Posted on September 22, 2011

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Post Debate: Ron Paul on Hannity 23:30:20
Ron Paul Campaign Responds to Bernanke, Federal Reserve’s Latest Move 17:07:48
$16 Corn Muffins? "The Answer Will Be Obvious" -Judge Napolitano 13:24:25
Tom Woods: Is Ron Paul Wrong on Money and the Constitution? 09:16:18
Newt Gingrich on Ron Paul: "History will recognize him" 08:23:14
Ron Paul: Obama cuts to veterans' health benefits 'unjust and immoral' 06:13:54
What is a Job? 10:30:16
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Who won the Florida Debate Poll 23:55:16
Why is this controversial ? I actually agree with his stance. 23:46:11
Video Update Most of Ron Paul's Answers in Fox Debate 9/22 23:39:12
Ron Paul Questions & Answers From The Fox News / Google Debate 23:37:51
Ron Paul Banned on Justin TV station. Please help.. 23:29:01
Fox Debate Winner Vote. Vote Here Now! 23:28:08
Best moments of the debate 23:27:38
Fox News Post Debate Now! 23:25:03
Fox News Post Debate Poll 23:22:27
The American Way Abandoned. 23:03:35
Ron told the world his strategy: He intends to remain until there are two people standing on the stage. And, he will! 22:59:07
Only Two Questions To Ron Paul Within 1 Hour and 15 Minutes So Far 22:17:54
On Second thought 22:00:35
FOX trying to create Paul vs. Johnson rivalry? 21:24:57
Vote on LIVE Debate questions: 21:13:38
I'm listening to this before the debate 20:56:56
Atlanta Area DP'ers.Help your back, Dr. Paul and my business launch 20:48:18
New Ron Paul fan anti-war video! 20:42:47
So I ran into Ron Paul yesterday. 20:34:33
Debate Tonight Rigged to Favor Perry follow link 20:29:54
Gallup: Majority continue to distrust media. 20:05:30
why is there no graphic of the california poll? 19:44:37
Check out my son's Jeep 19:26:16
Recapturing "The Tea Party" 19:04:15
Deepest sympathy to the family of Troy Davis, Georgia 19:00:07
Help Michele Bachmann find her missing children 18:54:39
Perry Poop - Arming the American Eagle to Defeat Rick Perry 18:42:04
Word Is Spreading On Dr. Paul's foreign Policy 18:40:53
You're not a libertarian! What is libertarianism and who is one? Noam Chomsky and Ron Paul both claim to be libertarians 18:39:51
Must see anti-war video 18:19:46
The Ron Paul Road Warrior: Colorado 18:19:24
Let's form some street teams before Dr. Paul's 09.26 event at Webster Hall in NYC 18:15:04
YouTube Debate Ron Paul Supporter Questions 18:03:36
Is the Near-Trillion-Dollar Student Loan Bubble About to Pop? 18:01:25
[VIDEO]: Gov't pushes advertising blitz for flouride/tap water. 18:00:19
Ron Paul and Gary Johnson winning Fox poll 17:52:16
Straw Poll March In Texas!! 17:47:04
CNBC Video - Peter Schiff : "Fed Will Turn to Q3 in Failed Bid to Prevent Economic Depression" 17:43:02
Ron Paul in Pictures 17:42:02
Renton Cops Caught Shredding Reports On Police Misconduct! 17:35:07
Tonight's debate begins the steady climb to the POTUS for Ron Paul as the nation really begins to listen to his economic message 17:13:54
NH POLL: Romney 1st, Paul 2nd -- Perry 4th. 17:13:49
Converted an Obama supporter today! 17:10:57
Pray for Ron Paul before tonight's Debate - 9/22 17:09:16
Twisted Sisters: Metals and Stocks Drop on Fed Action 16:50:36
Dilemma 16:38:18
Grassroots push - Ideas 16:35:46
How Would Private Law Work? 16:31:12
results from Oregon state fair booth poll (9/5/11) 16:28:13
More Trouble For Perry? (and more proof that we don't need FDA) 16:13:17
A Potential Priceless Moment Tonight For Ron Paul 16:12:54
OVER 1500 People Have Allready pledged! Have you ? 16:07:59
Captain Ron Paul of America 15:58:47
What is the game plan for the debate tonite? We must dominate! Here is the website for participation!! 15:56:38
JP fairy tale: Golden Brick Road & Silver Slippers 15:54:46
Peter Schiff: Fed Will Turn To QE3 In Failed Bid To Prevent Economic Depression 15:53:04
Jobs: Quickly overcoming the problems unskilled, poorly educated children face. Pay attention Elizabeth Warren! 15:51:27
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls out the US on investigating 9/11 and its Roll in the World 15:50:50
Lou Dobbs wants you to tell him on Facebook how to "restore confidence and prosperity in America" 15:38:11
Do You Have Faith in the Fed? CNBC Poll 15:36:52
Ron Paul Says His Campaign Exceeds His Own Expectations 15:28:33
URGENT: Florida P5 GOP Debate Straw Poll Goers- 15:25:21
Peter Schiff responds to Elizabeth Warren on job producers & taxes 15:17:00
