Posted on October 5, 2011

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Ron Paul On Freedom Watch Discusses Fed Audit Hearing 10/4/11 19:44:35
Silver Circle Movie Releases First 60 Second Trailer 21:05:03
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve is why Americans are protesting on Wall Street 14:18:05
Ron Paul Raised $8 Million in 3rd Quarter 13:39:57
Video: Ron Paul @ National Press Club ~10/5/11 11:03:05
Dennis Kucinich says Ron Paul "Is a Good American" In Interview with MSNBC 08:50:40
Audit Bernanke by Ron Paul 07:13:30
The crime of making Americans aware of their own history 06:38:30
Jay Leno on the Constitution 03:05:44
"I believe in Ron Paul Because Ron Paul believes in me" Beautiful Article from Iowa Send to all 03:04:53
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Update : Nevada Caucus to Stay Put 23:45:45
WSJ - FBI uses "Stingray" to track cell phones 23:38:56
Dems Co-opting Occupy Wall St. 23:33:20
Black This Out Monday Bomb -pledge today! 23:30:20
Yahoo News: Why Ron Paul's Presidency Could Save America 23:24:24
OWS: Follow Ron Paul's Lead 23:01:04
Ron "the Truth" Paul and the media bias 22:58:01
"Americans Elect" Breaking the Political paradigm. very interesting 22:56:00
Curiosity Kills the Cat 22:52:43
I am not afraid of Occupy Wallstreet, are you? 22:49:42
military contributions for 3rd Quarter? 22:45:29
GATA Gold Rush 21 Documentary on bank gold price manipulation 22:33:05
Who donates more to charity, the Tea Party people or the OWS people? 22:13:08
Email Megyn Kelly of Fox News to persuade O'Reilly 21:59:04
Jon Schaffer interveiw mentions Ron Paul. 21:56:33
Free, Easy and Effective way for Ron Paul to reach more People 21:55:55
Bleeding Heart Libertarians - blog about compassionate libertarians 21:31:16
test 21:22:12
Has anyone even been to the wallstreet events or went to their website? Those demands are not the demands of the website founder 21:21:28
Kiss of death: Jimmy Carter says he’d be “very pleased” to see Romney as GOP nominee 21:15:58
Mitt Romney’s Biggest Donors Are Wall Street Bankers 21:09:01
Way for YOU to use searches/suggestions for on YouTube 20:49:03
Breaking News - Steve Jobs died 20:42:41
ACORN Behind Occupy Wall Street Protest 20:37:09
Politico Breaking News - Sarah Palin will not enter the 2012 republican race 20:33:01
My Twitter Conversation about Occupy Wall St. 20:32:39
Answer to Alex Jones & OWS skeptics 20:16:43
Veterans for Ron Paul -New Hampshire -VIDEO 20:13:13
OWS = Obama front group 20:07:16
Ron Paul Promotional DVD (Video Included) 20:01:48
Who is going to the Presidential Debates in NH Oct. 11? 19:56:17
CNN: Cain: Not rich? No job? Blame yourself 19:55:44
Pandora Radio Advertisement? 19:54:33
Steve Jobs has died 19:51:18
Why I'm not protesting on Wall Street 19:46:06
Cainunism [keyn - yuh - niz - uhm] 19:32:42
Help! I need the donor numbers for the GOP candidates. 19:29:35
Former Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve tells the Occupy Wall Street protesters: If you're not rich 'blame yourself' 19:29:07
Ron Paul speaks to the National Press Club, Oct. 5, 2011 19:09:39
Sarah Palin is NOT running for president!! 18:53:41
Breaking News: Sarah Palin NOT running for President 18:41:09
Poll: 1 in 3 Veterans See Iraq and Afghan Wars a Waste 18:37:17
FB post of mine on recent Cain hype - just thought I would share! 18:34:51
MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan wants to outlaw Money Bombs! 18:32:09
