Posted on September 23, 2011

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Ron Paul Sticks With His Principles, Climbs in Polls 21:09:25
Ron Paul Balloons Rock! 19:55:03
Ron Paul's Speech at CPAC-FL 09/23/2011 20:58:15
Russia may legalize cannabis for agriculture, industrial use 13:48:27
The doctor is in: Ron Paul is on the Rise 10:22:19
Freedom Watch: Why The Media Ignores Ron Paul 09:17:04
Chipin For Rock the r3volution Ron Paul Radio Ads - Free Radio Air Time Offered! 10:05:12
Newest Ron Paul Ad: 'He Served' 21:02:58
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Who is Kwiatkowski: Constitutionalist and proven oath keeper 23:56:26
Palistinian Statehood; Where do you stand? 23:37:44
Can't find Dr. Paul's view on this one issue. Can someone help? 23:22:06
Rick Perry and Mitt Romney Just Lost A Few Million More Votes 23:20:47
Political Marketing 23:11:09
The American Conservative: Paging Dr Paul 22:56:50
Ron Paul behind Santorum in this poll 9/23( can I say that word here?) 22:44:44
Neil Cavuto said he saw the video of Rick Perry assaulting Ron Paul! 22:38:19
IF you hear someone supporting Rick Perry send them this 22:37:35
Please sign the petition to END THE FED! 22:33:50
O'Reilly poll for who won the debate in Florida 22:31:22
Unified Ron Paul Online Chat Experiment 22:28:41
An email I just sent to Bill O'Reilly! 22:20:41
Help Us Fight The Ron Paul Media Blackout. We Have A Story The Media Won’t Be Able To Ignore. 22:05:06
Obama allowing states to opt-out of No Child Left Behind 22:03:09
Money Bomb Today 21:54:35
WSJ article front page of Google News 21:49:53
Regulate marijuana like wine initiative 21:21:20
The New American: The Case Against Ron Paul Defeated 21:20:24
Must read "The Case Against Ron Paul is Defeated" by Jack Kerwick 21:04:34
UFC Commentator & Taekwondo Champion Joe Rogan Says Ron Paul is a "Bad Mother F'er" 21:01:56
Putting pot in its place 20:59:56
O' Reilly Just promoted a Rep Pres Poll on his website 20:54:37
Jack Burkman hits another home run on Freedom Watch 20:45:57
Ron Paul Sticks With His Principles, Climbs in Polls 20:42:31
Running for president is a business; and business is good! 20:30:53
HURRY Paulites - Vote for Ron Paul on O'Reilly's poll going on now 20:29:15
The Matrix-first time 20:27:53
O'Reilly Poll: slam it ! 20:21:46
NY judge tosses 7 WTC suit 20:10:56
Can the Dr Paul start lawsuits against these news agencies 20:08:32
Want the Republican base? Let's talk about ISRAEL! 19:55:18 post-debate article -- No RP problems 19:53:38
The Words of the Recanting Witnesses in the Troy Davis Case 19:34:29
Should the State Support Insane Asylums? 19:24:04
Ron Paul needs to be more aggressive? 19:23:03
MSM wrong about reaction to gay soldier Youtube question 19:03:06
Science is conclusive: Tobacco increases work capacity 18:56:04
Wanna see where "Obamacare" is going? Look at Britain 18:54:12
We the People: Make Bribing Politicians Illegal. 18:53:57
Peter Schiff on Alex Jones' Infowars 18:42:53
Ron Paul losing this poll 18:37:55
Chris Christie considering presidential run. 18:27:07
A new and humorous way to encounter the other candidates 18:21:14
The most corrupt members of Congress 18:20:08
Did Hannity's Radio Show With Rand After Being on Air Force One Come Out? 18:16:29
Chris Christie Reconsidering 2012 Run 18:06:37
Anyone catch Rand on Hannity? 18:02:10
Petition To Abloish The TSA Appears On White House's Website 17:58:19
Asking Rick Santorum where Ron Paul is at CPAC 2011 17:53:28