Comic Relief - CNN Screws Up Big Time 15:08:58
Orlando Debate Drinking game 14:54:54
LATimes Ignores RP again - comments needed 14:31:57
Fox News poll (Ron Paul is 2nd) 14:30:12
Ron Paul vs. the Constitutional Turncoats 14:28:45
Is Perry ruining his own campaign? 14:23:21
Yes, Perry created some job growth, but 40% went to illegal aliens 14:21:10
When the Dollar Collapses, This is What WILL Happen in the United States! 14:06:25
Very immature, but hilarious video showing new method to get votes (Team Fortress 2) 13:51:31
Yahoo Front Page Article. Check Out the Comments!! 13:50:47
Tony Bennett covered by O'Reilly & Hannity (both claim no bombings) 13:47:57
Study: Most new Texas jobs went to immigrants 13:44:20
Latest Gallup Poll Information? 13:39:55
The Republican problem 13:39:51
Stumble for Liberty! 13:39:13
Ron Paul Doesn't Have A Chance With Fox News 13:37:22
Watch the Fox Debate Live TONIGHT on Youtube 13:07:01
Paul going back up on airwaves with million dollar buy 12:57:06
Video: Ron Paul End Game 12:54:05
Ron Needs To Mention The Fox News Poll They Decided NOT To Report Him Winning 12:32:03
Money grows on trees, and electricity comes out of the socket 12:31:45
They did it again! 12:26:28
Hospitals and Doctors don’t advertise their prices. 12:25:53
in my 8th grade gvt class 12:14:25
Newsmax Poll 12:14:15
What Grassroots Effort or Event are YOU Working On Right Now? 12:13:14
Ticker is Up! - End Of The Third Quarter PUSH 12:12:45
Campaign Idea: "Timebomb", "Talentbomb" and "Lovebomb" 12:09:03
Florida Independent Voters Could Make All the Difference in 2012 12:01:24
Ron Paul: September 30 is Critical 11:57:30
Federal Reserve launches Operation Twist! 11:46:30
Official Campaign: End of Quarter Push 09:42:58
Kick the Can Down the Road Ad 11:35:57
Republican Leadership Will Marginalize Ron Paul 11:08:34
Video: Rick Perry Lying. Dude is Cold-Blooded 11:07:45
Ron Paul Campaign, End of quarter PUSH 11:06:18
End The Fed "moneybomb" 10:39:40
Judge Nap: Bernanke Twists and the Markets Break. who's been teaching Uncle Ben to dance? 10:35:21
The Real Peace of Ron Paul by Brian Anderson 10:13:49
When Bernanke Talks the Stock Market Walks 10:12:34
Time gives Ron Paul a 'C' on education. 10:03:19
getting RP's name out 10:00:40
Senator Rand Paul will travel on Air Force One with President Obama 09:56:40
Fox Poll: Vote For Paul 09:38:17
To be in a Ron Paul campaign is to be a part of history! 09:33:11
How about a moneybomb for vets? 09:30:21
foxnews poll if anyone wants to vote. 09:22:33
FOX Poll Was Supposed To Be Announced on Air - UPDATED: Was Briefly Mentioned Today 09:13:45
Ron Paul to launch $1M early state TV ad buy. 09:08:04
Videos that target Ron Paul’s position on specific issues. 08:55:06
Quotes about Ron Paul 08:40:06
What's up with Gary Johnson? 08:19:15
New Quinnipiac Florida Poll has Perry & Romney Way Ahead of the Rest 08:17:23
Paul 2nd in New Hampshire poll ! 07:56:14
7:51 AM, CNN News Update Mentions Romney, Perry - no Ron Paul. 07:55:26
Tom Woods - Is Ron Paul Wrong on Money and the Constitution 07:31:20
Ron Paul: Jon Stewart helped make my case 07:06:52
Ron Paul making $1Million Early State Ad Buy 06:52:10
The Environment 06:47:47
Tom Woods defends Ron Paul against critics who say he has misread the Constitution 06:17:25
"Top 10 biggest individual contributions; three were associated with a branch of the military." 05:33:40
Black This Out Moneybomb Flyers Are In! 04:57:40
Fox News-Google Debate Gets 20,000 Viewer Questions 04:47:24
Texas Dispatch: How Ron Paul Sparked a Movement—Only to Lose his District 04:32:58
Ron Paul, the US death, penalty and Troy, Davis 04:25:26
The final nail on Rick Perry - this will do him in, but which candidate will throw this punch? 03:48:37
Peter Schiff gold scam report 02:56:56
Video - Euro crisis BBC 02:49:59
Ron Paul Sign Bomb 10/10/11 - Get Involved! - New Video 01:55:47
New Hampshire Poll: Ron Paul in Second Place, Leads Rick Perry 01:49:59
Oklahoma--Groovefest booth 01:43:50
B of E Ready for More Q E 01:29:14
ABC deleted my post 01:24:08
On my 18th birthday, my congressman entered my name into the congressional record 01:14:24
The Problem With Occupy Wall St. 01:00:59
Bad shovel. 00:57:14
We Are Winning 00:49:48
How to convince your LDS friends to support Ron Paul 00:36:39
Paul adds two more Iowa endorsements 00:32:25
Peter Schiff On Alex Jones' Infowars Nightly News Discusses The Economy And Ron Paul's Campaign 00:28:57
Ron Paul Effect 00:23:02
IBT: Hit Piece by Washington Post 00:20:44