Posted on January 22, 2011

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Fox News: Ron Paul #2 in New Hampshire Straw Poll behind Romney 18:11:01
Raw Story: Ron Paul Ralph Nader agree on ‘progressive-libertarian alliance’ 16:43:48
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David Morgan Interviews Eric Sprott 22:17:21
Starsuckers (2009) 21:48:31
The Secret of Oz 20:57:08
Oakland 2nd Graders Reportedly Engage In Sex Acts, Teacher Suspended 20:32:09
Thanks To Jon 20:20:27
Daily Paul vs RPF Poll 20:02:09
Patrick Henry warned about giving too much power to Congress and not enough to the States. 19:42:29
Tom Woods in Madison, WI on Wednesday 18:59:37
Help Ron Paul win CPAC 18:42:30
Rush Limbaugh joins birthers. 17:52:58
If your water does not freeze do not drink it? 17:49:41
Drudge Bomb: Ron Paul places 2nd in NH straw poll among party insiders! 17:34:23
Does Larken Rose have a non-violent solution. "The Most Dangerous Superstion" 15:57:21
I'm hanging' on by a thread folks! 15:34:53
Police Join Protests in Tunisia 15:17:38
FDA Warning: Do Not Eat Toxic Waste 15:13:26
Big Brother in Your Neighborhood 14:28:24
10,000 Head of Cattle Mysteriously Die 14:22:50
Colorado GOP Chair change 14:05:30
SPLC article featured in communist newspaper 13:46:56
Accounting "CHANGE" Makes Insolvency Impossible For Fed: Liabilitiies Go To US! 13:43:38
Open-Carry Under Fire In L.A. 13:03:20
Congressional reform act 12:52:13
College Student Arrested For Filming Traffic Stop 12:50:42
Righthaven LLC on copyright warpath: 4 more lawsuits filed 12:49:01
Who Needs Search Warrants? Just Follow Your Nose! 12:42:12
Balanced Budgets & Credibility 12:32:07
And some words from Sulla.. 12:13:03
∞ Didn't want this thought to be left in dream land 11:30:04
I miss being a "conspiracy theorist" 11:03:32
Presidential Straw Poll-Town Hall 10:50:49
Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie will no longer seek to release president Obama's birth records. 10:43:08
Gary Johnson Warns Against Deficit Spending 10:38:58
. 10:14:02
USA Today: Ron Paul keeps eye on 2012 White House bid 09:26:15
Former George Soros Trader Victor Sperandeo Discusses in Detail the Potential for Hyperinflation 07:32:57
UN$ 05:50:35
Che Obama 05:21:48
High-ranking members of US military part of ‘Knights of Malta,’ ‘Opus Dei,’ reporter claims 04:33:52
Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs. 03:53:54
Joe Rogan speaks the truth 02:03:43
NeoCon you love to hate? ** 01:59:19
APNewsBreak: Hawaii won't release Obama birth info 01:54:25
Seattle man acquitted in TSA airport case 01:12:58
Mason Moore - Understand Why NEW SONG! 01:11:18
Gov. Abercrombie Wimps Out ! Case Closed ! 00:54:00
O My Gosh - The Federal Reserve is Bankrupt ! 00:17:59