Posted on January 9, 2011

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Ron Paul on the Tom Sullivan Show January 8, 2011 23:49:44
Here it comes!: McCarthy Readies Gun Control Bill 22:59:41
The Daily Paul Condemns the Shooting in Arizona 17:27:32
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SPLC blames Ayn Rand for AZ shooter 22:49:10
Facing Scrutiny, Banks Slow Pace of Foreclosures 22:11:09
Milton Friedman - Why Drugs Should Be Legalized 22:10:36
I post this under Farming/Eating Right for a particular reason! 21:50:07
FTL: Shot congresswoman was violent too 21:47:16
Interesting Twist to murder of Bush era intelligence officer ...found in landfill! 21:20:42
More Kids Go To Court For Classroom Misbehavior 20:59:07
How to take $10M from the government & give it to Ron Paul! 20:03:46
Peter Schiff: Why American Economy Is Broken, What to Do About It 19:45:18
The Law of Theft 19:16:45
a patriot pushed down stairs, then her husband has her committed. 17:55:41
Video: Scott Horton on War Party/Fed history 16:56:58
The Constitution: Every issue, Every time. No exceptions, No excuses. 16:54:21
Obama's Oklahoma City?? 16:02:37
Call Rand Paul NOW! Kentucky soldier needs his help! 15:38:04
Lenders Selling Foreclosed Homes Without Obtaining Title 14:59:58
Update: 20,000 + (and counting) asking Ron Paul to run for President.. 14:43:57
235 Years of Common Sense 14:42:12
What Are Your Thoughts on an "Empathic Civilization?" 14:00:57
DHS Suspects Right Wing Group In Gifford Shooting 13:57:45
Video: Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday 01/09/11 13:42:50
Interesting Contrast: Media Reaction to Ft Hood Shootings vs AZ shootings 13:41:44
I'm confused, Is congresswoman Gifford still alive? 13:19:53
"Sunshine Patriots" 12:35:21
Utah Sound Money Act 12:26:24
Social Control through Tiered Energy Pricing 12:02:24
The Crying Shame of John Boehner - Matt Taibbi 10:25:30
Feldstein: Consumers Need to Save More, Spend Less 09:56:07
U.S. wounded rate in Afghanistan soars 09:15:53
Printing a Recovery...An Emerging Bubble Alert 09:11:13
Marc Stevens owning an IRS lawyer. 08:30:23
Did Hitler Want War? - Patrick J. Buchanan 08:15:06
Assassin's politics lean 'left wing, quite liberal' 07:15:46
Arizona Shooting -- in perspective 03:42:26
Wounded Warrior to be Deployed Tomorrow, Your Signature Needed 01:47:44
Drinking With Bob does his research on Ted Williams! (Man with the golden voice) 01:04:20
Music Listening for the Weekend 1/8/11 00:51:56