Posted on September 16, 2011

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DailyPaul Mentioned in New Music Video "Wake Up!" (HD rhythm and rhymes) 22:19:11
Ron Paul on The Jerry Doyle Show @ LPAC 2011 - 9/16 21:32:56
Amazing TED Video (How Ron Paul Will Win) 20:13:56
Vince Vaughn to introduce Dr. Paul in Reno tonight! 18:33:20
9 Presidential Traits That Make Dr. Ron Paul the Most Electable Candidate 16:42:55
Doug Wead - Newsmax : The Conspiracy Against Ron Paul 12:52:27
FDA to Ban Food Nutrients 07:54:13
Ron Paul Campaign Launches Nationwide Youth Initiative 02:29:48
[Video] Powerful Evidence That RP is Right About Blowback - Every Supporter Should Watch 15:45:11
Defending Ron Paul on the Radio today!! TWICE *updated* 13:39:37
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US bailing out European Banks 23:53:16
Quick question 23:37:14
Taxing/Spending/Cutting Talk Nonsense 23:30:40
Moneybomb SMS to "on the fence" supporters 23:28:39
Quotes for Ron Paul to use in the next debate! 22:54:58
I put a face on the Revolution tonight 22:54:10
Rick Perry's Star Begins To Fade W / Voters 22:44:34
Rick Perry lies about supporting TARP 22:31:54
Plane crashes near grandstand at Nevada air show 22:16:06
The Awakening of a Generation Video 22:13:25
Let's take one night and PaulPaper our cities! 22:12:11
Vote In This Poll ! 22:11:00
Was the "30 yr old w/ no insurance" question 21:58:26
Ron Paul Through The Years (Pictures Houston Chronicle 21:51:50
A Wild Thought I Had: Obama to soon disappear? 21:36:32
Monthly Terror Drills Now Required By Law For Students Including Kindergarten And 1st Graders 21:34:47
Vince Vaughn to introduce Ron Paul at conference 21:13:08
Ron Paul doesn't blame Americans for 9/11, Santorum and the neocons do. 21:12:58
Here's my hypothesis 21:11:10
O'Reilly just mentioned Congressman Ron Paul up next and 20:56:34
Jerry Doyle interviews Ron Paul from LPAC 20:43:02
Rasmussen - Obama 46% vs. Perry 39% and Bachmann 33% 20:39:34
Reason for TSA scans? Who can spot the problem with the picture? 20:32:30
Forget Blame - Who is PUNISHING Americans for 9/11? 20:28:20
ORIGINAL Tea Party movement folks Endorse Dr. Paul 20:24:16
September 17th Global Anti-bank Protests! 20:20:36
Heads' UP! Reno Air Show Crash 4:45PM Friday, 9/16 20:15:59
If Romney were to win the Nomination and pick Rand Paul as his VP . . 20:13:51
Iowa Update: I went to a Rick Perry rally. 20:10:04
Ayn Rand Institute: "The Global Economy is Heading for Collapse" 19:53:56
Op-Ed: Who is really blaming America for 9/11? 19:48:57
Anonymous For Ron Paul 19:40:50
Attention Facebook Users 19:18:41
SacBee Poll - Who would get your vote in the California GOP straw poll? 19:10:26
What about a Ron Paul and Sarah Palin Alliance? 18:54:02
Old news I want everyone to know 18:46:19
Woot! Free Ron Paul stuff! 18:21:29
Donald Trump impressed with Jim Perry; likes Ron Paul "very much" 18:21:04
You're not going to believe who I just received a personal email from. 18:20:00
Prove Ron Right- Let's Moneybomb For Kent Snyder's Remaining Health Care Bill! 18:12:14
Is China Ready to Pull the Plug? 18:08:14
Washington Times: Pennsylvania GOP looks to split electoral votes 18:05:34
UPDATED-- California Schools Turn Away Unvaccinated Students !! 17:39:30
"Would RP supporters let their mothers die without healthcare?" 17:36:19
Neocon blogger. 17:35:21
Please "Dislike" this Al Gore Propaganda YouTube Video 17:14:57
Fascinating 1936 Footage of Chevrolet Assembly Line 17:03:36
Support for RP in New Hampshire and at Hillsdale College! - 2 great articles published today 16:18:01
LPAC Convention update, Reno - $10 to See Ron speak tonite! 16:14:24
Bank of America buys Rick Perry 16:10:11
Tom Selleck 16:00:00
Ron Paul was right Americans should take more responsibility for themselves 15:38:15
Why is it always a given that the sitting president is the nominee? 15:27:52
Why should I care that the fed loaned out 16 trillion to its European bank buddies? 15:15:19
