Posted on January 3, 2011

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Southern Avenger: Is Ron Paul Weird? 22:15:29
Rand Paul on FOX News 01/03/11 19:37:11
How They Started the First Gulf War 21:57:34
The American Dream 19:15:58
Health Ranger's predictions for 2011-2012; an era of self reliance and human awakening 16:04:04
The madness continues..Debt ceiling must be raised to over $14.3 Trillion Now! 11:30:13
DeMint wants 'big showdown' with Dems over debt ceiling 13:36:59
BP Oil Spill: "People are getting sick all over the Gulf Coast" 12:42:04
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Daniel Hannan: "The EU should copy Switzerland" 23:58:56
Empires on the Edge of Chaos 23:58:03
Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton Interviews Max Blumenthal talks about the Great Fear 23:36:02
A good place to start education on the founding of the USA 23:25:43
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has bought a stake in Facebook Inc. 23:19:24
Poll: Most American's found to be Morons 23:18:44
9-11 - They did it-(Mossad)- Former Director US Army War College, Alan Sabrosky 22:26:06
The Name 22:01:31
Federal Military Official's Body Found in Landfill! 21:59:51
Debt Clock Jumps Up $10B: Now $14+T 21:38:40
Karpen’s Pile: A Battery That Produces Energy Continuously Since 1950 20:33:32
Europe starts confiscating private pension funds 19:36:33
Ron Paul: Fed bailed foreign banks 19:34:26
Never Forget The Fed Caused The Economic Downturn 19:26:15
For those of you that are contemplating a Ron Paul run 18:50:19
Three examples of people who sued the police and won after rights violations 18:33:55
Gary Johnson in New Hampshire 18:21:06
Once again, Lindsay Graham a dufus 18:20:09
Wikileaks: Israel Plans Total War on Lebanon, Gaza 17:41:31
The Staircase - Crime or Accident (Part 1 of 14) [VIDEO] 17:31:08
Funny Ron Paul Pic 17:19:10
MSNBC: End of Days May 21th? Christians enter final stretch 17:19:00
Getting people excited about freedom... 17:05:09
Ralph Nader: 'The Left Has Nowhere to Go' [RON PAUL!, Ahem...]1/3/2011 17:02:21
Reason TV: Ronald Reagan, Ron Paul, & the Fed: Q&A with David Stockman 16:48:10
Dave Barry’s 2010 Year in Review 16:03:41
50 Million Taxpayers must Delay Filing 1040s this Year- if your Itemize Deductions, you will be affected 15:55:24
New Laws... Bad for Small Business... Bad for Employment Outlook 15:52:35
Coming Monetary Collapse 15:40:30
Republicans May Starve Financial Reform of Cash 15:30:44
Wikileaks: "Saddam's Message of Friendship to President Bush" 15:18:40
What Is Your Favorite Website -- Vote! 14:57:09
The Gorgon Stare Sees All 14:10:06
Hand written Letter from Saddam Hussein to the American People 13:01:57
Geoengineering: 50 rainstorms created in Abu Dhabi's desert last year 12:20:48
What Ron Paul Wants: A Quartet of U.S. Currencies 11:41:29
30 Reasons Why 2011 Is Going To Be Another Crappy Year For America’s Middle Class 11:32:05
James Turk offers his Predictions For The Precious Metals In 2011 11:29:44
Kitco,,,, Worried about short covering in silver. (Off topic) 11:28:37
Bank Of America's Counterespionage Unit Deployed Over WikiLeaks 11:25:38
Silver Shortage This Decade, Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold 11:22:15
Forbidden Archaeology & Human Devolution 11:21:28
Preeminent Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Posted Daily Paul Link on his Facebook Page 11:03:40
In 2011, Medicare will gain 7,000 Baby Boomers PER DAY 11:03:19
Niall Ferguson Video Lecture - "Empires On The Verge Of Chaos" 10:59:37
Chris Matthews Asks Obama to Release Birth Certificate 10:52:15
Matt Tiabbi on MERS | An Extremely Long Metaphor to Explain Mortgage Chaos 10:43:25
MERS: First, the electronic mortgage superhighway. Then, the pileup. 10:28:21
LRC: Lysander Spooner - Constitution of No Authority 10:26:49
US Debt Limit Fight Would Be 'Catastrophic': White House 10:25:10
BofA Settles Mortgage Claims for $3 Billion; Shares Jump 10:24:16
Who Owns the Future? By Patrick J. Buchanan 10:23:12
Edgar Steele's Wife Sets the Record Straight 10:08:12
Look Who is Behind the "NO LABELS" Third Party Effort 10:07:14
Bank Of America to Buy Back Bad Loans from Fannie, Freddie 09:41:36
Facebook Said to Raise $500 Million From Goldman Sachs & Russia 09:19:45
DHS Chief Napolitano to Get Security Tips in Israel 09:12:54
Paul versus Bernanke By Hossein Askari and Noureddine Krichene 05:09:32
Prayer for week of January 02 04:02:30
Spy Services & Whistleblowers - RT 02:57:48
Bloomberg: Fed Lovers vs. Fed Haters (Video) 02:56:31