Posted on January 15, 2011

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Student Loan Debt Slaves 19:34:05
Revolutionary Ideas Start with Ridiculous Questions 17:31:48
Washington Post: Rand Paul Announces Senate Tea Party Caucus 16:20:17
DP Fundraising Update: 100%+ Thank you everyone! 20:10:38
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x 23:23:21
Arizona shooting survivor in custody after allegedly making threat 23:22:41
3D in the blink of the eyes 22:52:23
The Media in America: Selling Views, Calling it News 22:44:37
Sick Gulf Residents Beg Officials for Help 22:33:06
Visualizing Obama's budget cuts - 1 min video 22:24:06
JP Morgan Wins: CFTC Position Limits Do Not Apply (To Them) 22:14:56
Just Released 2005 Fed. Minutes: They were fully warned of housing crisis 21:45:23
What's the 'Return' on Your Social Security Taxes? 20:47:08
Arizona gunman "rambling about free speech and the Constitution" 20:37:04
What is the best law ever written? 20:02:09
Swine flu overwhelms UK hospitals: Gridlock 19:35:03
Gabrielle Giffords should stop supporting the deaths of innocent people 19:30:02
Breaking News: Whistleblower’s home raided by armed FDLE agents 19:25:06
KWN: Precious Metals Wrap 1-15-11; "Expect variability" 19:23:13
The declining standards of Police 19:21:06
The Culture of Boys and Education 17:15:19
Virtue and Excellence 17:01:07
Warning the public about The Weather Modification/ Chemtrail Spraying with posters 16:33:40
WikiLeaks figure detained at Seattle Airport 16:16:42
ZeroHedge: How Many Senators Does It Take To Screw A Taxpayer? 16:11:02
Doom And Gloom 15:47:23
Bombshell: Government Admits Fluoride Hurting Children 15:40:25
"The focus of the nation will be on Kentucky." 15:24:46
McCain lauds Obama as a 'patriot' 15:02:37
An introduction to a newly elected Congressman: 14:56:33
Pat Buchanan: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is the left’s version of a ‘birther" 14:25:21
Maine's new Governor tells NAACP to "Kiss my Butt" 14:22:11
"The Fed No Longer Even Denies that the Purpose of Its Latest Blast of Bond Purchases ... Is To Drive Up Wall Street" 14:07:39
Wall Street Secret Society Kappa Beta Phi Meeting 14:06:29
We gotta stop those bums at the RNC! 13:51:56
Thank God for TARP!!! 13:21:02
Jim Rogers on Glen Beck 01/14/11: "Washington is sitting on a powder keg, too." 13:06:52
Houston blocks homeless outreach for lack of "feeding permit." 13:02:24
Jake Towne Interviews Bill Murphy GATA Chairman on Gold and Silver 12:24:31
SILVER: What happens when... 12:16:53
Must see Alex Jones video 12:10:06
Information or Disinformation and How to Recognize It 11:32:48
I'm joining Twitter. 11:27:24
Internet Lockdown Fed Tunisian Unrest 10:44:42
Preparing for War with Russia? Washington To Rearm Georgia For New Conflicts 10:32:53
Congress Once Again Looks To Extend Patriot Act With Little Or No Debate 10:27:38
If this doesn't open your eyes 10:19:09
Grow The Economy Not The Bureaucracy 10:18:41
Study reveals top ten violence-inducing prescription drugs 10:14:52
Tunisia revolt and Wikileaks 09:03:54
Intolerable Acts of 1774 08:20:53
Personal servant vs. Public servant 06:43:49
Protect democracy — audit the Fed 06:30:14
Man thwarts burglary of his home, catches a suspect 06:01:37
IRS Paying Whistleblowers... Isn't this ironic 04:36:56
Good Luck With This 04:25:15
U.S. Gov. bills states $1.3B in interest on jobless-pay loans 02:32:33
Houston stops feeding of homeless - no permit 01:56:40
Robots theft 'a huge blow' 01:39:29
Linear Chart Revealing the Ownership of the Federal Reserve Published in 1976 01:30:53
California funded Employee getting a raise???? 00:57:35
Rex Murphy on the Arizona shooting rampage 00:48:22
Ukraine supporters of Wikileaks say it all in one photo. 00:23:10
Did "I" happen to post anything unusual today? 00:15:12