Posted on January 18, 2011

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Seymour Hersh Unleashed 22:10:38
Study: Many college students not learning to think critically 19:28:55
Great video: Rights of Self-Ownership & Property 15:31:05
Dr. Ron Paul's message to conservatives and FOX News propaganda. 12:00:04
Politico: Rookie Rand Paul Tackles Budget Head-on 10:00:28
Facebook hands over your phone number and address ... 09:48:45
Ron Paul 2012 Petition: 11,819 Signers and Counting... 13:39:22
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A Birther Pearl Harbor! 23:21:04
Guess what ? Hawaii Gov. can't find Obama BC 23:20:04
BREAKING: UN Bans Chemtrails 23:00:56
Rand Paul was not invited! 22:54:36
"Tea Party" Page leaves Ron Paul out of it's Primary Poll 22:49:26
Friend Send Me This Story -- Enjoy! 21:51:53
TSA Now Forcing Opt-Outs To Walk Through Body Scanners 20:32:07
2011's Most Heartwarming Travel Story? 19:49:15
Time for 911 Truth to Become 911 Justice 19:36:43
Marc Emery supports Ron Paul for 2012 (First letter from prison) 19:21:58
Giuliani vs. Tucson Shooter....Who is more mentally distrurbed? 18:42:06
Cartoon of Hu visit to Washington 18:27:46
Guns the Media Propagandists Say! What About Cars? 33,000 People Die From Cars! 18:23:38
Haiti charges ex-leader Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier 18:17:12
Breaking: Lieberman not expected to run in 2012 18:08:26
Can disease be transmitted electromagnetically? 17:48:56
Pakistan Getting Hit With Floods and Earthquakes 17:40:33
Stewart Rhodes on 'Voice of John Galt' Radio, 1/18 @ 7-9 EST 16:38:23
Heeeeeere's Max (Keiser #113) 16:37:44
Need Help -- What Are The Best Ways To Get The Word Out? 16:34:26
Ummm, "bipartisanship" is back. Expect a sellout from both parties. 16:10:53
A Science (Fiction) Experiment 16:06:13
White House Plans to Launch Internet ID System Further Eroding Civil and Political Rights 15:56:13
Monsanto’s New Aluminum Resistance Gene 15:52:10
The Federal Reserve is a Cancer 15:44:40
Dr. A. Wakefield guest w/AJ Rebroadcast 6:15 pm ET: Vaccines 15:33:43
Oil Juggernaut Unleashed 15:22:38
Israeli tanks take part in deadly Gaza Strip raid 15:19:03
Speech Pathology; Rain Puddles In Heaven, Hellfire On Earth 15:04:25
Disinformation Fog Intensifes As Economic Turmoil Develops 14:58:32
Fannie & Freddie Regulator wants to change servicer compensation model so more people qualify for mortgage modifications 14:57:01
Coming Soon: Invisible Weapons & Soldiers 14:35:30
Liberty Related Sites: Denial of Service Attacks? 14:15:46
Peter Schiff says he needs our help to pay his campaign debt 14:07:46
Ron Paul: Gun control push after Tucson massacre is ‘despicable’ 13:47:45
China and Our Debt 13:42:54
China's Military grew by 430% 13:38:51
The nation's Top Consumer Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Likes The Daily Paul on Facebook 13:23:13
What Would Happen If The Debt Ceiling Is Not Raised, And the U.S. Is Forced To Default? 13:18:27
Robert Kiyosaki: Sell Gold, Buy Silver (Yahoo Finance) 13:17:14
Supreme Court rejects appeal to Overturn D.C.'s Gay Marriage law 12:34:56
Why are we still involved with Foreign Oil? 12:24:35
Retirees face Two TRILLION dollar shortfall 12:20:42
November TIC Data Update: China Treasury Holdings Decline By $11.2 Billion 12:16:25
Interview with a Zombie Blooper Reel 11:58:55
Who Lost the Middle East? by Patrick Buchanan 11:58:39
Dallas Fed President Attacks Ron Paul 11:55:40
NASA’s Hansen: Impose Chinese Totalitarianism on America 11:47:55
RP Gun Control Op-Ed 11:41:12
Silver 11:38:07
Is Your Doctor Being Paid and Manipulated by the Drug Companies? Check here 11:20:37
"No Parental Consent" Vaccination Laws 11:09:32
Please help us get the bylaws for your district, county and state? 11:03:07
Sheriff Mack to speak in Boulder, CO on April 4-8, 2011 10:59:44
If you could ask Cindy Sheehan any question... 10:54:11
Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily attacks Rand Paul. 10:53:40
Chuck Baldwin warns overflow crowd in Montana: : ‘There’s a Fight Coming’ 10:52:27
U.S. failed to detect Chinese stealth fighter 10:51:26
Egyptian Sets Self on Fire to Protest Government 10:50:38
From Military-Industrial Complex to Permanent War State 10:46:06
Seasonal flu vaccine fairy tale rapidly collapsing as the truth comes out 10:36:24
Sen. Scott Brown (RINO-MA) : Forget ‘itty-bitty’ R at end of name 09:48:21
Chinese Leader Hu visits Obama cartoon funny.... 09:43:56
What UCC law requires "Full Disclosure" on a suppose contract... 09:32:34
Lawmakers Urge Federal Reserve to Abandon TILA Rule Change 09:21:24
Biblically Inspired Verses for Contemporary Americans 09:14:48
Maryland uses Automatic License Plate Readers. Probable cause is not needed. 09:01:45
An Example Of Bank Of America Refusing To Provide An Original Mortgage Note 08:18:51
Fed Pres. Plosser Says Fed Is Helpless To Reverse Sharp Decline in House Prices 08:13:43
Citigroup Gain Masks Flawed Mortgages Sold to Freddie Mac 08:06:58
Chinese President Criticizes The Fed & QE2; Thinks the Dollar's Days are Numbered 07:52:36
NASA scientist wants "China-style dictatorship" 07:39:56
David Rockefeller CONFRONTED! 06:18:03
Royal engagement photographs mark a transfer of royal outlook 05:17:17
Hey!! You owe $43,300 right now. And so do all your friends!! 03:34:54
I love Glenn Beck 03:26:50
Sean Hannity, Statist, Not a Conservative 01:40:20
Michael Scheuer Under Attack 00:32:53
Bidding on house in NH. I need a referral to a NH attorney. 00:15:56