Is It A Crime To Rig A Straw Poll? 17:36:50
Shafting the Poll's and Trimming the Top Tier 17:30:52
Lets go, Newt Gingrich has 1.3m twitter followers, Ron Paul has 67k 17:29:19
This episode of Dinosaurs (circa '94) is a PERFECT illustration of what Ron Paul said about moral character during the debate 17:25:39
Let's Get Something Straight 17:18:00
Vote Vote Vote in this poll! 17:10:42
I have two debate ideas. 17:05:28
Fox News Pulls Poll Showing Ron Paul Debate Victory, Claims Mitt Romney Won 16:51:20
Rep, Thaddeus, McCotter, ends, presidential, race 16:26:38
Ron Paul Outreach NYC Protests 16:13:03
Monetary History 16:05:33
'US secretly sold Israel bunker-busters' 15:59:59
RT: Fox Freaks After Ron Paul Wins Debate 15:59:43
Ron Paul 1997 Video Interview (CONSISTENCY) 15:52:17
It's going to be Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney for the nomination: the nation gets an education as Ron easily wins one-on-one debates 15:41:41
Once again, RT gets it right. This is a great article to forward to people! 15:41:00
Obama's Anti American comments 15:05:34
New Fox News poll 15:02:43
Updated Polls- From Last Night and Today! 14:55:49
False Derogatory: Teabagger 14:51:23
Come support Ron Paul in Trenton, NJ this Monday 9/26 at 12 noon! 14:39:34
Operation Twist? 14:34:02
Documentary exposes ugly truths of capital punishment in Perry’s Texas 14:31:24
Newsmax: Loudest applause of the night 14:28:58
Ron's Long Term Strategy 14:26:26
Is There Video of The Post Debate Discussion At 14:26:19
Gary Johnson's effect on Ron Paul 14:24:15
Save the Republic 14:20:35
Super idea - Need talented VIDEO maker 14:18:29
ALIPAC: ''Rick Perry Is Finished'' 14:17:50
Yahoo Post-Debate Poll VOTE! 14:06:26
Who Would The Founding Fathers Vote For? 14:04:57
End the wars, bring the troops home and put an end to policing the world. 13:35:26
the two clear winners in last nights debate 13:23:03 (Get Out Of Our House!) site devoted to evicting US representatives 13:21:07
The Hill: Ron Paul drives Republican policy, Republicans drive America to a crash 13:19:48
9/23 is Denver Anti-Terror Drill & Chemtrail Day 13:17:21
Yahoo News Debate Poll 13:14:48
"Get Up, Stand Up: Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite" 13:14:35
poll links 13:14:29
Drudge Report: No media love for Ron Paul. 13:04:55
Ron Paul IS a Front Runner, Establishment Panicking! 13:04:24
Did FOX hide another poll? 13:01:04
Why our Constitution is vital to our survival 13:00:32
Five Dollar Fridays 12:43:56
Just got a call from the RonPaul2012 campaign . Sept 30 is deadline 12:29:06
Progressives for Ron Paul --American Conservative mag 12:11:32
Ron Paul Op-ed in USA Today 11:57:40
Thoughts on the GOP "Debate" 11:52:42
Ron Paul - major editorial in USA Today re: healthcare mandates 11:42:17
Perry is down and out. Now is the time to turn THIS into a polished attack ad. 11:25:03
Remember Remember the 5th of November 11:11:16
Yes America, walls and fences do work BOTH ways 11:07:25
Among GOP hopefuls, only Ron Paul & Gingrich Comment on Fast & Furious scandal 11:00:32
More War, Socialized Healthcare, And Forced Vaccination - Mitt Perry 2012 10:59:13
CA AB 750 Is a Bill to replace Federal Reserve with State Labor 10:53:42
Ron IS Unreliable on National Defense 10:53:38
Can we ge some blooper videos of the other candidates? that would be priceless 10:42:19
Iran's President Blasts US in UN Speech; many walk out 10:39:29
