTC Power Downs Before 9/11 - new information 09:25:11
Property rights and even value can only exist as long as we are mortal. Discuss. 09:22:37
Tim Pawlenty Endorses Mitt Romney For President In 2012 09:06:08
Say it with humor - Change to Official US Symbol 09:05:24
Former NY Times Reporter on 9/11: 'We Became Terrorists Too' 08:50:25
Why Not Rick Perry (In 60 Seconds) 08:13:56
New CNN poll - 3rd at 13% 07:36:17
I just read Something you should see Guys -- Ron Paul is getting out there 07:27:02
Marc Faber's Warning Shocks cnbc Anchors: 'Don’t Store Your Gold In The United States!' (video) 06:36:27
Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Prepares to Handle Attacks 06:23:22
We should have listen to Ron Paul 06:07:46
Help support Ron Paul endorsed candidate Art Robinson in 2012 for Congress (mini MoneyBomb) 05:26:56
Youtube Server Cache 04:51:35
9/11 Street Poll: Public Awakens to WTC Building 7 Hoax 01:39:19
Purpose of the 9/11 Attacks - Representative Press 01:27:05
9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal feat. Former CIA Chief, Michael Sheuer - Representative Press 00:54:18
Something strange is afoot at the Reagan Library 00:19:35