Posted on January 31, 2011

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Video: Judge Napolitano on Unconstitutional Ruling of Obamacare 21:04:10
UPDATED. Glenn Greenwald needs our thoughts and prayers 18:12:45
Ron Paul on Crisis in Egypt - Campaign for Liberty Update 18:00:23
Ron Paul on Fox News' Your World w/ Cavuto 1/31/11 16:52:19
Federal Judge in Florida Just Ruled Obamacare UNCONSTITUTIONAL! 16:15:30
Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Legislation Back in Play 13:59:27
The Middle East at a Strategic Crossroads: Threat to US Hegemony? 10:22:40
Govt’s Loan Mod Program Crippled by Lax Oversight and Deference to Banks 09:43:24
CPAC is giving the Defender of the Constitution Award to - Donald Rumsfeld? 04:39:13
Motivating CPAC 2011 video 05:39:13
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Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs 1/31/2011 (audio) 23:23:19
Authentic Joy 23:16:36
SA@TAC - America's Egypt Problem 22:48:09
CPAC 2011: Ron Paul needs us now 22:21:16
Let's go to war! 22:14:47
Will Israel invade the Egyptian Sinai? 21:25:59
Atlanta Cops Perform Anal Cavity Search on Suspect in Public (Drug War) 20:47:53
A pro-gun story that made it all the way to the main stream 20:25:15
Something no one ever talks about... Sovereign Immunity 20:08:49
Does U.S. Revolution Start Right After The CPAC Vote? 19:46:05
Is Ron running for the Senate? 19:45:02
Dallas Morning News: Ron Paul says Egypt mess caused by U.S. intervention 19:30:09
The 3 Branches of Government According to Chuck Shumer! 19:22:34
Tennessee fusion center is spending our tax dollars well... 18:12:18
If you live in Georgia you may not need a driver's licence in the future. 17:58:08
Banking is a scam at every level !!!!!! 17:15:44
Bill would Reduce Florida Judges’ Taxpayer-funded Pensions 17:07:21
200GB to 25GB: Canada gets first bitter dose of metered Internet 16:57:49
ACLU must start protecting ‘enumerated rights’ By Paul Craig Roberts 16:36:16
Egypt Revolution 2011 Demonstrators Vs police Fighting 16:20:30
Composer John Barry: Dead at 77 16:14:54
Deepening Canada-U.S. Security and Military Ties 15:57:03
Mexican Drug Lord Thanks American Lawmakers for Keeping Drugs Illegal 15:35:33
The Myth of Class Struggle by William Law 15:18:21
Re; Egypt~ An Open Letter To President Obama 15:07:06
A beautiful day ruined 14:58:02
Sen. Schumer: 'We have 3 branches of gov't -- A House, a Senate, a President'. 14:25:44
Mother who admitted Killing baby whose Crying Interrupted her FarmVille game to be Sentenced Feb. 1 14:21:36
Breaking (wind) news 14:05:21
Sen. Rand Paul: Medicare Chief Berwick Is Qualified to Run Health Care System -- In England or Sweden 13:47:03
Normalcy Bias - It's all in your head 13:39:13
Want to be a Cartoonist? 13:36:40
California town bans cash transactions for public services 13:17:16
I Have a Question & Need Help! 13:09:26
the dailypaul datamining thread 12:51:41
Egypt Protests Show Us...George W. Bush Was Right?? 12:22:02
Activism: Last Call for CPAC 11:52:43
$60 Billion Reasons Rand + Ron Paul Will Have A Tough Time Cutting Foreign Aid 11:48:27
Sen. Paul Proposes Slashing CPSC Budget As Agency Seeks Stronger Overseas Cooperation 11:35:49
A Nation Exclusively Run For Corporate Interests-Bob Chapman 11:27:13
Bob Chapman: A Decade Of Progress Wiped Out By Financial Policy 11:25:19
US trying to install new puppet leadership in Egypt 11:20:57
Rand Paul- CNN John King- 1/28/11 11:08:53
The Law Of Persons 10:52:59
Changing Dynamics 10:46:32
10 Things That The Egypt Riots Can Teach Us About What Happens When Society Breaks Down 10:41:32
Willful Ignorance 10:41:10
“Foreclosure Mediation Programs: Can Bankruptcy Courts Limit Homeowner and Investor Losses?” 10:27:39
GOP Should Channel "Humble Foreign Policy" George W. Bush [Jim Antle] 10:22:32
Rand/Ron getting hammered on FL Blog, the Shark Tank. Rubio critical of Rand's proposed cuts to Israel. 10:21:38
Israel Supports Mubarak 10:20:16
Obama will go down in history as the president who lost Egypt 10:05:08
WikiLeaks' Assange Warns of Final Deluge of Secret Documents 09:45:43
Foreclosure losses picked up by taxpayers, investors 09:35:06
Lifting the Lid on WikiLeaks (von Der Spiegel) 08:39:37
Judge upholds Bankruptcy Court’s right to launch foreclosure mediation program 08:24:33
Android becomes top smartphone platform 07:55:54
Fla. GOP Lawmaker wants Lightning Fast Foreclosures 07:42:30
Beige Revolution: Protests enter 7th day as foreigners flee Egypt 06:10:58
RLC Chair Dave Nalle still trying to split the CPAC vote 05:53:27
U.S. Arranges to Evacuate Americans from Egypt 03:21:28
r3VOLution sign just flashed on the screen on Fox News in Canadian support of Egyptian uprising 03:21:19
"Muslims, Christians, we are all Egyptians" - Eyewitness account 02:16:21
Need help from Constitutionalists, Debate over the Definition of Natural Born Citizen 00:47:51
Astounding And Dangerous Crap.... (Egypt) 00:47:11
FYI - Four Banks Quietly Failed on 1/28/11: Largest $2.31B 00:43:37
time to move along 00:41:52