Posted on January 16, 2011

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"We must re-take the Republican Party" -Ron Paul 21:38:58
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/17/11: Why Gov. Cannot "Make Us Safe" 21:53:36
LibertyRevolution made a great Run Ron Run video for 2012! Take a look! 21:53:13
Sean Hannity: We Should Take Kuwait & Iraq's Oil And Make Them Pay For Their Liberation 08:23:14
Old Barry Goldwater Ads 08:03:14
Congress Quietly prepares to Renew PATRIOT Act 08:33:14
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Martin Luther King and Ron Paul, two peas in a pod... 23:34:49
Ron Paul accurately predicted these events. 23:20:51
International Ron Paul Sites 22:30:26
Calif. Rep seeking open carry gun ban just returned from Israeli political trip 22:17:19
Get set for the invisible war machines. 22:13:57
Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped 21:57:51
Antiwar Radio: Representative Walter Jones interviewed about the wars 21:55:06
Giffords owns same model Glock as used by her shooter. 20:58:04
60 Minutes Tonight: Secret Service Analyzes Gunman 20:34:33
Rudolph Elmer handing Wikileaks info about off shore rich and famous tax evasion 20:16:46
Just Say No to Vaccines - Complementary Vaccine Webinar Sunday Jan. 16 - 8PM CST 20:16:21
Confirmed: Stuxnet Was False Flag Launched by Israel and U.S. 19:44:35
Obama, France, Tunisian dictator, and stolen GOLD 19:32:48
Swiss find signs of illegal US surveillance 19:12:11
Ladies and gentlemen meet your next vice president 19:09:17
Nothing like sticking your hands in soil, and kissing your wife !!!! 19:04:04
Off-the-record bailouts discussed by G. Edward Griffin 1/15/'11 18:11:47
200 cows found dead in WI 17:59:20
The Other (Endless) Massacre Tucson Tragedy Eclipses Minority Murders 17:38:19
"Zombie money is not real," speculation bubble ready to burst 16:45:59
All-Time Record Hits $14 Trillion By US Debt, Senator Rand Paul Proposes Debt Ceiling Solution 16:35:12
Catching European Snipers In Tunis 16-01-2011 15:23:42
Elena Kagan and Barak Obama Court dockets: 15:21:00
Mourn for the victims of Loughner; mourn for the victims of Giffords 14:46:38
Harry Blasts 'Insane' Arizona Shooting 14:00:29
Revolution '67 ... these were bold activist. Good viewing. 13:52:50
Video: RONVOY 2012 heading for D.C. 13:28:33
'Bush Reagan let drugs flow free to US from Nicaragua' - ex-dealer 13:18:25
Jerseys du jour 12:50:03
Libertarians attacked for not supporting war on radical muslim 12:45:19
(Video) AZ Shooter gives you a guided tour of Pima C.C. 12:03:44
Global warming researchers say eating bugs better for environment than eating meat 10:53:54
Herman Cain: Blacks Finally Hearing Truth on GOP 09:26:16
Perpetual War for Perpetual Employment? 09:20:10
18 mysterious deaths (six in depth) discussed. . . 9-11 revisited 09:14:27
'Bush, Reagan let drugs flow free to US from Nicaragua' - ex-dealer ("Freeway" Ricky Ross) 03:51:54
Fox News and the Facts 02:48:58
More "SHTF" Tomorrow...40 Politicians thrown under the bus!! Wikileaks!! 02:12:40
HUMOR: Video, Engineers and Cats 01:54:47
Idiocracy: The Movie 01:24:18
Senator Rand Paul on the Hannity Radio Show (1/10/2011) 01:14:28
The Chicago Connection: The story behind Emanuel and Obama 01:12:31
Communism USA rears its ugly head 01:08:59
Ron Paul Campaign Music Video: Without Freedom 00:38:49