Posted on January 13, 2011

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Video: Sen. Rand Paul on Hannity 1/13/11 23:44:46
Second Amendment Remedies - The Southern Avenger 23:01:04
So You Want To Enlist! 22:44:09
One month sans cigs, and the addiction cure book 19:51:42
Year of Youth: Young Americans for Liberty's Plan to Continue the R3VOLution in 2012 16:45:22
Righthaven extends copyright lawsuit to individual Web posters 16:55:22
UNM Police Want Guest (Kokesh) Disarmed, Despite Threats *UPDATED 09:34:49
Thomas Sowell on the Fed: 'When someone removes a cancer, what do you replace it with?' 07:36:41
Video: The Real Source of Violence in American Politics 22:24:09
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Export Controls (Not Just Tangible Goods, But Information Exports) 22:28:08
You Cut-Tell Congress What Programs Need To Go 22:12:07
Sandra please respond to my email here on dailypaul based on the the private message I sent you 21:57:02
The name is Dr. Paul. 21:40:46
Video: proof that the FED issue crosses all political lines 21:40:33
Jim Rogers: Buy Cotton Since Paper Money is made of it & The Fed's printing it Like Crazy 21:20:52
10 Things That Would Be Different If The Federal Reserve Had Never Been Created 21:12:16
Exceptional Trace Mayer Interview 21:09:37
Obama Abandons the Left by Patrick J. Buchanan 21:07:45
New Mexico’s Governor plans to Revoke Drivers Licenses issued to Illegal Aliens 21:01:00
Treasury Dept. Launches Debit Cards For Tax Refunds 20:59:23
Police Vs Guys with Megaphone from the UK 20:46:15
Demand Congress Audit the Fed! - Campaign for Liberty 20:11:54
US Mint Reports Unprecedented Buying Spree Of Physical Silver 20:04:24
Citigroup Remains 'Too Big to Fail' - Ron Paul Right About Moral Hazard of Bailouts 19:41:56
Was the U.N. protecting phony treaties? 19:37:02
Rand Paul on FOX Business News 01/12/11 19:22:56
Joe Walsh - Decades 19:20:30
25 Hard Questions That You Will Not See Asked On CNN MSNBC Or Fox News 19:14:56
From Downsize DC: "The Dictator Fallacy" by Jim Babka 18:47:22
Gun's and Butter - "Demolition Access To the World Trade Center Towers" with Kevin Ryan. 18:34:03
Hopi Future Rests In Hands Of Federal Government (Follow-up to Hopi Way Of Life On Verge Of Being Lost) 18:26:11
9-year-old's funeral turned into 9-11 Memorial? Huh? 18:23:59
This Is Not Good 18:18:31
Obama's own Incitement Record (Video) 17:58:39
Very funny 7 holes in the earth 17:57:43
Weather control is no myth: Scientists engineer thunderstorms over Abu Dhabi 17:41:44
U.S. Treasury Admits that 2008 Bailout of Citi was Based on `Fear of the Unknown' 17:39:14
National Debt. To whom do we owe it? - From 2003 (For the newbies) 17:05:25
Bernanke: "QE2 Contributed To A Stronger Stock Market" 16:25:24
America's "War on Drugs": CIA Recruited Mercenaries and Drug Traffickers 16:11:22
Our Supreme Law & UCMJ: Facts About Barack Obama's Birth Certificate & Political Prisoner, Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin 16:08:48
Run! When Icicles Attack 16:07:00
Could the U.S. central bank go broke? 16:02:34
He first ran as a Libertarian, then Republican. Democrat next? 15:59:48
RIP-OFF BY THE FED RESERVE, a mathematical analysis 15:53:35
Geithner Warns of Future Bailouts 15:52:16
** China's Secret - Sovereign Credit - The Fed Doesn't Want You to Know ** 15:27:54
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) announces she will Not run for re-election in 2012 15:05:47
I love this quote ! 15:00:46
Janet Napalitano caught barking out the newest TSA procedures. 14:26:37
Greatest Truther Shirt EVER! 14:18:40
VIDEO: 60 Minute Documentary on 9/11 14:18:36
Keiser Report: Schizo-Psycho-Bermuda-flation 14:04:07
Rand Paul Rips Dems Over Response to Shooting 13:55:28
LegalizeLiberty! Did you catch Luke Nephew's peace poem? 13:54:24
Father a Victim of the Court System Matrix 13:52:42
Michael of MoxNews gives his insight about the media blaming Sarah Palin for the Tuscon Tragedy! 13:32:16
Donald Trump Considers a Run for President 13:30:43
CNBC: Housing Market Slips Into Depression Territory 13:18:12
Was the judge the REAL target? 13:13:36
U.S. Airports May Soon Test Body Scanner With Privacy Upgrades --- Dont be Fooled --- 13:02:56
Where Is My 'Tucson Joe' T-Shirt?? 12:42:35
Daily Paul Mentioned in Semester Spiegel German Student Newspaper 12:30:28
Criminals at work!!! 11:48:10
NJ Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo Calls for Federal Reserve Audit 11:31:32
Silver Manipulation About to End? CFTC Purposes Stringent Commodity Future Limits 11:21:48
Ron Paul is a Principled & Authentic Tea Partier - Ralph Nader 01/12/11 11:21:13
Black Sea bird death mystery solved: They Were Drunk! 11:10:55
More Conservatives Are Questioning the Afghanistan War 11:07:08
Chuck Baldwin: 'We know there's a fight coming' 10:53:23
The American Monkey Can't Let Go by Fred Reed 10:44:46
Wyoming bill would make it illegal to enforce Obamacare 10:38:09
Ron Paul for President 2012 election tools - delegate training is up and running and ready to launch, we need your help! 10:36:20
From NAFTA to CETA: Canada-EU Deep Economic Integration 10:04:08
States May Seize Control of Federal Deficit Spending Power 09:25:18
How The Fed Spent $2 Trillion And In Exchange We Got 650,000 Temp Jobs 09:12:05
Nobel Winner: Spain’s Collapse Would be End of the Euro 08:32:41
The Fed’s Fisher: Monetary Policy Can’t Cure 'Fiscal Pathology' 08:31:20
Watch Out for the Silver Bubble 08:27:34
Did Bank of America get another, secret taxpayer-funded bailout? 08:25:02
December Foreclosure Filings Slump By Biggest Annual Amount In History As Fraudclosure Clampdown Persists 08:21:54
Julian Assange: WikiLeaks Has 'Insurance Files' On Rupert Murdoch, News Corp. 08:05:58
U.S. keeps funneling Money to Troubled Afghan Projects 08:04:08
Six reasons America is only the Ninth-most Free Economy in the world 08:02:48
Home price drops exceed Great Depression: Zillow 07:48:10
The Youthful Fuel for the Peaceful [RON PAUL] Revolution 07:32:31
Sheriff Dupnik, father of inmate junkie jailbird, was honored by "Big Sis" Janet 06:56:29
Vanderbilt drops abortion demand 06:42:42
New proposal would require federal agents to get authorization for arrests from sheriffs 06:37:10
Unstoppable Solar Cycles (video) 03:30:25
How to Report Suspicious Behavior at Walmart. 02:32:54
Pastor Chuck Baldwin is BACK! 02:28:53
How to Report Suspicious Behavior at Walmart. 01:49:23
You Know What You're Doing Congressman? You're Dodging! 00:40:26
If a government agent asked you to move your potted plants, would you do it? 00:18:18