Posted on January 28, 2011

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Got to speak with Adam Kokesh last night!! 21:09:05
REPORT: 'America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind Egyptian uprising' (Update) 17:56:05
Adopt a CPAC Activist! 12:48:08
More U.S. Soldiers Killed Themselves Than Died in Combat in 2010 [& 2009] 11:26:55
Live Stream of Events in Egypt; Mubarak Resigns, Military Takes Over 09:07:00
Obama on Drugs: I support the debate but not legalization 08:01:48
Ron Paul 2012 - Can You Hear Us Now? 15:54:17
You Are The Change In This World! 11:06:56
Are We Witnessing the Start of a Global Revolution? 09:52:58
Dr. Ron Paul: Financial Services Committee Hearing Jan 26, 2011 01:07:08
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Anybody who doubts Rand Paul is delusional. 23:14:14
Ron Paul interviewed by Peter Schiff on SchiffRadio 22:46:40
How to destabilize a region 22:43:49
Judge Napolitano: "KGB Tactics Being Used On PFC Bradley Manning Are Obscenely Un-American & Unconstitutional!" 22:24:47
Peter Schiff as economic advisor for Ron Paul's presidential run! 22:12:09
wow! CNBC 1/28/11 - We are losing money making pennies and nickels 21:55:29
Rand Paul Favors Cutting Aid to Israel 21:09:03
Joe Kennedy needs our help. 21:04:08
After the revolution in Egypt, will the U.S. or the U.N control the Suez Canal? 20:51:37
Are Any of These Your Congresscritters? Tell Them No More Money for Mubarak 20:35:31
Cutting “Housing and Living” spending: A more detailed look at the budget cuts 20:17:43
Video: Sen. Rand Paul on Fox Business Discussing Spending Cuts 01/28/11 19:51:54
Rawstory: Bachmann eyes cuts to veterans health benefits 19:51:35
The Revolutionary Wave - Justin Raimondo 19:41:36
Ron Paul's message freeing the Middle East? 19:32:39
Police members remove uniforms — join protests! 19:17:47
More New Madrid Fault Info 18:59:21
The Atlantic: Egypt's High-Powered D.C. Lobbying Ties 18:48:53
Je suis Assange! 18:33:05
can someone tell me... 17:34:14 has your personal info listed -- Delete it now! 17:33:46
Rand Paul: U.S. Senate Tea Party Caucus Speech 1/27/11 17:30:42
Why is Rand doing this? 17:23:38
We are bringing in workers from China now apparantly 17:21:37
Romney on the Ropes? 17:02:36
RLC Chair Dave Nalle trying to sabotage CPAC vote? 16:32:04
Generals Month - Praise For Lee And Jackson : by Chuck Baldwin 16:27:48
Rand Paul: Join My Dad, me and leaders of the conservative movement at CPAC 15:50:25
John Wheeler / New Madrid Connection 15:27:13
Newsweek: Rand Paul Wants to Ban Abortions & End Birthright Citizenship 14:46:04
The rEVOLution will not be televised... 14:32:25
Ron Paul polling at 10% in Michigan; tied with Palin 14:24:24
Obama Justice Department Colluded with ACLU to Attack Arizona’s SB 1070 14:11:16
Action Calls to Support the Egyptian People 13:53:56
Putting the "Represent" in House of Representatives - New American (Daily Paul mention & link) 13:30:12
Mubarak's Son, Family Flee Egypt to Britain 13:21:37
Liberty is the right to be who you are. 13:20:50
Russia Moving to Gold Standard? - New American 13:20:30
The Dissolving Constitution - Paul Craig Roberts 13:18:01
fema purchases for new madrid drill! 13:08:20
FYI: Ron Paul is live on the Peter Schiff show right now 1/28/11 13:07:57
The Tipping Point has Passed:Sweeping Change is at Hand 13:07:14
Stock market having a rough day 13:05:26
Ron Paul ties Sarah Palin for third in new poll 13:00:34
Rand Paul Wants to Ban Abortions and End Birthright Citizenship 12:22:11
Don't Feed Your Fear! 12:03:47
How to Help Those Suffering Under Dictatorship 11:24:17
Great "Free Energy" website PESN has many types of free energy devices, podcasts, videos 11:11:14
California Town Stops Accepting Cash! 11:08:19
Egypt Leaves the Internet 10:49:50
What To Do After an Internet Shutdown? 10:16:26
Southern Avenger on now LIVE 09:47:28
Hu's On First 09:18:28
Third Hawaiian Official Denies Existence of Birth Certificate: 'Obama Not Born In Hawaii' 09:06:21
Senator Rand Paul: Obama and Democrats 'Still See Government as a Solution to Everything’ 08:55:56
Sputnik Moment — or GM Moment? 08:53:09
Major Silver Dealer: All 100 Ounce Silver Bars Will be Gone in a Matter of Days 08:19:57
China Investment Head Says U.S. Dollar "is gradually becoming not worth the paper it’s printed on." 08:09:27
House GOP considers privatizing Medicare 07:51:52
Former Countrywide CEO Predicted U.S. Housing Collapse as The Fed Overlooked Risk 07:47:25
NY Times Editor Describes Troubled Relationship with Wikileaks Founder 07:44:22
Sen. Rand Paul to introduce Social Security bill ‘in the next two to three weeks’ 07:29:07
Interview of Commander Kerchner - Witness to Lt. Colonel Lakin's Court Martial 07:10:02
Senators Paul & Vitter Target Birthright Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Immigrants 06:58:01
watch download Brad Meltzer and Alex Jones try to penetrate Bohemian Grove 06:56:04
Change of Plans? Dallas Paper says Ron Paul Could run for US Senate 2012 06:55:29
State Eligibility Law: Obama's Achilles' Heel in 2012? 06:53:13
Hopi Constitution Defeated: Due To Silent Majority Awareness Campaign 06:19:09
A Very Interesting Dude - Ken O'Keefe 05:11:35
to the caller to Adam vs the Man tonight (off topic) 02:58:50
Judge Napolitano On Innocents Being Killed In The War On Drugs 02:54:41
CPAC: many people to thank 02:14:32
The media on radio so far from what I heard tonight, is blaming the uprising in Egypt 02:05:47
Joe Biden says Egypt's Mubarak no dictator, he shouldn't step down... 00:41:24
Who was William Leggett? 00:02:56