How do we overcome the biggest obstacle - the 24-hour patriot? 18:11:15
High School Student Suspended Over Border Patrol Shirt 18:02:02
CBS News: Ron Paul says Obama should be impeached for al Qaeda killing 18:01:55
Is OWS Anti-Semitic? 17:56:08
As an older member of DP here is why I support OW. 17:36:54
Which Ron Paul Book To Recommend? 17:36:20
List of Republican voters 17:26:44
TREASON! 17:15:14
Daily Show Excludes Ron Paul from poll listing, jumps from Perry and Romney down to Bachmann and Cain at 7 and 4% skips Dr. Paul 16:58:30
The long History & Friends of Occupy Wall St. 16:47:41
Remember, remember the fifth of November? 16:37:52
Why isn't anybody asking: "What is the magnet that lures corporations to bribe government?" 16:32:57
Ron Paul On The Dylan Ratigan Show Talking OWS And The Fed 16:30:14
Great Speech bya Wall Street protester 16:17:13
Obama's Assassination Order and the Secret Memo 16:15:24
Vote for "demands" on OWS site 16:14:08
Ex-Bush Adviser: Germany Prints Old Currency in Case Euro Ditched 16:12:34
Intelligence & Beauty for Ron Paul 15:55:14
Davidson County TN Sheriff not helping Gibson Guitars. 15:43:02
Occupy Movement Failing Ideologically 15:41:10
Ron Paul: You Think They Attack Us Because We're Free and Prosperous? 15:34:37
Nashville Rally to support Gibson Guitars 15:20:48
Public Policy Polling Calls Out Ron Paul Supporters in Latest Tweet 15:16:08
Did you see Jon Stewart rip Romney? 15:15:15
Multi-Millionaire named Herman Cain tells suffering Americans "Blame yourselves" if you are unemployed or poor 15:13:09
Beware of some "new" Members - Could be darpa Scum 15:06:41
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 10/04/11 15:05:32
OWS is a LIE 14:58:30
Peter Schiff Testifying at Congress - make IT GO viral 14:51:30
Paul Raises $8 Million From More Than 100,000 Donors, New York Times 14:50:59
The Hill: Ron Paul can change the world if he supports the Occupy Wall Street movement 14:48:31
YAHOO: Ron Paul raises $8 million in 3 months 14:41:00
Paul Third in Fundraising for Q3 14:36:24
Ron Paul has 5 times more donors than Perry for 3rd Quarter! Perry's avg. donation is $850! 14:29:45
Connect OccupyWallStreet to Political Contributions 14:10:36
Poll : Gastonia, NC 14:09:40
Poll : Charlotte NC 13:59:46
Poll: Herman Cain Ties Romney for the Lead in 2012 Race 13:58:36
Wrestle the power from Sam and give it back to the states! 13:53:04
Ron Paul on C-Span 3 NOW 13:46:20
Michael New-Don't Forget Him! 13:33:12
Bringing Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party together 13:21:34
Ron Paul has 5 times the number of donors as Rick Perry 13:14:24
The OWS Protesters Love the Rich! 13:12:23
Ron Paul ReSupply (Grassroot Materials for Ron Paul RƎVOLTUTION) 13:10:46
Q3 8 million? 13:05:34
Ron Paul's third quarter haul: 8 million 13:05:25
Black Bar 12:55:33
Video: Why Women Support Ron Paul 12:49:06
Ron Paul Leads Hearing On First Ever Audit Of Fed 12:45:35
Perry raises over $17 million since mid-August 12:44:01
Vets Call For Resignations, Impeachments In Washington 12:39:29
Ohio Straw Poll 12:35:38
Support Ron Paul loving Liberty Candidates 12:32:37
Ron Paul and Islam. Paul's foreign policy good for Israel. 12:32:20
Ron Paul has Right vision for America 12:31:50
Questions we should be asking. 12:07:31
Amazing NEW rant going viral NOW. This gave me chills. Share this. 11:59:31
Project up airtiime like George Foreman 11:53:55
Does OW signal the beginning of the end of the T-party ? 11:42:37
