Posted on September 27, 2011

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Federal Judge -- Parts of Patriot Act Violate 4th Amendment! 22:30:10
AP: Ron Paul top tier in fundraising 17:16:17
Cain annoyed by ‘stupid’ questions from Ron Paul supporters 16:13:03
End of Quarter Push! 15:23:41
Harris Poll: Paul beats Obama 51-49 17:07:31
Ron Paul: Country is Ripe for Revolution - via CNN & DRUDGE 09:07:14
Ron Paul at Webster Hall 9/26/11 16:51:04
Perry vs. Romney? What Do Conservatives Really Want? 06:44:04
Body Language Expert: "Ron Paul Is 100% Genuine!" 02:04:31
Ron Paul on the Daily Show 9/27 - All Video Links 15:13:57
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NC governor recommends suspending democracy to focus on jobs 23:54:33
Natural born rights vs. the right to healthcare - Dr. Yaron Brook (from 'Capitalism Awareness Week' series) 23:37:01
United States presidential election Tuesday, November 6, 2012 + Winter Solstice December 21st 2012 THE Mayan Calendar END-Date 23:32:29
DRUDGE: Christie reaffirms he is not running 23:29:50
3 Things: Ron Paul vs The Candidates and Incumbent 23:27:40
Losing to Cain! Poll: Post Debate "Who Won" O'Reilly 9/27 23:21:54
This is what a police state looks like! Should RP come out against this? 23:20:55
I am tired (personal article) 23:15:23
Permaculture is the practice of Austrian Economics. 23:15:00
Ford Motor Company capitulates to government heavy hand 22:56:55
Who Can Make a YouTube Clip? 22:41:54
War - A cycle of misdirected Revenge 22:39:02
NY Times "wealthy men behind Christie's bid for presidency" 22:29:46
Rep. Ron Paul: The country is ripe for revolution 22:29:24
Capture (repost) 22:06:25
NY Times - Wealthy, Influential, Leaning Republican and Pushing a Christie Bid for President 21:53:04
Ron Paul Comes to Chris Christie's House 21:41:22
Packer Game Sign Wave October 2nd. 12:30p 21:38:08
The Plus-One Project: A simple way to help Ron Paul win 21:31:46
Hi I'm new here 21:29:38
Honeymoon activism 21:24:09
Revolution theme song 21:17:57
Presidential Poll at WND. 21:14:41
Video: Best Rick Perry Speech i've seen 21:00:23
RP Charity: Libertarian Views Fail Reality Test 20:54:16
Countering on YouTube. 20:47:31
The End of the Quarter Push: Why It's Important 20:32:16
Great Article from HuffPo on Dr Paul 20:19:43
Presidential Poll on O'Reilly Factor 20:18:34
Mainstream Media Finally Reports On #occupywallstreet Police Brutality 19:37:28
CBS "news": Ron Paul draws enthusiastic response in New York City, but will never win. 19:36:38
Herman Cain 999 Now Leading! 19:28:42
Google News Front Page.. "Ron Paul: My supporters are 'hardcore'" 19:21:33
Harris Poll shows Paul topping Obama, 51-49 19:20:09
Nonsence to reality 19:18:35
Bloomberg: Fed "under attack" by Ron Paul and Barney Frank! 18:55:18
Cain's FB page just linked to an online poll 18:52:06
Zerohedge article re: Jon Stewart/Ron Paul Extended Interview 18:51:20
Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control 18:43:22
The Green Thing 18:11:58
Dear Federal Reserve Bureaucrat, 17:43:59
Stick Up for Rand Paul! 17:36:16
Time to Contact-Bomb the GOP with this message: 17:16:26
Wall Street "Fat cats" Line Up for Romney 17:09:12
Top 10 Signs The Rick Perry Campaign Is In Trouble, as told by David Letterman 17:06:57
Obama Advocates Suing Employers. 17:06:33
CNN Poll: Obama would beat Ron Paul by just four points 17:00:44
CNN Poll: Paul trails Obama by just four points. 16:39:28
British "Gaddafi" documentary swaps ‘real’ terrorism footage for video game. Suggestions that these events never happened. 16:37:02
Ron Paul IS Reliable on Liberty. 16:35:52
Eric Bolling 16:14:19
Herman Cain annoyed by 'stupid' questions from Ron Paul supporters 15:43:30
Occupy! 15:17:28
Anyone Want To Ask Nikki Haley A Question? 15:16:16
Door to Door Vaccinations: Mom to Nurse, 'Get The F☠ck Out!' 15:08:26
Ron Paul should kidnap Chris Christie! 14:46:49
