Posted on September 30, 2011

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Ron Paul, Mitt Romney & Rick Perry Have Best Early State Ground Games, Local GOP Insiders Say 19:21:20
Video: Dr. Paul Discusses Assassination of American Citizen on FOX's Neil Cavuto 9/30/11 18:26:18
Video: Ron Paul in NH on NECN 9/30 13:41:47
Politico Breaking News : Florida State Primary Set for January 31, 2012 12:11:05
Ron Paul Addresses Killing of al Qaeda’s Awlaki 11:10:03
Freedom Watch: Is Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Gaining Traction At the Polls? 09:21:15
Greenwald: Assassination of US Citizens is now a reality 09:10:38
Bob Chapman - If we do not vote Ron Paul America is doomed 07:53:40
What If We Didn't Live in a Free Country? | The Plain Truth by Judge Napolitano 9/29/11 05:36:44
Brother of my Daughter's boyfriend coming home from Afghanistan in a casket 10:06:02
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Johnson VS Paul 23:41:01
Bill O'Reilly Disregards Ron Paul Poll Win 09/30/11 23:39:09
Florida Voting Systems 23:34:15
Real sign of desparation; Now Huckabee reconsiders running for president. 23:31:10
Ron Paul's Republican problem 23:29:47
Paul discusses spending, foreign policy at Politics & Eggs series 23:29:41
Political Advertisements 23:27:51
Online Fed Critics to be "Identified"? 23:23:45
World Net Daily endorsing Cain? 23:21:14
OMG Ron Paul is dominating online sales! 23:09:08
Help with story on Ron Paul? 23:02:00
Can I get a i get a bump for 8 million dollars? 22:48:30
Contributions (legal) from H1b/greenCard or supporters from foreign countries 22:43:58
Are you within commuting distance to Springfield, Virginia? 22:42:15
Anwar Al Awlaki Had Lunch At The Pentagon Days After September 11th! (Repost Request) 22:31:30
Another GOP debate in Florida 22:31:20
Jane Fonda would be dead if we followed this policy in the 1960's 22:28:59
Rick Perry confronted again about Bilderberg group. Charlotte, NC 22:15:24
Each tIme Ron Paul talks about Awlaki he should ask the interviewer these three questions 22:12:07
Gary Johnson "This Is A US Citizen Given The Death Sentence Without Due Process" 22:10:37
Chris Matthews Says Ron Paul Is "Out To Lunch " For Wanting To Follow The Rule Of Law 21:43:18
Dr. Ron Paul is looking very Presidential & we're closer to critical mass: What will MSM do after the Tipping Point explosion? 21:30:01
Goldman Sachs rules the world 21:18:49
I disapprove of the manner which Anwar al-Awlaki was killed. Herman Cain Forums 21:16:27
"Ron Paul, Civil Liberties Groups Decry Killing of American Militant without Trial" 21:02:46
Ron Paul Takes a Bike Ride in N.H. — Sans Helmet, Of Course 20:50:32
If you go to Occupy Wall Street, wear a suit. 20:44:55
Romney Top contributors (PAC) - Goldman Sachs $293,250 20:33:42
A Little Rant about a Fair Fight 20:32:51
You MAY NOT Decide! 20:27:46
Paul really getting hit hard on Fox about Awlaki's death 20:23:44
question everyone should ask about "their" presidential candidate 20:21:07
Where's The Judge?? 20:04:23
Video - WSJ Butcher Job on Dr. Paul 20:00:34
Iowa Tea Party- Should try to spread the message- they are lacking leadership 20:00:16
States moving dates = Sooner deadlines 19:51:09
Green Bay Tea Party Speech UPDATED 19:38:33
MSNBC: Ron Paul "Awlaki Was An American Citizen He Was Never Tried Or Charge With Any Crimes" 19:20:14
Crimes Against History: 30 Arrested 18:55:49
Help Dr. Paul with "Assassination & Due Process" explanations! 18:52:12
Obama, Romney and Paul, fundraising sources compared 18:47:13
Mild-mannered Ron Paul VS Blowhard Christie 18:44:28
Update: As Christie again REconsiders presidential race, Rasmussen poll released 18:11:03
UFC fighter Josh Koscheck wants you to donate to Ron Paul right now! 17:58:09
ABC Reporter's Great Challenge To Obama Spokesman On Alwaki Murder 17:57:15
Turn off Limbaugh and Levin, and turn on Ron Paul Revolution Radio! 17:49:02
Can We Impeach President Obama? 17:35:51
Anyone on here going "John Galt" if RP doesnt win? 17:28:43
What Conservatives Should Learn From the Assassination of Awlaki 17:20:11
Occupy Wall Street Now Has Formal Declaration with 22 Grievances 17:19:39
Impeach Traitor Obama: The Due Process-Free Assassination of American Citizens 17:17:13
CNN: U.S. shouldn't have killed al-Awlaki 17:17:03
I received an email to donate to Obama 17:15:10
MSNBC poll: Should U.S. government Assassinate American citizens? 17:12:19
Paul Craig Roberts' recent masterpiece - "Is The War On Terror A Hoax?" 17:07:10
cruise 17:06:17
Jim Rogers: Gold price correction will last for several months; buy on dips 16:46:26
Buy Silver Now, or Wait? 16:40:51
Very troubled by comment about fallen soldier 16:39:47
Extra-Judicial Killing 16:13:53
