Posted on January 17, 2011

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Video: Nader on Freedom Watch: "Ron Paul & Bernie Sanders Have Teamed Up To Go After The Military Budget" 12:07:58
Bill Kristol: Time for a new gold standard? 23:15:53
Breaking - Clint Didier on Fox Business: EPA threatens to kill farming 23:45:53
The Hill: On Gun Control & Violence By Ron Paul 17:05:17
Longwave Despotism - Germany 1928+ America 2008+ 12:01:58
Ike on the MIC: "God help this country when somebody sits at this desk who..." 10:18:50
Celebrate MLK Day with Civil Disobedience TV 08:55:01
Please Vote for Liberty Songs Album Scary Country! 12:17:58
Martin Luther King, Best Anti-War Speech: "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam" 10:20:50
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A minute of your time, could make a difference. 23:54:21
Isn't our money backed by oil? In a way. 23:47:55
"The Tyranny of Twitter" 23:31:08
Is this worth DailyPaul front page recognition? 23:09:47
A Possible Economic Apocalypse Outlook For 2012 22:44:42
Chris Wallace in hot water after Palin comment. 22:37:25
Rewind: Michael Reagan threatens to kill Mark Dice 22:21:08
2 U.S. Soldiers dead and 1 injured by Iraqi Soldier 22:03:23
Why aren't "gun-free dining" women in the kitchen where they belong? 21:35:58
I need help 20:58:58
Campaign for Liberty Outreach on MLK Day 2011 20:49:57
Now 200 cows dropped dead in Wisconson? 20:15:00
Cash or Gold Bullion? 19:57:30
World's first flu-resistant GM chickens 'created' 19:55:25
Goldman Sachs Bans US Clients From Investing In Facebook 19:19:15
IRS Offers Rewards For Snitching On Tax Cheats 19:09:04
Remember This Regarding Border Security 18:23:04
Thomas Paine... "Should be read by his countrymen." 18:16:45
Upcoming Anti-War Events 17:49:47
David Rockefeller Welcomed in Chile.. 17:46:30
Ron Paul chides AZ shooting opportunists 17:30:38
David Rockefeller gets warm reception in Chile 17:26:00
Thoughts on Watching MLK's Speech Against the Vietnam War 17:21:59
European Silver Shortage Spreads To UK 17:06:57
I Have A Dream Speech (TEXT) 17:02:44
Liberty is King in our Chess Game 16:48:06
Video: Interview with Tim Turner 16:15:40
Try Robert Gates for Treason, Not Bradley Manning 15:29:39
Hands Down The Cheapest Place In The World To Buy Gold Coins 15:13:16
Robert Kiyosaki on Yahoo Finance: Silver is manipulated! Sell Gold Buy Silver! 13:48:16
Exposed: Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Political Syndicate 13:36:28
Utah City To Use Blimp To Spy On Its Citizens 13:19:14
The Secession Solution 13:13:38 13:09:27
Doom And Gloom 13:03:56
JP Morgan profits from Food Stamps 13:03:33
Is JPM Covering Up a Naked Silver Short Held By China As a Claim Against the Yanks? 12:59:44
Swiss Banker hands over documents to Assange - with picture 12:50:54
Feds come knocking for home inspections 12:41:42
EXPOSED: Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Political Syndicate 12:35:45
2012 Pres. Candidates - The Neocon Morning Line 12:12:45
European Silver Shortage Spreads To UK 11:55:11
Sheriff Mack to speak in Boulder, CO on April 4-8, 2011 11:43:17
Some Good News 11:28:47
50 Years Ago TODAY: Eisenhower Warns US about Military Industrial Complex (Video) 11:10:56
Man on trial for a bunch of trumped up charges by TSA 10:58:53
WSJ: Chinese Leader Questions U.S. Dollar 10:49:43
Banned toxic chemicals found in 100 percent of pregnant women 10:38:05
WOW- Homeowners Win Quiet Title Suit- Mortgagee Stripped! 10:37:16
Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines 10:31:19
Sheriff Mack and AJ Discuss the Murder of Judge John Roll 09:57:52
UN Agenda 21 by Bob Burton (the man raided by FDLE on Friday morning) 09:46:42
Fallujah: City of no children 07:37:22
Ike was right all along: The danger of the military-industrial complex 07:34:15
WikiLeaks: Banking secrets of rich about to be leaked 07:19:09
Chinese President "called the present U.S. dollar-dominated currency system a "product of the past" 03:43:50
Officer Admits Checkpoints are about "taking cars" I got it on video... 03:15:51
Worried Police Chief insists 'guns are a threat, we don't know who they are' 03:12:03
The creation and function of the FED 02:44:51
Free rent for liberty warrior 00:27:15