Posted on September 19, 2011

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Paul @ 13% in latest USA Today/Gallup poll 22:21:24
Washington Times: Ralph Nader to Challenge Barack Obama in Democratic Primaries 17:58:06
Jon Stewart praises Ron Paul in latest issue of Rolling Stone 14:39:11
Why Vince Vaughn Supports Ron Paul 13:10:06
CIA Analyst Scheuer ‘They would never attack first, but if we attack Iran, we will see a lot of terrorism’ 10:03:59
Texas Straw Poll Cancelled Due to "lack of interest?" 12:57:10
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The campaign could raise money and get media attention by selling Ron's poor fitting suits on eBay! 23:43:36
Help please; ALTERNET: Can We Win Over Ron Paul Supporters? 23:42:37
Animated Video: Philosophy of Liberty 23:40:13
David Eisenhower Reissues His Grandfather's Famous Warning 23:26:08
Homemade Dr. Ron Paul Video, Please Watch! 23:22:56
ALTERNET: Can We Win Over Ron Paul Supporters? 22:58:06
The Awakening of a Generation - Ron Paul 2012 22:31:19
Vote on a fellow DPers video for the Fox | Google Debate!! 22:09:54
Justin Amash endorses Dr.Paul 22:09:43
Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed 22:04:15
Government-Imposed September 11th Security Fee 21:57:09
Fox Biz: "Ron Paul Is A Gadfly & He'll Never Be More Than That!" 21:52:47
The Golden Calf of Wall Street 21:25:54
Stephen Colbert Stoops to New Low 21:24:20
Texas Straw Poll Cancelled Due to lack of interest? NOT on my Watch! VOTE here 21:13:13
Rick Scott says whoever wins the Florida Straw Poll will be the next president! 21:02:33
America's Culpability In 9/11 . The Military Industrial Complex 21:01:19
* Stop worrying about the Texas Straw Poll. Start your own! * 20:39:54
Rhino: MSM Polling question 20:39:51
Register Republican for Ron Paul! (Blue Republicans) 20:32:39
MSM CBS News Recognizing Rick Perry's Gardasil Gate (video) 20:30:17
Global Revolution - Occupy Wall Street - 10 people arrested so far - Gas supplies seized by police - Food/Watr resupplies blockd 20:25:40
Maybe Dr. Paul Should Ask? 20:13:03
You know it and I know it. 20:02:24
(new) Ron Paul Video as Robin Hood 19:59:08
Ron's real Twitter account? 19:58:28
Money Bomb Schedule 19:52:29
Sarasota County (Fla.) internet poll 19:51:07
Please don't have a Money Bomb each month 19:39:28
Ron Paul Campaign Should Leave Ticker On The Official SIte 19:37:49
Video Update Minorities: "If you don't Support Ron Paul you're going to Get what you Deserve" 19:34:59
Great perspective on what your money's worth 19:23:16
amazing video-- unconstitutional acts 19:16:15
WSJ: Let's Have a Televised Debate on the Constitution 19:14:09
We just got an e-mail from Ron's wife, Carol! 19:09:45
VIDEO: Vince Vaughn Introduces Ron Paul 19:04:35
WSJ 9/19 "Let's Have a Televised Debate on the Constitution" - Seth Lipsky 18:57:20
Help send 6 voters to the Values Voter Summit! 18:55:36
Ron Paul and the Progressive Myth (Health Care) video 18:52:46
HELP! Contact the Texas GOP! Lack of interest? Let's show them Lack of Interest! 18:51:48
More Experts Speak Out About 9-11 18:32:30
The newest Ron Paul video 18:18:29
Ron Paul receives twice as much in military donations as all other GOP candidates combined! 18:02:41
Ron Paul Supporter Sponsors MMA Fight 17:51:11
Photos from California Republican Party Fall Convention 17:33:58
Liberty Hall of Fame 17:17:21
Submit questions to Facebook Forum - Paul Ryan, etc. 17:14:29
Woman told to lose pot shirt at Willie Nelson concert 17:07:14
New encouraging Poll - RP solid 3rd place 17:05:03
Rainwater Harvesting and Graywater Systems 16:59:10
Support the Constitution: A visual aid 16:44:18
Ron Paul and My Son 16:39:06
*Video* John Mccain sell out on Audit the Fed! 16:28:32
‘Day of Rage’ Anonymous Protesters Occupy Wall Street Wall Street 16:19:14
Solyndra -- Tip of the Crony-Capitalist Iceberg 16:17:41
My Letter to the Editor 16:00:26
Delete please 15:46:29
