Posted on January 11, 2011

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Toward Sensible Monetary Policy By Ron Paul: 1-11-11 23:37:53
Suspicious activity at Walmart. Call Janet immediately. 17:13:09
Media Blackout. Why no mention of Judge Roll? 11:43:53
How Congress helped created the very mental illness that resulted in the Giffords shooting 14:14:31
Hundreds Of Billions In Mortgage Losses Could Kill Top Banks 09:01:00
Attend CPAC with 3VOL - Win Stuff! 09:46:20
Video: Ron Paul's Press Conference at IU (Just Released) 22:12:31
The "Common Sense" Money Bomb Radio Marathon Jan. 10th & 11th 09:45:54
Ron Paul in Top Five Most Favorable for 2012 - Gallup Poll 09:41:54
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And on a lighter note ... 23:47:27
Rep. King to Introduce Gun Safety Bill 23:12:58
Jindal creates executive order to illegalize fake drugs. Were incidents faked? 23:08:59
Budget Cuts For Your State - 22:35:30
RP at 7% in Nevada Poll 22:20:56
Wikileaks cable-withholding 22:12:38
What's in a thunderstorm? Antimatter, for one 21:36:39
So...what is the easiest way to get fluoride out of the water? 21:29:55
Erie PA Court dismisses DUI evidence, says Border Patrol agent overstepped bounds 21:23:52
How “Concealed Carry” Restrictions Contributed to the Arizona Massacre. 20:36:47
Guys I so found the song for Ron Paul 2012! 20:29:56
10 Things That Would Be Different If The Federal Reserve Had Never Been Created 20:19:42
Sweden Advances in Biogas Technology 19:55:40
Bill seeks to wrap Congress in actual bubble 19:47:17
Anyone wonder what happened to Col Terry Larkin? 19:30:08
"Govpanies"? What the heck is that? 19:27:47
Does Anyone Think I've Been Threatened? Techies, Please. 18:06:24
Not Owning Gold Is Insanity And Shows Unhealthy Masochistic Tendencies 18:06:04
A very good movie on our reality... 17:34:10
FDA Finally Reveals How Many Antibiotics Factory Farms Use 17:22:31
Conservatism and Southern Intellectuals, 1789-1861: Liberty, Tradition, and the Good Society 17:13:25
Technology DPers, Question Please. Macs get viruses now? 17:02:07
Free Govt. Marijuana Via “Compassionate” Drug Program 16:57:43
Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law 15:55:22
US forced to import bullets from Israel... 15:46:52
Flashback: 50 Years Ago President Eisenhower Issued Words Of Warning 15:41:06
You All Did it, PTSD Soldier Jeff Hanks Not Deployed 15:31:02
Ron Paul at 6% in Latest PPP Poll in Iowa 14:55:54
In the Vaccine-Autism Debate, What Can Parents Believe? 14:52:04
Judge Andrew Napolitano: Judge Roll Was a “Hard-Working, Well Respected Conservative” 14:51:15
NSA building one million square-foot data center 14:41:41
Defense Sec. Gates: North Korea will pose direct threat to US 14:40:16
Bank of America is the next target for Wikileaks 14:32:38
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother: Raising Children The Chinese Way 14:30:19
Ron Paul at 7% in Latest PPP Poll in Nevada 14:25:09
Updated: Westboro Baptist Just Couldn't guessed it. 14:08:14
Harry Schultz's last investment testament 14:01:48
Tom Woods, Cindy Sheehan taking your questions LIVE ** 13:40:26
Supreme Court Justice Kagan’s First Opinion is Pro-Bank & Anti-Debtor 13:16:00
Homeowner fined $5,200 for growing cucumbers 13:09:40
Ron Paul forms presidential exploratory committee four years ago today!! 13:00:58
The weekend shooting revisited 12:35:21
Happy 1/11/11 !!!! 12:29:25
How did Unemployed Jared Loughner Buy Popular, Expensive Pistol? 11:44:42
Another fish kill - Signs of another mass extinction? 10:53:23
Raw milk farmer wins victory against county over 'illegal' sales 10:50:25
Too much sitting in front of screens may damage your heart... 10:15:36
Paul Krugman Incites Hatred (and Ignores His Own Rhetoric) 09:50:49
WikiLeaks chief: Charge Palin, Huckabee with ‘incitements to kill’ 09:33:50
Local premiums on physical silver. 09:00:27
CNBC Video: Shocking!!! Monkey business in the debt Market. I can't believe this was reported in MSM. 08:51:05
Jacksonville, Fla. School Dist. Suspends Employee for 30 days for sending email calling Tea Party "dangerous hate mongers" 08:16:38
Colleges limited in what they can do about troubled students like the Ariz. shooter 08:14:05
California Gov. Seeks 10% Pay Reduction For State Employees 08:08:33
Illinois' Democratic leaders looking to push 75% income tax increase 07:55:25
Confirmed: Ron Paul AND Rand Paul will speak at CPAC 07:49:50
JPMorgan: Surging Food Prices Fueling Global Inflation 07:46:28
Obama admin eyes secret $6 billion Bailout for Puerto Rico 07:42:04
American Community Survey could be coming to your mailbox 07:24:11
Is this Bid Competitive? 07:12:39
US forced to import bullets from Israel as troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed 07:01:35
Anti-gang LAPD LEOs quit assignment. 05:24:56
Mr. Sarkozy goes to DC, says dollar should have reduced role in global economy 04:32:38
Austrian perspective on inflation vs deflation debate 04:23:53
Has anyone ever been issued, or know of anyone who has ever been issued a State passport vs. a US passport? 04:19:58
Disorderly conduct charge dropped in airport protest case 04:05:25
Snowed in? Build a Ron Paul 2012 Snowman! 03:23:48
Ron Paul's cookbook (perhaps a peek into the future, 2012) 02:33:31
We Don't Need The State Police -- We Have Superheroes 02:25:11
I was on Russia Today tonight briefly - spoke out against the Fed 02:09:15
"Airports Consider Using Private Security Screeners" 01:42:26
New York Times - The Fed’s QE2 Traders, Buying Bonds by the Billions 01:35:14
Gerald Celente: "Whole different way of growing things" 00:44:29
type of flouride used in most water systems is toxic waste 00:39:24
Virginia studies new currency. 00:14:15