Posted on January 5, 2011

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Video: Rand Paul and Nine Freshmen Interviewed by Diane Sawyer 22:00:31
Video: Ron and Rand Paul on CNN's John King USA 01/05/11 21:33:57
Airport Authorities Delay YouTube Sensation Ted Williams 22:17:50
Today is a Great Day for America: Ron Paul and Rand Paul are sworn into office 19:09:56
Ron Paul: Recipe for a Successful 2011 16:00:20
Video: Ron & Rand on ABC Morning News with Stephanopoulos 12:13:20
DP'er bobbyw24 in Florida Newspaper with Financial Advice for the New Year 12:16:10
Top 10 Survival Downloads 09:09:47
Video: Ron Paul on Stephen Colbert Show 16:39:00
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Health EPIDEMIC in the Gulf Coast- resident and activist Kindra Arnesen speaks out 23:18:16
Freedom Video Library 22:31:17
John Boehner Today 21:56:31
Peter Schiff: China could use America's debt as a weapon 21:38:15
RawStory: GOP’s symbolic reading of Constitution to cost taxpayers $1.1 million 21:08:30
Vaccine - Autism study was an elaborate fraud 20:24:28
MoxNews: Police Can Search Your Phone With No Search Warrant Or Arrest! 20:12:37
What's the "conspiracy" behind the color-coded detour signs? 20:05:34
Fed's Hoenig says gold standard "legitimate" system 19:11:29
How Tall is Rand Paul 18:56:03
Bringing the message of Freedom past the Tipping Point 18:43:05
Action Alert—Now the FDA Is Going After Vitamin C 17:45:25
Video: Sen. Rand Paul's pledge to Kentuckians 17:37:56
Florida Attorney General Releases Blistering Must Read Presentation On Fraudclosure 17:28:58
Rep. Hoyer Says that Tea Party People Come From Unhappy Families 17:25:36
TSA Busts Montel for Pot Pipe 17:10:07
Advocate: IRS liens 'torment' struggling taxpayers 16:59:57
Silver Above $50 in 2011 says John Embry 16:45:10
VIDEO: Rand Paul sworn in to the US Senate! 16:36:10
Lots of New Zealanders embrace small-plot vegetable gardens 16:30:52
Ron & Rand on Cavuto Today 1/5 at 4pm East - Any Streaming Links? 16:27:01
Ron Paul Looks Out at 2011 16:25:16
2011 America is what 1989 was to the USSR. 16:13:01
Ron Paul Will Run in 2012? 15:54:47
What In the World Are They Spraying? [Full video] 15:46:01
Michele Bachmann May Run for President 15:45:07
What Happenned to Freedom Watch? 15:32:10
Question about Reserve Currency? 15:04:33
2 girls undermine entire us border strategy in under 18 seconds 14:35:24
Open Letter To The Tea Party & Congress 13:55:38
Justin Raimondo: Media as a Branch of Government 13:55:26
Florida Professor Arrested for Having a "Suspicious" Bagel on a Plane - NBC 13:51:49
Freedom Watch 1-3-11 Ron Paul on Death Panels 13:50:57
VOTE for the FED as the most evil corporation of the year! 13:50:44
Investing in Control 13:42:16
Breaking OpEd It's not fair to refuse your readers the right to read positive thought-provoking content. 13:40:51
Liquid Brings Down Plane - Don't Tell The TSA 13:36:35
What Constitutes a Gold Standard - 13:34:54
The opening of the House is broadcasting on Facebook 13:28:16
Forming Anarcho Capitalist Islands as a Natural Right 13:27:40
Blackbird Killers Sent to Investigate Blackbird Deaths 13:05:21
C-SPAN showing Senate swearing in ceremony 13:03:20
Let's Get Ready to Rumble! 12:32:27
Ron Paul was Right About Everything he Said- Awesome Ron Paul Article !! 12:06:35
Benjamin Rush's Peace Office 11:49:03
Robert Gibbs is Resigning! 11:47:56
CALM Act: Government Volume Censorship 11:36:21
Ron and Rand Paul: GOP Needs to Keep Pledge on Budget 11:34:49
Leaked document: EPA knowingly approved bee-killing pesticide 11:03:09
Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, Ohio 10:55:32
The Enumerated Powers Act.... We're Getting Close... 10:18:44
Another Missile launched over West Coast? 10:06:42
Two Pauls to be Sworn In, 1 in Senate, 1 in House 09:57:56
I'd like to hear from my fellow DP'ers 08:46:32
I'd like to hear from my fellow DP'ers 08:46:13
Bank Of America NOT Out Of The Woods, Still Faces MASSIVE Mortgage Liability Risk - Video 08:38:50
Allstate sues BofA and Mozilo over Countrywide losses 08:36:25
Dodd-Frank and the Return of the Loan Shark 08:34:13
Stephen Colbert Laughing at Ron Paul and America’s Decline 08:31:39
The Fed May Keep Easing at ‘Full Throttle’ Until Jobless Rate Falls 08:29:32
9th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules War Memorial Cross Unconstitutional 08:04:08
Foreclosure-Gate: Biggest Theft In History To Be Sanctified 07:39:42
1-1-11 Cop gives beatdown for no reason= will be viral=police brutality 07:34:00
Banks Mulling $25 Annual Fees on Debit Cards to Counter Law that Eliminated Other Fees 07:33:13
National Debt Tops $14 Trillion 07:27:04
The Fed Moves To Gut Predatory Lending Regulation 07:19:47
California Court Rules Texts Can Be Searched Without Warrant 07:15:51
How minimum wage hurts the unskilled and inexperienced workers 06:36:13
Stefan Molyneux: Corporate power is rooted in government (clip from Alex Jones) 06:34:25
Homeless Guy With Golden Voice 06:24:00
PNAC Pipedreams 04:07:28
Ron Paul in French Newspaper (from RPF) 04:06:04
Scarry! Is a bank run about to bring Europe to its knees? 03:17:17
1998 Warning of unconstitutional war and terrorism (Rep. Ron Paul) 03:05:15
The Beatles? 02:42:22
Is it just me, or does this blow you away too... 02:17:26
Detroit In Ruins 02:12:39
Is it just me or does this blow you away too? 02:11:53
Pakistan unstable after Governor assassinated 02:08:13
'Reign Of Witches' (It's Back!) by Tim Case 01:06:23
Article: 'Tea party' freshmen embrace status quo 00:41:53