Want to Make Converts for Ron Paul? 15:39:39
Freaking Awesome Song 15:25:07
Ron Paul Campaign Receive Most Military Donations 15:20:26
Vote this up fast in reddit if you want to help OCT 19th huge moneybomb! 15:18:25
Why Vince Vaughn supports Ron Paul 15:18:14
H.R. 2306 Marijuana Phone Bomb 15:15:40
ARGH! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! 15:10:58
Why Jon Stewart Can't Stop Talking About Ron Paul 15:10:41 CEO Patrick Byrne announces support for Ron Paul 14:55:05
A mushroom that speaks! 14:40:43
Drudge should host a debate!! 14:27:28
Have there been any plans for Rally for the Republic II? 14:17:58
Tea Party - WTF? 14:15:38
Clarence Page - Ron Paul's harsh definition of 'freedom' -- Needs Email Comments 14:00:43
Upcoming Straw Polls: Orlando Sept. 22, Mackinac Island Sept. 23-25, Washington, DC Oct. 7-9, Illinois Nov. 5 13:56:30
Chicago Tribune: Why Obama should not run in 2012 13:49:12
Budowsky: MSM like Pravda when it comes to Ron Paul 13:48:45
Who will run for Ron Paul's Texas congressional seat? 13:45:57
Slogan Ideas "Overthrow the Status Quo" 13:36:08
Tyranny at the Texas Straw Poll in 07' - Ron Paul (Must See Video) 13:35:40
Peter Schiff Needs Your Help - Get Your Mouse Clicking Finger Ready 13:26:04
1984 Quote 13:07:52
Valedictorian Speaks Out Against School 13:05:35
MSNBC Makes Excuses Why Ron Paul Won California Straw Poll 13:03:58
Twitter hashtags for Ron Paul and freedom 13:01:36
Remix to Lil Wayne's "A Milli", called "A Trilli" 12:56:15
Can we get this great video to frontpage now! :) 02:53:37
The internet is not the last bastion of free speach. it is the first! 12:46:14
Question on making Ron Paul videos 12:36:23
Chicago Tribune: Why Obama should withdraw 12:36:05
Mike Huckabee continues his stunning hypocrisy 12:28:17
Looking for Interviews for Documentary - Shooting In Orlando For P5 and CPAC 12:13:56
Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? 12:10:53
Vince Vaughn is the latest Ron Paul celebrity backer 12:09:02
Article about Destruction of the Middle-Class Mentioning Ron Paul 12:02:55
Response to "blaming America for 9/11" canard 11:58:44
Vote now. for dream ticket 2012 10:49:14
The Taking Tree [PG-13] 10:33:10
Battle of Saratoga Video for RevolutionPAC Money Bomb 10:30:21
The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy to Take Back the Republican Party and then America at the Ballot Box 10:24:48
Governor states that the winner of the Florida straw poll will be the next President 09:54:28
To Jesse Benton: The 9/11 Question & Answer 09:52:43
Revenge of the Nerds 09:48:44
If Obama wasn't president, we would be ‘marching on the White House’ 09:38:14
New Dutch Ron Paul Blog 09:35:27
Voila!--Solar Bottle Lights 09:32:11
Ron Paul and Hemingway 09:23:08
The Old Man and the Sea at ZeroHedge 09:21:20
Perry(the platypus) is for sale but not cheap 08:59:21
The New American: Ron Paul & the Great Progressive Myth (Healthcare) 08:57:29
The Vortex -1(FN)4875 08:38:30
Michael Scheuer--Coming: a Media Lynching of Ron Paul 08:38:29
Korea for Dr. Ron Paul 07:34:59
Ron Paul Speaks at the California State Republican Convention (9/17/2011) 06:17:37
This Video Has Some Great Quotables 05:29:44
My Revolution SoundTrack for Block Walking! 05:10:02
RP Places 2nd At Spokane County Fair Straw Poll! 04:16:01
Great video Contest opportunity for young Paulers: CSPAN's "The Constitution & You" ($50,000 in prizes) 03:51:49
'Unelectable' Ron Paul and anti-Keynsian Schiff are true visionaries 02:53:25
Free Bumper Stickers 02:48:53
Cafe Press top search 02:15:40
Paul Volcker: "A Little Inflation Can Be a Dangerous Thing" 01:44:28
Friends and family have caught on to my Ron Paul propaganda 01:17:20
Message from a Marine to Ron Paul 01:15:24
MP3s on YouTube drives 100000+ hits for Ron Paul 01:01:49
Neocon Poll lists RP as LEAST electable Republican 00:26:53
Nelson Hultberg on How Ron Paul Could Win the Presidency 13:03:50