Posted on January 6, 2011

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Geithner: US Faces 'Catastrophic' Default if Debt Limit Isn't Raised 20:38:27
Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan Jan 6, 2011 18:28:53
Father watches with pride as Rand Paul becomes U.S. Senator [also has great pics] 07:07:44
World Bank Promotes Yuan in International Markets; Issues Bonds 01:59:46
Video: Ron and Rand Paul on Cavuto 01/05/11 18:53:27
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Leading Conservatives Openly Support Terrorist Group While On foreign Soil! 22:58:28
Planned-Opolis: Where You Will Have The Freedom To Live As You're Told 22:47:52
ALREADY they messed up. Two congressmen not sworn in, voted. 22:29:17
Congrats Russia under 20 on how to show how communist Buffalo is 22:27:05
1,000's of birds and fish dying around the what is going on? 22:04:22
Humor me please?,An exercise in simplification. 21:18:33
Tad Lumpkin's reply re American Dream 20:45:16
RP 2012 YARD SIGNS! 20:33:58
Michele Bachmann Pushes to Repeal Dodd-Frank Financial-Reform Law 20:33:53
Father Gives His Nephew An Old School Azz Whoopin On Webcam For Acting Hard On Facebook 20:25:30
Congrats!! John Edwards Apparently Engaged to his Mistress 20:17:09
The Mexican Constitution And Anchor Babies 20:12:11
The Hill: Time for a Third Party — a Ron Paul/Joe Miller ticket 20:06:59
Bankrupt Nation: 11 States Where Bankruptcies Soared In 2010 20:05:11
Rep. Paul Ryan will push for bill that requires the Federal Reserve to Focus only on Inflation 20:00:53
Thank You Michael Nystrom! 19:59:43
Mercantilism - Ron Paul, Banksters, and Von Mises 19:32:52
Dem Congresswoman: Afghanistan Is A "National Embarrassment" 18:54:55
a New World is Coming {poem} 18:22:09
Acclimatizing Kids to TSA, Police State 17:26:28
Got My Ron Paul Family Cookbook Today 17:22:16
Another Ugly Bearded Guy Defends The Fed Against Ron Paul 17:01:51
Samuel Smiles on "Self Help" instead of relying on the state 16:49:51
Interview With Tim Turner - 01/05/11 16:45:07
Police and health inspector search man's yard without warrant 16:36:07
Small explosions at Maryland state offices injure 1 - False Flag? 16:24:17
Maryland: Millions of Fish Dead 16:19:12
Pentagon to cut spending by $78 billion, reduce troop strength 16:16:38
They want to sell us Romney 2012? Spread these videos far and wide! 15:51:11
Breaking! 2 Package Explosions in Maryland 15:40:18
Jeffersonian Conservatives vs. The Neocons 15:36:25
House of Representatives Reading [part of] the Constitution 15:32:48
....A NWO - Creative Destruction? 15:17:02
Action Alert—Now the FDA Is Going After Vitamin C! 15:03:50
Implanted microchips? ** 14:25:47
Shouts about Obama interrupt Constitution reading 14:15:17
Ron Paul out of the gate with 5 bills 13:47:04
Urban Survival, good stuff today... 13:30:31
MSM: Gold Prices Continue New Year Slide? 13:25:39
A rather revealing article about the US Military 13:10:08
Andy Martin for Pres. 12:53:44
Tea Party & Libertarians Screwed Again! 12:29:03
Treasury Sec. Geithner asked Congress to Raise the US Debt Ceiling 12:22:25
The Federal Reserves New Note -- And Schnazzy New Video 12:12:05
Philip Giraldi: Law and Disorder 11:26:02
Army efforts don't stem Fort Hood suicides 11:18:36
Police issue warning about buying and selling gold 11:05:28
National Security Administration breaks ground on huge Spy Center in Utah 11:05:12
Cop Suspended over Obama Prayer (from Injustice everywhere) 11:03:40
Census: Number of Poor Americans may be Millions Higher: 1 in 6 are poor 10:59:48
Judge Napolitano, Freedom Watch 1/5/11. Governement reform or... 10:45:13
Roseanne Barr vs Ted Nugent on CNN Anderson Cooper! VIDEO! 10:43:51
My Facebook Status this morning . . . 10:38:50
Facebook post of CNN pro-vaccines article! Please help? 10:36:03
Roseanne Barr VS. Ted Nugent 10:32:16
Urgent action needed to help stop fluoridation of New York City and San Diego 10:24:11
Hey America! "Who"s with me? Are you going to get fooled again? 09:43:51
Peter Schiff: Housing Prices to Fall Another 20% 09:42:17
UK Mail Online: It's The Aflockalypse! 09:26:23
Former Fed Chair of KC - Herman Cain 'No Need to Audit The Federal Reserve' 09:23:25
Peace sells....but who's buying? 09:18:39
From "The Birds": Mapping The Global Mass Animal Deaths Graveyard 09:16:33
Maryland Set to Pass a “Dime a Drink Tax” on Alcoholic Beverages 09:04:12
Great places to start cutting the federal budget 08:47:32
Congress Unlikely to Extend Hand to Ailing States 08:46:35
C-span debating the Constitution NOW! Call in! 08:08:33
Privatizing Can Make Things Worse Take, for example, the TSA. 07:53:47
The Fed's Hoenig says Gold standard "Legitimate" system 07:48:51
Rand Paul Warns of 'Cataclysmic' Economic Crisis 07:37:53
Napolitano: Counterterrorism Must Focus on Shipments of Everyday Chemicals 07:35:21
Volcker to Step Down as Top Obama Economic Advisor 07:33:15
Foreclosures May Be Undone by Massachusetts Ruling on Mortgage Transfers 07:31:29
Money Magazine Warns that The Fed's Policies will lead to "Significant Inflation" 07:27:20
The Fed To Back New Rules To Rein In Home Foreclosure Abuses 07:18:35
I.R.S. Watchdog Calls For Tax Code Overhaul 07:15:15
The Lost Amendment That Could Have Saved America!!! 04:45:44
Yeah sure, the fireworks did it... 03:00:20
2011 – The year when money starts to die 02:53:37
Gerald Celente coming up on Coast to Coast 02:42:22
Any one know where this guy is? 02:32:30
Police Shoot Knife-wielding Man in Wheelchair 02:21:03
"Fraud": Autism Study 02:19:57
George Soros: The United States Must Stop Resisting The Orderly Decline Of The Dollar, The Coming Global Currency And The New Wo 01:56:31
Effective animated lecture series 01:40:53
Chuck Baldwin - A Nation of Truth Rejecters 01:38:41
Police state alive and well here in Arizona 01:32:47
The Chicago Machine Meets The Washington Machine 01:30:30
Would our fellow DPer Mark Twain care to comment 01:21:51
New Tea Party GOP Congressman: if Republicans aren't fiscally responsible, a 3rd party will rise 01:12:32
(Video) MUST SEE - Big Pharma Loves You 00:57:51
What if there were no inflation 00:19:32