Posted on September 20, 2011

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Unofficial Presidency 5 Schedule 21:07:05
Cafferty File: Is anyone besides Ron Paul serious about our deepening national financial crisis? 16:48:58
GOP Front Runner Ron Paul 14:34:10
Leap For Liberty: Skydivers Will Kick Off Event For Ron Paul Next Week 02:56:25
Our Video of John Tate, Vince Vaughn & Ron Paul at LPAC 12:29:01
New & Improved! Operation Twist - Coming soon from the Fed 12:29:41
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Tea Party leader slams Perry on Bilderberg ties 23:39:35
Ron Paul Can Win 23:11:32
Calling Oathkeepers in GA: Do Not Execute Troy Davis 22:53:21
. -- Testimonial Free Speech Act of 2011-RonPaul 22:51:32
Tattoos, Gray-Hairs in IA with Ron Paul. 22:38:05
Day 185.Occupy Wall Street.Nationwide Military Curfew Still in effect. 22:24:53
Ron Paul & the Drug Addict Who Scratched His Face Off 22:21:44
Fox News Debate Question Blitz 22:19:14
Latest McClatchy-Marist Poll has RP @ 7% 22:11:13
Gary Johnson has been invited to the Fox News/Google GOP Debate! 21:47:27
Straw Poll Victories Push Paul Forward (Local News Station KXAN in Austin, TX) 21:44:43
Powerful new video: Reverse Years of Bad Policy 21:41:27
NH Loves Ron Paul [template] 21:31:56
Another straw poll win! 21:24:04
Magna Carta discussion 21:19:33
Sioux City Journal - Ron Paul's Message Resonates with Sioux City Crowd 21:18:11
Omaha World Herald - Paul: Bring U.S. Troops Home 21:11:37
Politico - Michigan Rep. Justin Amash is backing Ron Paul for President 21:05:28
LA Times- Ron Paul in Third Place, Polls Say. "first tier" 20:58:27
Video: What Do Bill Clinton, Agenda 21, Ron Paul and the New Economic World Order Have In Common? 20:54:18
'FBI is on your cell phone. Do you care?' 20:46:54
Rep. Mike Hager NC Is A Naughty Rep. 20:46:50
Ron Paul & the Great Progressive Myth (Healthcare) 20:40:45
Post Your Phone for Ron Paul Results Here! 20:33:59
Ron Paul yet again influencing the GOP- "GOP to Bernanke: Back off" 20:11:11
Sure, Pile on more debt. 20:03:20
Vote "NO" in Bill O'Reilly's poll! 20:01:30
"An Innocent Man Was Probably Executed on Gov. Rick Perry’s Watch…Not That Anyone Cares" 19:46:53
USA Today poll: Ron Paul is a top-tier candidate | The State Column 19:40:18
The best thing you can do for ron paul 19:37:30
Boycotting the Media 19:36:44
Restore America Ron Paul Commercial idea 19:35:12
New restore america now ad!! 19:34:45
SAFES - Advice Needed! 19:20:02
A brand new backer asked me to post this for her. 18:59:49
The American Debt Crisis – How Big? How Bad? How to Protect Yourself 18:29:12
Coast to Coast 18:21:54
The Hemp/Marijuana Fraud Prepetrated Upon Us 18:19:42
Jobs Bill will waive State Immunity? 18:14:53
Bachman - dead meat. See photo. 18:12:45
*Active Poll* Vote Here for Military Question for Fox Debate Thursday Night! Link Below! 17:57:56
Why a Texas straw poll MUST be held 17:54:07
Breaking! Ron Paul to Receive Endorsement of New Jersey State Sen. Mike Doherty 17:28:24
Is anyone besides Ron Paul serious about our deepening national financial crisis? 17:16:57
What's going to happen in the Florida Straw Poll this Saturday? 17:09:08
Here On Daily Paul 17:08:24
Help a fellow DP'er (and member of the militray) get his question asked at the Fox Debate! 16:54:30
WH Counter Terror Doctrine 16:49:54
THEY are coming after your unvaccinated kids (A compilation) 16:47:41
Vote for Ron Paul-Centered Video, please 16:43:15
Please Get This Message To The Ron Paul Campaign! 16:41:24
U.S. Rep Justin Amash endorses Ron Paul for President 16:39:57
UFC Fighter retweeted Ron Paul's FP vid for me 16:37:34
Iowa 2012 GOP Presidential Power Rankings: Caucus win still up for grabs 16:31:06
Scott Banister, Founder, Supports Ron Paul For President 16:29:25
Ron Paul to Receive Endorsement of New Jersey State Senator Mike Doherty 16:24:25
NJ State Sen. about to endorse Ron Paul 16:15:01
Ron Paul 2012 Amazing! - Nordichabs 16:04:25
10 Years Later, Last 9/11 Wrongful Death Suit Settled 15:57:02
Google Censoring Ron Paul 15:44:02
convert to a republican 15:43:06
Amash for Paul 15:38:03
Image means a lot - Perry gets this 15:28:24
The Definition and Role for a SuperPac 15:26:22
*Ron Paul - No chance? Yet Paul is polling dead even with McCain from last election. 15:26:05
Poll: Perry ahead - voting still open 15:19:10
Delete please 15:14:18
$16 muffins? DOJ cited for excessive spending 15:03:57
♪♫Grateful Dead: Liberty♫♪ 15:02:43
