Posted on September 25, 2011

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Rocking the Revolution for Ron Paul By Robin Koerner 15:26:40
10 Year Old Girl Battles Reporters to Interview Ron Paul 06:24:55
VIDEOS: Ron Paul speaking in Orlando, Baton Rouge, Sioux City, Spencer ~9/20, 23/11 00:54:17
Ron Paul @ Webster Hall NYC 9/26/2011; Guest Star Pras from Fugees 13:31:36
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BlackThisOut Facebook Ads push after Daily Show appearance - Need help! 23:51:25
Now, the IMF needs a bailout 23:11:56
Head of IMF says it may need billions in extra funding (Bailout Alert!) 22:06:25
Help please. Article author needs a little education! 22:05:06
National Polling Results 22:02:13
Boots on the Ground literature distribution 21:55:32
The Federal Reserve Prepares To Eavesdrop On Everything Mentioning The Fed 21:49:07
Ron Paul Is Right. They Hate Us Because We Are Over There. 21:36:47
Mayor Bloomberg says that Third Party candidate with serous financial backing will emerge 21:20:38
The Republican Party in Florida Hates Ron Paul 21:15:46
Rand Paul Memorabilia! 21:12:00
Should I join the Airforce or remain jobless? 20:58:09
police crack down on wall street protestors 20:54:13
I got your bumper sticker right here! It's all about guerilla. 20:33:56
patriots who are NOT waiting for the election next year 20:32:41
Why Herman Cain Won? 20:31:36
Ron Paul Revolution 2012 "Join Together" 20:17:54
The Three Keys to a Ron Paul Victory 20:02:31
Swiss stock exchange bets on gold 19:49:55
Activism video - End the Fed Advances Upon Orchard Park, NY - 9/25/11 19:38:29
Ron Paul at LSU Video 9/23/11 - full version, good Quality footage 19:23:12
Awesome article on Ron Paul at, a MUST-Read! 18:51:15
Romney wins Michigan Straw Poll 18:48:11
10 Reasons Why I Love Butter 18:39:30
Rolling Stone: Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? 18:34:55
If Ron increases 1% weekly in polls, he'll have about 30% GOP support by year-end; add Antiwar Liberals & Independents & he wins 18:03:44
SNL harsh satire of Ron Paul 18:00:41
Romney backed by Goldman Sach 17:37:41
Whose Kingdom Are You Really Promoting? 17:35:24
Force the Obama Administration to justify US Foreign Policy at! 17:32:04
Sentenced to 45 Days in Jail for Selling Bacon Dogs 17:31:23
Ron Paul: I buy gold to protect my family (video) 17:22:39
Ron Paul: Gold is money 2006 (video) 17:19:09
Dylan Ratigan: The Wealth of the U.S. is Being Extracted by Congress, Banks, Wallstreet, and Taxes! 17:10:11
Perhaps the best article about Ron Paul, media exclusion, & the most remarkable grass roots support in American history 17:10:09
Delegate Hotline Money Bomb 16:59:42
Ron Paul did not lose the FL straw poll from a conspiracy! 16:09:35
Brian Doherty is Writing a Major Biography of Ron Paul and his Movement 15:34:56
CBS 'Occupy Wall Street' YouTube Videos Show Clash Between Police, Protesters 15:09:36
Ron Paul on Blowback, Foreign Policy, and Peace 14:35:10
Big Bank Theory: $250 Trillion Tender. JPM BoA GS MS. Bang! 14:13:14
Ron Paul 2012 Campaign to Focus on Iowa Tuesday 14:06:56
Lew Rockwell: Why Herman Cain Won 13:55:27
"Ron Paul & The Buck Stops with Me" 13:34:13
It seems Morgan Freeman forgot his own history on racism and how to end it! 12:48:12
Weekend Meditation: Home … of the brave, 12:43:27
Michigan straw poll results 11:45:56
Twitter Bomb! 11:42:43
Ron Paul recruitment grounds: Waldorf schools 11:33:01
Official Campaign: End Of Quarter Push 10:44:38
Saturday Night Live-Republican GOP Debate-We have a Ron Paul Character. 10:32:33
Please get those Letters to the Editor in. 10:23:32
Let's show Bill O reilly our support for Ron Paul vote him in this poll! 09:38:55
Ron Paul - What if? (Video) 09:14:07
Free Ron Paul Revolution Banner! (giveaway #2) 09:02:47
Washington Times Poll 09:00:40
FOX Articles About Cain's Straw Poll Victory 08:41:16
New Black This Out Video! View and share with friends! 08:39:52
Video: Peter Schiff on Huckabee's Fox News show 9/24/11 07:50:32
Michael Moore and Bill Maher taking Ron Paul's position 07:42:25
2 Year Old Ron Paul Fan Recites Preamble to US Constitution 06:11:19
Enough with the conspiracy theories 05:54:03
Important facts to convince republicans to vote for Ron Paul. 03:55:18
Ron Paul Straw Poll Results [update]. Straw Polls Are Important! 03:43:58
Ron Paul & Ronald Reagan 02:53:15
dsf 02:35:05
Did you not support Ron Paul in 2008 & support him now? 02:08:06
Ted Talks: Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action 01:54:26
Ron Paul Vs. The Matrix *NEW* Sep. 23, 2011! 01:45:56
Green Bay Paulians? 01:21:37
The Daily Paul Ron Paul state delegation challenge 01:11:09
The fear of the unknown 00:59:42
Ron Paul vs. the Matrix (video) 00:51:48
If you turn Hermain Cain's 9-9-9 plan upside down. 00:48:18
Possible donation scam happening to the end of quarter push! 00:40:57
Cut Poison Burn, Interview on Important New Film 00:19:22
Florida Straw Poll - None of the above - Cheating PROOF 00:17:33