(HD) All Ron Paul Answers Fox/Google Debate 9/22/2011 Full HD 10:35:49
Number of times candidates spoke in Orlando debate 10:35:11
Bill O'Rielly Lies About NH Primary 10:34:48
More substance and leadership in 4 and a half minutes 10:19:13
Gary Johnson is still no Ron Paul 10:10:08
Skeletons in the Closet 09:49:33
Deep-six the $1 FRN, use coins instead, Rep. Schweikert urges 09:45:21
Do you have faith in the Fed? - cnbc poll 09:42:33
Who Won the Fox News Republican Debate for Sept. 22nd? 09:31:59
Global Recession Finally Over Let the Good Times Roll 09:20:59
Ron Paul drives Republican policy, Republicans drive America to a crash 09:12:19
need help in net poll 09:12:01
Yahoo: Mitt Romney Surges in N.H., but No. 2 Ron Paul Gets No Media Love 09:09:24
Two new and very good articles on Ron Paul 09:03:26
Emmy and Peabody Award Winner Rich Aron's: "Do the Buck" 08:50:23
Who won the debate poll - RP winning - taken offline?? 08:48:39
debate psyops 08:45:59
How Many USA Interventions Since 1890 - Ron Paul Set to Star Wars Music! 08:44:39
some Chinese are kinda stupid.. 08:15:07
The Great Cancer Hoax Part II: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down. 07:42:58
Foreign Policy - excellent video from Korean War vet and CIA consultant 07:34:37
Ron Paul seeks to make a name for himself at Fox News Republican debate 07:32:33
Why Ron Paul Is Winning the GOP? Washington Post article 07:30:58
Fox News Debate Failed in Candidate Face Time Matching Poll Standings 07:28:45
Fox and Friends Debate Poll - Airing 9/23/11 - TOO close TO call 07:09:32
ABC: Ron Paul Is Still Raising Big Money, But Just Who Is Giving? 06:24:56
Wash Post says Gary Johnson is "a Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) with results" 06:22:19
Every Age Group Is Getting Poorer In America, Except For One 06:17:01
9/11 Motivation Argument -- must see video 06:07:13
Daily Paul Chat 05:13:52
TSA Petition 03:04:10
Free Your Mind And Join Us - Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer Remix 02:50:40
ATTENTION: People who have 'StumbleUpon' 02:48:57
VIDEO Ron Paul Knocks 95% Agreement out of Hannity Cold After Fox Debate 02:41:32
Morals of Legislation (1837) by William Leggett 02:15:37
I have mixed feelings about Hannity this time around.. Thoughts? 01:58:22
How much would you donate if 01:47:23
Civil Disobedience 2012 and beyond 01:41:21
CNN Host has Flashing Boobies 01:31:44
End Of Qtr Donation Bomb On! Lets Do Better Then O7'! 00:30:49
WSJ: Another Three-Ring Circus Ends With FOX Breaking Their Debate Rules 01:12:15
Delegates? 01:06:16
A policy designed for folly, collapse, war-> Or freedom.? 00:59:07
Just Remember This: Ron Paul Will Be In Debates When Only 2 Or 3 Are Left! 00:48:53
VOTE in These Polls - For Ron Paul 00:37:00
Ron Paul needs to be more assertive and go back to main issues after answering minor questions quickly 00:27:07
Today was a good day for Ron Paul. 00:19:34
Ralph Nader on Why Ron Paul Is An Excellent Presidential Candidate 00:16:17
VIDEO: Ron Paul Educates Hannity in Post-Debate Spin Room 00:15:43
Ron Paul Post Google / Fox Debate Interview With Hannity 00:14:39
Stats on Fox News & Google Debate 9/22 00:09:12
Neil Cavuto Interviews 911 Firefighter Hero Bill Butler 9/22/11 - "It looked like a bomb had hit the lobby." 00:08:13
Measures of support: breadth vs. depth 00:06:10
Can this be done? 00:05:32
Video: Gov. Gary Johnson to Obama on Dog Poop! 22 Sept 2011 (Best one liner) 00:02:52
United Nation started this mess in 1947 00:01:38