Posted on January 23, 2011

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk: Understand, Respect, Follow, & Uphold the Constitution! 18:10:47
Drudge Links Ron Paul! 15:18:08
A Funeral for Civil Liberties - UCSD Young Americans for Liberty 13:20:58
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First U.S. seal Jefferson proposed. 23:45:41
Is America Indivisible? 23:27:19
Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio Interviewed by the Police! ;) 22:54:20
Why Ron Paul Should Run 22:42:45
The Hill has an article focusing on RP's second place showing 22:25:05
"The Gardasil Incident" - Animation about vax conversation around water cooler at office 21:43:17
The Revolution: Part II 21:24:34
Domestic use of aerial drones by law enforcement likely to prompt privacy debate 21:10:38
Languishing in the single digits 21:05:55
What appears to be a Southwest Airplane used as chemtrail sprayer.. helicopters and more chemtrails 19:56:42
New petition campaign demands GOP unity against raising debt limit 19:52:29
Republic of the United States of America - do you guys know about this? 17:48:32
Demote Political Parties to PACs - Jesse Ventura 17:47:41
Home built compost systems. 17:27:07
Thought-provoking talk from Harry S. Dent 17:19:59
4th Amendment right in question 17:16:17
Patriot Circles and Wheels within Wheels 17:10:15
Remember this video? Did the central banks prevent this car from happening? 17:01:57
A protest I'd like to see more of... 16:55:03
Ron Paul 2012 -- Sign the Petition & Spread the Message! 16:11:45
Colin Powell: Defunding NPR Won't Solve Deficit Problem, Congress Should Look At Cutting Defense 16:07:35
Had a religion lobbyist speak at my church yesterday 15:56:30
After 500 Planet Analysis: "We are Alone in the Universe" 15:45:52
Bank of China Wants US Branches 15:27:11
Jim Rogers: Oil 'Will Probably' Soar to Record $200 a Barrel 15:23:52
Bilderberg Owned Publication The Economist: Yes, Powerful “Globocrat” Elites Are Running Things, It’s Not A Conspiracy 15:22:09
Ron Paul on top of Drudge!!!! 15:21:37
New Hampshire GOP Picks Tea Party-style Leader 15:18:42
Sen. Rand Paul says economy must improve before roads are built 15:13:59
Thank you for this Gardening forum Michael, 15:09:14
The Market is Addicted to Quantitative Easing. 14:53:39
Wal-Mart vs. Civil War site: battle heads to court 14:50:43
Hu Jintao's visit showcases American cluelessness about China 14:45:45
The Big Kingdom by Jacob Hornberger 14:42:12
Time To Circle The Wagons! 14:32:50
The Fed Won't Be Able to Combat Inflation by Raising Fed Funds Rate 14:32:30
From Military-Industrial Complex to Permanent War State 14:25:16
Tea Partiers say defense in mix for budget cuts 14:21:22
The Fed to be Sued in Class Action? Sue the Fed is Launched 14:20:25
(Video) Rev. Manning: Beware the Tea Party! 14:18:26
The Libertarian Delusion That "Real" Free Trade Would Work 14:05:18
Walter Williams: The State Against Blacks 13:57:11
What will you do if Ron Paul doesn't run? 13:43:07
You Got Debt America! - UCI YAL Activist Action 13:14:34
state banks or eternal slaves to the banksters? 12:39:56
Obama Jersey 11:19:32
Mexico's Ex-President Vicente Fox: Legalize Drugs 11:07:59
A town that creates it's own food for the public. This could be every town. 10:41:09
Banks Jockey for Fannie, Freddie Takeover 10:30:34
Time to Scrap Entire Student Loan Program 10:14:55
Goldman's Blankfein & The Fed's Bernanke Train For Fight Club 10:13:37
Silver in backwardation, set to move up 10:00:14
Florida Bill Would Make It A Felony For Doctors To Ask Patients About Gun Ownership 09:42:44
Ron Paul is so Gorgeous! 02:32:56
The Biggest New World Order Company everyone QUIETLY AVOIDS 01:54:20
MSNBC FrontPage (right side) Now: "Tea party activist and Romney get nods from GOP in New Hampshire" 00:55:01