Nice Article on Hayek, President Paul and Free Competition in Currency Act 16:08:27
Real Clear Politics Is Bogus! 15:56:34
“Forgotten” college students turning to Libertarian party (YAL)- USA Today 15:53:05
The American Fall: Protest or Organize? 15:38:28
Protest death sentence of Christian in Iran and Jailing of his Defense Attorney 15:36:50
The Hill's Brent Budowsky says Ron Paul Favors Bailed-out Banks over Ameircan Consumers 15:13:23
When Did Being For America Become Nuts? 15:03:35
VIDEO- Rick Perry makes no sense -- hilarious 14:58:06
I Think Ron Should Hold a Press Conference On Assassination! 14:50:08
Best 10 minute introductory video to Ron Paul? 14:28:24
At what point does something become a crime? 14:23:09
Tired of fear propaganda 14:21:29
What Marco Rubio can do for America 14:19:33
C4L meta-descriptions compromised in Google. Advertising Viagra and ranks #1. 14:12:22
Petition to the Republican National Committee (RNC) 14:11:43
Rick Perry, which Tea Party do you support? 14:04:53
FYI: South Carolina counties weigh whether to hold GOP primary 13:50:50
David Stockman: Blame The Fed! 13:50:02
Reach out to USPS? 13:39:04
rEVOLution bike yeah c'mon! 13:35:38
The New Defense Era, Ron Paul, And Justice For Anwar al-Awlaki 13:23:26
BEWARE- Paul Derangement Syndrome! 13:13:39
Rick Perry Top Aide Named TxDot Director With $100,000 Raise 13:10:42
I get kicked off of this Web site when i make certain comments . 13:08:50
Radiohead playing for Wall Street Protesters today 13:07:24
RP Supporters in Arizona - help spread this event! 13:02:09
Karen Kwiatkowski: Our answer to Allen West 12:59:45
Ron Paul raised $5 million in the third fundraising quarter, 12:59:15
Ron Paul's Greatest Speech: "What if" 12:51:36
Michael Moore: End Capitalism 12:41:41
F**k IT! Go for broke!?! Should Ron call for MURDER charges on Obama!?! 12:35:54
Human Rights & punishment 12:15:04
Florida's moving up! 12:15:03
Drudge: Ron Paul: US-born al-Qaida cleric 'assassinated' 12:08:58
Our next President of the United States - Rick Perry 12:06:56
Government forcing survivalists to connect to the grid 12:04:20
Kissinger Supports Chris Christe for President, Announcement Could Come on Monday 12:03:29
PDS (Paul Derangement Syndrome) 11:48:45
Make Sure You Are Registered Republican if Your State Requires. Also, Become a Ron Paul Delegate 11:42:36
Ron Paul: Bankers Best Friend 11:41:21
90% of Americans say economy stinks 11:35:31
Someone Smack Budowsky POLITELY 11:34:45
Researchers Hack Voting Machine for $26 11:00:27
Charlotte Observer Poll 10:57:31
Kucinich NEED plan - Terrible or sneaky? 10:52:17
Getting the Voters Registered 10:15:31
My Ron Paul 6-month Challenge (for waking people up)! 10:10:45
Mark Levin says Ron Paul has only 2 or 3 thousand supporters 10:06:21
Kiefer Sutherland/Kirsten Dunst, Planet X movie being released on 11.11.11 09:57:54
TIME: Viewpoint Why Fewer Young American Jews Share Their Parents' View of Israel 09:57:38
Wow! 3 Years, 1 hour as a "registered" member of the Daily Paul. Thank you. 09:56:59
Cain gathering the 'feel good' support. People need to be reminded of his policies 09:47:57
Poll: Ron Paul v Obama a dead heat in Fla. 09:30:47
Cnn: Texas Rep. Ron Paul brings in over $5 million in 3rd quarter 09:20:43
Is there a place I can buy swag that will go towards the end of quarter push? 08:51:37
A Ron Paul Question 08:31:22
420,000 People On The Terrorist Watch List (Video) 07:22:43
Joe Biden: It's Time to Blame Obama, Not Bush, for Economy 07:08:27
Drudge: Poll: Ron Paul vs. Obama Dead Heat In Florida 07:06:42
Angry Cop Accosts Visitor To 9/11 Memorial For Taking Photographs 07:02:05
Sheila Jackson Lee to conservative bloggers: 'Shut up!' 06:56:16
Jack Hunter: Confronting American Empire (video) 06:53:18
It's Time To Wake Up - Ron Paul 2012 (VIDEO) 06:06:05
Make legal weed, states Frank-Paul marijuana bill 05:45:22
1930 Tariff Act - section 307 05:20:23
Dinner with Ron Paul? 04:29:38
revolutionCircle - Making use of Google Plus 04:21:22
The Stealth Money-Bomb is ON! 04:06:31
Foreign Policy Debate 03:20:10
The Revolution Starts Now (1:24) 02:56:48
Smedley Butler's Antiwar Speech is timeless - like ron paul's message. 02:23:51
Sanctions: Cut the Globalists Off From Humanity 02:05:02
Amazing Ron Paul Campaign Animation! 01:54:54
Headlines Citizens Ejected By Cops For Protesting Rumsfeld in Boston Citizens Ejected By Cops For Protesting Rumsfeld in Boston 01:50:27
Ron Paul vs Peter Joseph rap battle 01:46:28
Perry ad - Romney's Stimu-flop 01:33:20
Dick Morris: 'Very Possible' Obama Will Bow Out of Presidential Race - For Now 01:15:20
How much has obama raised from individual donors? 00:42:27
Mitt Romney just donated to Ron Paul! haha 00:38:26
Iran nuke issue 00:16:22
Ron Paul neck and neck with Obama in Florida.front page of Drudge 00:06:46