War Propaganda: Iran to deploy Navy off US Coast. 14:38:55
Romney Lures Obama Wall Street Donors 14:36:33
Throwback: Jon Stewart Lambastes Media 14:27:29
Rand Paul Slams Congressional “Circus” Over Deadlines And Shutdown Threats 14:12:48
Ron Paul meets President Thomas Jefferson part 1 14:10:29
Flash!! Jesse Ventura : "Ron Paul, I'll Be Your VP if You Quit Republican Party and Run as a Libertarian" 14:10:10
RomneyCare Video 13:47:30
Ron Paul TOP U.S. Story on Google News! 13:44:37
Rick Perry on his way out, Ron Paul moving up? 13:36:32
Interested in your thoughts 13:25:18
A National One Dollar Donation Pledge To Ron Paul Sound Money Policy 13:22:42
MODS: I would like to see 13:17:15
Can someone make this video or forward the idea to the campaign? 12:47:30
Via DRUDGE: "Poll: Cain on top, Perry Plummets" 12:39:07
11% - We Happy Few 12:38:24
End of the Quarter PUSH!! 12:27:24
Rasmussen Poll 09/27: Obama 44%, Ron Paul 34% 12:26:39
School Officials go Door to Door to Vaccinate Children who have not "Got The Shot" 12:26:20
Fox Daily Poll - Vote 12:22:58
Ongoing Talk Radio Blitz for Ron Paul to Educate Americans on Issues; Get him Nominated 12:17:36
I told you before Uncle Sam is Reading everything you post 12:16:07
Ron Paul Supporter blasts Herman Cain -- funny video! 12:11:11
Fire Rob Bartlett 12:00:48
"Black This Out" will be a cultural phenomenon. 11:48:43
The Hill satire- Ron Paul Should kidnap Christie 11:19:15
Erick Erickson of RedState is unimpressed with debates wants to host his own. 11:13:02
INTERESTING=>Are young voters too blind to see the problem? 10:39:13
Occupy Paul Street 10:04:50
Harris Poll: Romney, Ron Paul Could Beat Obama 10:02:30
Gathering Des Moines (Again!), Iowa Ron Paul Meetups - Thursday, Oct. 6th 09:55:51
Trader on the BBC says Eurozone Market will crash 09:53:18
Plan To Return America To the Gold Standard Set To Be Offered at Washington 09:50:42
Harris Poll: Romney, Ron Paul Best Obama 09:44:22
Saw a couple good articles in the Star Ledger this morning 09:37:11
Ron discussed on NJ1015 09:22:03
Science and Economics Meet at Hayek 09:13:05
Why Not Michele Bachmann (In 60 Seconds) 09:12:30
Conspiracy theory from Lew Rockwell's blog 08:39:51
Ron Paul: US Shouldn’t Block UN Recognition of a Palestinian State . The State Column 07:56:51
Obama's Tribal Politics By Patrick J. Buchanan 07:48:29
Rick Perry's stumble gives Sarah Palin, Chris Christie and even Ron Paul a second chance 06:37:06
Bad news for SILVER? 06:03:31
IBOPE Zogby Poll: Perry Plummets to 18%; Trails Cain For Lead Among GOP Primary Voters 04:37:15
Truth, Justice, and Liberty 04:27:48
What's the deal with Trump scheduling meetings with GOP candidates? 03:48:02
Herman Cain - Disturbing Things in Stage Video from Florida 03:36:16
the grand Super preSident idea 03:05:40
Campaign: End Of Quarter PUSH! 00:57:29
Dr. Mercola: The Neurotoxin Far Worse than Mercury. 02:55:12
Illegal aliens claim fraudulent dependents on income tax. Cost $28 billion / yr (Peter Schiff Show) 02:40:52
The Old Man And The Sea – 2011 02:23:02
Come Take It! 02:22:43
Battle of Orlando is Over! Florida is the graveyard of frontrunners. Thanks to you who voted at straw poll. 02:09:13
Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul? 02:03:40
My new slogan: "Ron Paul Or Not At All." 01:40:30
Children 01:29:18
Time For Serious Action! 01:15:54
Can someone help me post a cool picture on daily paul 01:00:20
Images: Wall Street Is Occupied – And The Mainstream Isn’t Reporting It 00:58:37
Bill O'reilly online poll . Go vote now! 00:46:04
♠ Tiger away! 00:39:26
What did Front Runner Ron Paul not get to say in the last Debate? 00:34:57
Lawrence O'donnell hits the nail on the head about police brutality! 00:26:24
"Goldman rules the world" - says trader. BBC anchors shocked. 00:25:44
Met The Good Dr. at Small Gather in NYC Tonight. 00:23:57
Petition 00:12:16
Ron Paul Daily Show Interview 00:05:59