Posted on September 24, 2011

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Perry Endorses Dr. Paul 12:49:18
Karen Kwiatkowski's Birthday Moneyblast 03:30:13
Ron Paul Draws Full House (1,250 People) to his Youth For Ron Paul Kickoff Event + Speech 00:37:30
Presidency 5 - Cain Wins Straw Poll; Paul 5th 13:57:43
Ron Paul's 4½ Minutes from the Google / Fox News Debate - Thursday 9/22/11 03:05:10
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Colorado GOP Moves Up 2012 Caucuses to Day After Iowa's(Feb 7) 23:58:10
New Poll 23:51:44
New Poll 23:45:33
Dedicated to Troy Davis 23:39:02
Timely film from 1970, "Getting Straight" 23:14:49
Attention Media and GOP: "No one but Paul" 23:12:38
How to become a Delegate so that Ron Paul Wins! 22:53:49
[from 2008] Video of Cheating At Florida Straw Poll - Cain/Perry Supporters Vote 20+ Times 22:46:18
The Ron Paul 9-9-9 Plan 22:31:38
One difference between Herman Cain and Ron Paul 22:31:11
Herman Cain is Bad for America and not a Conservative 22:30:14
Promoting Ron Paul - Consistent, Effective and Inexpensive 22:24:00
Video: Rand Paul Comments on Shermon Minton Bridge Crisis/Outage Between Kentucky and Indiana at Louisville 22:21:31
Colleges and youth movement are the keys to victory! 22:15:54
Words of wisdom from Mark Levin 22:14:32
DoJ Finds Perry's TX Redistricting Plan Purposely Discriminates Against Minorities. 22:14:25
Looking forward to the Daily Show Monday 22:04:47
Good move by the campaign 21:47:48
Serious but Fun: Where did you see a Ron Paul sign? 21:38:06
Perry's Florida Flame Out Reveals His Electile Dysfunction As Debate Shows He's A Drug Store Cowboy, He's All Hat And No Cattle 21:36:13
Straw polls sure are important unless Ron Paul wins them 20:41:16
Herman Cain gets "Isrealized" then wins straw poll 20:39:03 - fantastic way to promote Ron Paul 20:30:47
Occupy Wall Street being Live-Streamed, currently about 7,200 viewers. 20:18:11
Rep. Amash needs us 19:55:16
What happened in Florida? 19:36:19
Excellent Video: Elections - what do they mean? 19:27:31
Top 10 Keynesian Ways to Boost the US Economy 19:19:14
The most annoying taxes 19:07:26
2012 Campaign in South Carolina 19:04:13
Fox/Google Debate poll: Which GOP Candidate Can Best Spur Economic Growth? RP@70% 18:32:03
Ruppert: "If Ron Paul isn't elected there will be a revolution." 18:11:37
Cop Who Arrested The Five Dancing Israeli’s On 9/11 Speaks Out 17:57:43
Florida Straw Poll Results! 17:57:26
Washington Post Poll is VERY close. Vote if you haven't already! 17:57:15
Washington Post Poll is VERY close. Vote if you haven't already! 17:56:03
"Change the World" Song by David Lawrence 17:47:40
Let the news media hear from you - email the MSM 17:29:27
"I Am Ron Paul" 17:06:39
Rick Perry is the next Fred Thompson 17:04:54
Neil Cavuto Said He Saw The Video Of Rick Perry Assaulting Ron Paul 16:50:59
Straw polls for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2012 16:48:39
Straw polls for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2012 16:48:15
Ron Paul wins the election. Then What? 16:26:27
Class Warfare!! 16:23:18
I sent this link about Ron's car to Mrs. Paul, & here is her response: 16:09:56
GOP Frontrunner: Ron Paul (Updated) 15:23:46
My email to Sean Hannity 15:08:37
Jon Stewart is hosting Ron Paul on Monday. What will he ask him? 15:05:25
Campaign needs 1.5 million dollars by 9/30. 14:58:13
They're back! .COINTELPRO 14:53:32
Where is Ron Paul? 14:16:34
Politico.. In It NOT to win it 13:47:44
Foreign Policy, History, And The GOP Race 13:46:25
BIG NEWS: Palestine UN Bid Upside, Israel's Hoes, World War 3 13:36:00
'Yeah, I just got tired.I was tired." 13:02:46
Is Ron Paul Anti-War? 12:48:02
Can no longer support Ron Paul: morning-after pill 12:41:33
Ron Paul Receives loudest Applause,Size of Government Fox Debate 9/22/2011 Full HD 12:34:02
Interesting lyrics by Motorhead 12:31:33
NPR, PBS Censoring Ron Paul 12:30:42
Why continue to feed the hand that bites us? 12:22:14
"Have you read Ron Paul's book?" 12:09:44
Freedom Watch: Anti War Blogger Described As Threat To National Security 12:04:14
Florida Straw Poll: Live Stream 11:53:33
Ronald Reagan- "unelectable" 11:43:36
Delete please 11:38:25
Great Video - Their Plan and how Ron Paul is messing it up. 11:38:18
America Needs A Doctor! New Ron Paul 2012 Video. 11:19:02
Dennis Kucinich interview on the Peter Schiff Show 11:14:06
Morgan Freeman: Tea Party 'a racist thing' 11:02:49
Competing currencies 10:54:06
Ron Paul excluded from front page presidential poll 10:51:45
Giant Ron Paul billboard! make it happen~ 10:35:29
Frontrunner poll 10:30:26
Republicans not ready to rout Obama; but Ron Paul offers real Hope 10:28:52
EPA/FDA cartel at it again 09:25:10
The Beatles Would Support Ron Paul 09:16:52
The Thing about Ron Paul Supporters 08:51:07
Congressman Ron Paul revives American Exceptionalism 08:20:47
On Friday, CME Group Hiked Comex Gold Margins 21.5%, Silver by 15.6% 07:55:24
Real Money Bomb idea 07:38:13
Perry comes crashing back down to earth like an old NASA satellite; campaign team is praying he doesn't break up on re-entry 11:00:06
Does anyone here know how to use a satellite dish to grab back channel news feeds? 07:21:30
Breakout Performance for Gary Johnson? 07:16:37
Shock! Shock! CBS not only mentions Ron Paul, they wrote a favorable article about him. 06:35:51
Amazing Japan Tsunami footage from inside a swept-away car. 06:00:25
The Thing About Ron Paul Supporters 05:45:38
Ron Paul with a big WSJ article! 05:03:58
The Texas Straw Poll is back on! 04:46:26
Former Soldier Exposes Media Bias On YouTube 03:46:44
DVD copies of the three debates 03:13:45
Johnson Coverage Used to Dilute Paul's Message? 02:38:59
New Video: Rick Perry Hits it Out of the Park! (Not) 02:34:41
Ron Paul speech at LSU 9/23 01:57:25
Wall Street Journal Article 9/23/2011 01:48:56
Chris Christe Reconsidering 2012 Run, Will Decide in Days 01:39:01
Help Me Fly For Dr. Paul! 01:16:24
Larry Flynt set to expose Perry 00:54:21
America Needs A Doctor! 00:47:03
Ron wrote article in USA Today about Health care! 00:43:42
Liberty March for Freedom and Peace 00:28:44
Video - 17 y.o. gets tasered in head for fighting 00:21:25
I wish Barrack Obama was a socialist 00:07:49