Tony Bennett - Howard Stern Rant Makes NY Daily News - POLL 15:01:39
Rick Perry Candidacy In Trouble ? -- The Dangers of Gardasil W / Dr. Russell Blaylock 14:44:49
Perry, Romney, Paul : Gallup Numbers Show GOP Nomination is a Three Way Race 14:31:49
Email Response re Cancellation of TEXAS Straw Poll 14:22:56
Supreme Court Justice's Startling Apology Adds Human Context To Tough Ruling 14:22:53
If Ron Paul had been President in 1914, the Holocaust Would Never Have Happened 14:13:19
US Bombs (Punk rock band) support for Ron Paul 13:40:38
Rep. Justin Amash Endorses Rep. Ron Paul (Video) 13:35:29
Straw Poll Statement From Texas GOP Chairman 13:24:17
Grammy Award-winning singer Tony Bennet espouses Ron Paul's foreign policy position on 9/11 13:18:58
Italy Proposes Law That Will Ban People From The Internet Based On Single Accusation Of Infringement From Anyone 13:06:27
What Thomas Jefferson Back? 12:59:29
September Straw Poll - Let's get Dr. Paul back to #1 ! 12:52:48 - Republican Strategist: Ron Paul Nothing But a 'Gadfly' and Distraction 12:38:50
Ron Paul #2 -- Iowa GOP Power Rankings 12:23:42
Got the Job and Introduced the Interviewer to RP 12:08:53
The newest Elennin/ Nibiru video 11:58:19
Is the constitution a piece of paper? 11:55:47
Soros Weighs In: “It Is Necessary to Think the Unthinkable” 11:49:07
Jobs Bill Force States to Surrender Sovereignty 11:42:45
Who are the celebrities that have agreed with Ron Paul? 11:21:35
(News Video) Fluoride contamination causes massive riot in China 11:18:00
While Americans suffer, Pentagon blows $100M for 2,000 prisoners 11:07:23
Video contest! 10:59:35
Liberty Movement like my Blender 10:58:56
Ron Paul and Israel 10:58:02
The New American: Ron Paul & the Great Progressive Myth (Healthcare) 10:52:18
Tony Bennet needs to be contacted 10:45:30
LA Times OpEd: Goldberg: Tyranny of the typical 10:44:10
Video: Perry is going all in PRO Isreal 10:41:01
Wikileaks - Al Jazeera Chief Linked to the CIA 10:37:42
Ron Paul storms California Republican straw poll: CA Independent Voter Network 10:33:08
Perry moves in on New York Jews 10:32:49
Tony Bennett on Stern - the Reason for 9/11 and being a Pacifist 10:19:00
Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust 10:13:07
The Enemy is in Washington D.C. - Lew Rockwell Reports 10:06:42
Tony Bennett.Possible Paul Supporter?? 09:27:59
Obama Deficit-Reduction Plan Would Allow Federal Debt Collectors To Contact People On Their Cellphones 08:52:40
Pat Buchanan: How Corporations & Politicians Screw Unemployed Americans 08:18:36
U.S.-Canada Perimeter Security and the Consolidation of North America 07:51:45
Black This Out Money Bomb 07:47:37
Does REVPAC read this forum? 07:26:28
Does Tony Bennett support Ron Paul? 07:16:31
Matt Taibbi: The $2 Billion UBS Incident: 'Rogue Trader' My Ass 07:02:10
Warming Idiots Claim 'Missing' Global Heat Is Hiding 06:36:12
My Favorite Rick Perry Picture 06:19:57
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: Let's Get Real on Jobs! (9/19/11) 05:25:22
Dear Dr. Paul. I have a burning question. 05:17:20
2007 vs 2011 poll results - Reason to be very hopeful 05:00:37
Ron Paul's Weekend Constitutional Moneybomb Tops One Million Dollars 04:33:52
ALERT New GOP Primary Rules! Video 03:08:42
Extremely funny, libertarian rendition of 'Poker Face' at LPAC 03:06:47
Secret recordings emerge over Operation Fast and Furious and the ATF's conspiracy to put more guns into the hands of Mexican dru 03:05:31
Buy silver and donate to Ron Paul at the same time 03:04:39
20 Minutes with Tom Woods on PressTV 03:01:55
Pharma-backed legislation to allow secret vaccinations of children without parental consent about to become law in California 02:41:42
Nation's Largest Election Sign Project Needs Donations 02:40:22
Gawker attacks Ron Paul (Again) 02:07:54
Let's NOT let the next moneybomb fail! October 19 - Let's prepare NOW!! 01:55:05
CUA Young Americans for Liberty 01:51:03
Gunfire broke out! A whole camp on high alert! I feel so safe. 01:31:22
Ron Paul is leading Romney this time last election 01:23:38
URGENT - Oklahoma Straw Poll 01:07:07
Ron Paul Campaign Issues Response to Obama's Jobs, Deficit Plan 00:51:46
Once Upon a Time in America. 00:47:07
Blowing Off Some Steam 108 00:46:03
Ron Paul _ Start a Revolution 00:39:38
FEMA distributes taxpayer dollars to disaster areas based on condition of local Waffle Houses 00:11:55
A DP member of the military submited this question for the debate, Let's vote it up and make headlines! 09:17:19