Posted on January 14, 2011

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DPer, Underwear Bomber Witness, and Government Fraud Exposer, Kurt Haskell's, New Radio Show Is On Air! 13:29:19
Celebrate Martin Luther King Day by Disobeying an Unjust Law 13:01:16
Bill Daley and associates are already Plotting the course for a Second Bailout 10:27:54
Ralph Nader: Progressive-libertarian alliance ‘the most exciting new political dynamic’ in US 07:52:30
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Dominos are beginning to fall 23:20:42
Tom Woods LIVE Q&A Patriot 23:18:42
Intelligence Briefs or Disinformation? 22:56:40
Michigan Attorney General ignores officer's assault on citizen; refuses answers 22:56:30
A Look at those Global Warming Predictions 22:43:07
Does Ron Paul want to join Rand in the Senate? 22:02:35
Look what I found at NEWSMAX: A hard sell site for Tesla Technology 21:26:17
Wikileaks Gives $15,100 to Manning Defense 20:41:05
IRS Makes It Lucrative To Snitch On Your Neighbor/Family. 19:41:22 Runs Out Of Silver In Germany 19:41:19
Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N: We Can Take This Country By Info-Storm! 19:11:55
A powerful new tool for Liberty... NVC! 18:45:02
Alan Korwin Interview on CNN re guns and the Tucson Attack 18:37:52
Jim Rogers is on 18:27:20
Despite Tucson shootings, gun control push falters 18:17:03
China Has 1/5 of Our Money 18:14:17
Afghan Girl Reportedly Raped, Killed by US Troops 18:12:20
GoldNomics - Cash or Gold Bullion? 18:00:02
Revolution in Tunesia! 17:56:47
Incoming NEW GOP Chairman Reince Priebus a Libertarian? 17:54:34
Rachel Maddow: Enemy of Liberty and the Bill of Rights 17:38:27
why those whiny Afghans don’t thank the Americans for their largess in rebuilding a village they destroyed 17:06:59
Peace Corps Scandal? 16:34:38
Election for RNC chairman streaming live 15:38:14
Send another message from Kentucky 15:26:57
Investigator Planned to Make Vast Profit From Autism/MMR Vaccine Scare 15:07:18
Update! Peaceful Meeting On Hopi Reservation Raided By Hopi Rangers 15:05:56 Presidential Straw Poll 15:02:20
Should Ron Paul Run for the US Senate in 2012? 15:00:51
Silver?? Where and What to buy? 14:20:18
US Mint Reports Unprecedented Buying Spree Of Physical Silver 13:49:36
Rand Paul reacts to Arizona shootings 13:37:36
China Plays the Euro Card 13:08:57
CCW license offered on for 50% off sells out in a few hours 12:41:03
Giving misdemeanors to school children 12:31:40
Financial Times: What Chance of US Default? 12:29:45
Texas' School to Prison Pipeline 12:18:54
California may be first state to label genetically altered salmon 11:53:51
Video: Obama Unveils New Technology to Keep Americans Safer than Ever! 11:49:07
Alexander Landau got pulled over for an illegal left turn -- and ended up beaten bloody 11:40:03
Government Profiting From Student Loan Defaults 11:37:59
My Statement on the Arizona Shooting 11:21:35
I chose liberty - Online book of libertarians 11:04:43
Our sanctions on Iran are killing civilians 10:54:52
90 percent of Americans are nutrient deficient... 10:52:12
Why We Need the Fed | the Atlantic 1/14/11 10:43:12
Now 300 dead birds fall from the sky in Alabama (how much longer can scientists keep saying this is normal?) 10:42:37
GOP Chairman election today. 10:41:12
FBI Targets Critics Of Government With Home Visits After Arizona Shootings 10:33:31
Silver short limits and the RULE OF LAW 09:44:39
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. says its profits rose 47% to $4.8 billion in fourth-quarter - Wall Street Journal 08:35:54
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says Rising Health Care Costs Could Bankrupt the State 08:12:49
HuffPost: Gary Johnson: 'The Next Ron Paul' or a Whole Lot More? 07:35:07
Remember the RP Tank and limo... 05:28:32
NJ Politician Proposes License Plates For Bicycles (Not a joke) 04:55:23
Genetic Soldiers? Advisory group urges Pentagon to map genes of all personnel 03:10:53
Uncle Sam Wants His AAA Rating 02:08:38
Obama Orders Military To Prepare For Spring Food Riots 02:01:56
Food Shortages and Rising Prices on Fox 01:59:34
Italy oil import from Iran up 92% 01:52:30
A couple new short economic crash videos to share with friends. 01:25:22
AZ Shooters Connections to Ayers and Obama 01:11:15
Why are we so tied to Israel? 01:01:48
Thomas Sowell makes the case to end the Fed on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch 00:57:41
A very sick thought experiment that gave me tremendous optimism 00:36:59