AP Poll: 1 in 3 vets sees Iraq, Afghan wars as wastes (10/5/11) 11:32:38
Paul discusses Al-Awlaki, the Fed and the economy with Judge Napolitano (10/4/11) 11:31:22
Fast And Furious: 22 Shocking Facts About The Scandal That Could Bring Down The Obama Administration 11:18:48
Bill O'Relly threw out Ron Paul, Cain, and declared Romeny the winner of his poll! 11:17:28
Why isn't this on the front page? 11:11:12
Dream Ticket Poll Help Ron Paul get up there! 11:00:06
Video: Dr. Paul's full speech in Greenville, NC at Rep. Jones fundraiser ~10/7/11 10:51:34
Gold Wars! USA History of Pretend. 10:46:20
Rick Perry charges $200,000+ for his emails 10:43:18
OWS's "We are the 99%" meme is socialists' Distract, Divide and Conquer strategy 10:28:26
Ron Paul End The Wars MARCH. 1,000,000+ Americans standing together. 10:24:35
A Vietnam Vet Still Fighting For His Country 10:04:59
Pakistan war soon? 10:02:05
Some of you newer supporters may have never seen this. 09:48:34
Why is Daily Paul blacked out? 09:45:11
New Fox Poll Who is currently the 2012 Republican front runner? 09:44:03
Poll Charlotte Observer 09:41:16
One-in-three vets say Iraq, Afghan wars were not worth it 08:55:31
OK presidential primary in March 08:54:12
How Should I Respond to Pro-Cain Email from Tea Party Friend 08:47:39
Snell "Ron Paul presents honesty, sincerity" 08:40:00
(November 7, 1988). Campaigning for Recognition: Ron Paul, Libertarian for President, Runs Against Media Obstacles 08:36:22
One-in-three vets say Iraq, Afghan wars were not worth it 07:46:57
!!6 hours Until the Black THIS Out Money Bomb!! 07:43:18
Hank Jr 07:21:55
Sell Off Land For S.S.I. 07:05:50
Unite as individuals to make change as a Nation 06:49:04
Ron Paul Sign Bomb October 10 06:41:27
CFTC lets JP Morgan get away with Rigging Silver market 06:32:13
property rights and one's body 06:26:00
Unite as individuals to make change as a Nation 06:19:22
Time To Tie Up Some Phone Lines With Truth 06:13:27
Adam Kokesh interviews/questions protesters occupying DC 06:10:19
The Plain Truth about Executive Assassination 05:56:49
Fox News Gets Out-Foxed 05:50:57
Is Fort Knox Empty? Lou Dobbs Interviews Brad Meltzer from History Channel 05:19:10
St. Louis Resident Describes SWAT Team at Bank of America Denying Him Entry to Bank 05:14:15
The Latest Example of Perry Cronyism gone awry 04:27:51
1 in 3 vets say Iraq, Afghan wars a waste 03:56:33
Beck is an idiot. 03:46:23
Rick Perry Open To Sending U.S. Troops To Mexico To Battle Drug Cartels 03:40:14
Thanks Michael Daily Paul for GREAT banner! 02:47:39
Wooing the homeschoolers 02:11:32
Iraq, Afghanistan wars not worth fighting, many vets say 01:56:52
Found great video of RP from the 80's 01:55:04
The Judge has Ron Paul on 01:54:07
33,488,641 Views 09:23:32
911 Responder Moneybomb 01:08:00
2/3rds of American military personnel say wars not worth it 01:06:06
Obama economics team are they smarter than a second grader?Peter Schiff Show) 01:00:16
(Video) Bill O'Reilly is Ron Paul Hurting Libertarians? Stossel Defends Ron Paul 00:44:29
Norquist calls attacks from GOP Congressman Wolf ‘disgusting’ 00:39:36
The Hypocrisy of Barack Obama 00:25:30
SWAT Teams in St. Louis Protecting Run on Bank of America; Refusing Customer Withdrawals 00:16:50
Epic foreign policy interview with Rand Paul explaining his father's positions on the Hugh Hewitt show.. 00:16:02
Daily Show forgets Ron 00:03:41
Update: Stossel Discusses Ron Paul on Tuesday's O'Reilly Factor 04:54:05