Libya, Obama shows his true face 15:11:42
Trolling 15:10:39
DSCC lies about Ron Paul for fundraising. 15:07:49
"Ron Paul: Freedom's last & only chance!" great endorsement video 14:58:44
Hear Dr. Thomas Woods, Chris Rye, and Chris Goose - Today, on the Syndicated Ron Paul Revolution Radio! 14:51:31
Left and Right must unite for PEACE 14:48:46
Silver lawsuit against JP Morgan 'spoof' & 'fake' trades 14:45:31
“We didn’t have the green thing back in my day.” 14:44:59
Do US arms deals with Israel break any international laws? 14:34:44
Green jobs that don't cost the govt money 14:32:29
This is now total insanity Rush Limbaugh Tea PARTY !! 14:29:36
Back to back Ron & Rand Interviews 12:00 & 2:15 PST Today @Jerry Doyle Show 14:05:06
Sound Money Hearing highlights 14:02:53
Is Ron Paul wrong about 9/11? 13:56:17
Unions: Right-to-work laws 13:46:32
Glenn Beck misleading yet again on Ron Paul and Israel 13:44:34
The American Dream Film 13:37:25
Make sure you register Republican today! 13:36:32
What if it were true? 13:33:20
[VIDEO] Ron Paul Contest Entry! This One will Win! 13:27:05
Bloomberg: "Riots in the streets" 13:10:36
Austrian Economics 101 Macro/Micro by Tom Woods 13:05:04
The Prime Directive and Ron Paul 12:46:59
Image of Rick Perry as The Joker 12:46:29
An article I need(ed) answers to. (changed bad title, sorry). 12:45:36
Perez Hilton is trash, but a lot of people will read this 12:43:19
Ron Paul mentioned on G4's Attack of the Show 12:36:16
Overstock CEO Endorses Ron Paul for President 12:14:33
Enhanced fan pat-downs at NFL games this season 12:11:55
What I Wish Ron Would Have Said 11:53:13
PerryCare (a mock letter from Rick Perry) 11:38:41
Let's Crush Sean Hannity's Ratings Today - You Can Help 11:32:11
Bloomberg poll 11:32:04
"Give me liberty or give me death" 11:21:19
Iran Nuclear Plant Goes Online, World Survives 11:04:11
Michael Scheuer Videos 10:58:29
Ron Paul is Surging - Barry Manilow gives endorsement! 10:57:15
Inflation surging, Ron Paul right AGAIN. 10:35:27
Weird Going ons over at Worldnetdaily 10:28:09
More Grooming Time Is Associated with Lower Earnings for White Women, Study Finds 09:47:11
Has Anyone Thought of this Strategy? 09:32:20
Ron Paul Hollywood Reception & Leno 2007 - Classic 09:21:19
Chomsky: Ron Paul is right about al Qaeda 09:04:33
New video of the two "pretty boys" *extremely funny* 08:48:16
Krugman on Ron Paul : Free to Die 08:22:08
TARP for Europe 07:48:24
Ron Paul's Uninsured, Dead Campaign Manager 07:33:44
Pat Buchanan on Democracy in the Middle East 07:07:50
Paul Craig Roberts on Krugman & the Pressitutes 06:53:48
A few issues on Ron Paul 06:45:58
Barry Manilow : "I Like Most Everything Ron Paul Says, He Makes Sense" 06:27:13
Parties to Mark End of Military Gay Ban 06:27:08
Ron Paul No. 5 trending on Yahoo right now!! 05:35:55
Heart of a Lion, The Leadership of LT Michael P. Murphy, U.S. Navy SEAL 05:02:36
Barry Manilow 05:00:23
Understanding Why Terrorists Want To Kill Us 04:55:18
EXCLUSIVE - U.S. tax-evasion probe turns to Israeli banks 04:53:52
upvote "when freedom lives in your heart" Moneybomb video on reddit. 03:54:04
Let´s take over YOUTUBE! 02:49:14
NeoCons and Socialists 02:48:50
Ron Paul will attend an HQ Grand Opening in Baton Rouge, LA on Friday 9/23! 02:42:45
Watch this video of world trade center building 7. 02:35:14
Paris - The Violence Of The Lambs 02:22:41
John Mccain accepts the lost of 20 to 30 billions in Irak and afghanistan. 02:04:58
Why buy gold? 01:15:32
Ron Paul Concert 01:01:56
Jay Leno Jokes about Ron Paul, Not Funny 00:43:16
The One Who Knew 00:24:37
US Military Bases Around the World 00:24:08
US Military Bases Around the World 00:17:19
Ron Paul Video Contest Submission, "Like" me to Win! 00:14:12
Jesse Benton's actions resulted in upcoming National Review hitpiece? so says David Weigel 00:12:23
Is it evil to kill terrorists, while killing civilians at the same time? 00:08:43