Posted on October 6, 2011

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New Pew Poll - Paul at 12% 21:27:52
New Revolution PAC Video 14:58:26
Ron Paul on The Michael Smerconish Program 10/6/11 14:13:09
Oath Keepers Join OWS, Anti-Fed Mass Demonstrations 12:14:41
Ron Paul Interview W / Wolf Blitzer CNN - 10/6/11 16:58:09
Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011, RIP. 2005 Stanford Commencement Address 05:15:23
The Revolution Against the Federal Reserve Starts Now! Alex calls massive peaceful protest of Federal Reserve 09:55:58
Occupy the Fed NOW Boston 09:08:19
Get it together grassroots! We need to influence the debate of OWS 04:40:03
Video: Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Full Hearing 10/04/11 00:06:05
Ron Paul Interview with Dylan Ratigan MSNBC - 10/5/11 09:04:00
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Must Read: How the Federal Reserve Bought the Economics Profession 23:51:25
Politcal Trickery. 23:45:32
When is the Ron Paul community going to get serious about organizing economically? 23:38:49
Venezuela says gold repatriation starts Nov! Really this time! 23:23:53
Can the Government Steal your Property? 22:59:46
Live Free or Diebold 22:53:57
TV Ad - "Peace" Reagan 1984 ~ this is what we NEED! 22:49:52
Please Post all Suggestions For Ron Paul Resupply Here 22:46:24
Having Dilemma with Miami Fed Bank Protest - Input Please 22:44:50
When will we know the results from 22:43:17
Where to get started. 22:29:05
".I don't know whether to laugh or cry," 22:17:39
Herman Cain Facebook War 22:15:53
Welcome Occupiers and Newcomers 21:51:04
5 Questions for Ron Paul 21:34:24
To anyone attending the Value Voters Summit Conference and Straw Poll , please read!! 21:27:13
RedState guy Paul, wanting 26 yr old to die 21:13:03
Texas Newspaper poll on ending the war. 20:59:08
Sending Cain Back to 1% 20:54:26
OWS: amazing unprecedented tolerance for libertarians & guidance! 20:40:57
Martin Armstrong Sunday, October 2, 2011 20:39:38
With all the bad news going on, I thought that this would actually be funny 20:38:44
Signs In Chicago Board Of Trade Windows Say "We Are The 1%" 20:30:37
Out Of Work? Go to North Dakota! There's a Hiring BOOM! Even McDonald's pays $15 an hour! 20:27:18
Hit Piece on Herman Cain by SirFelix, lol 20:19:54
Progressives Are Not Our Friends 20:14:36
Best rant I've heard in a long time 20:13:48
We are not a democracy! 19:59:16
Erin Burnett's New Show Getting Brutal Response After Her Mockery Of Occupy Wall Street 19:38:08
Opposition Research Part Deux 19:37:32
Does anyone else feel we are being royally "flim flammed"? 19:12:26
My posts/comments are not affecting the active posts column 19:05:10
Feds to crack down on medicinal marijuana dispensaries in California! 18:57:22
Msg. titles too long. 18:54:50
CNN removes Ron Paul sign from newsroom wall! 18:46:58
Occupy Wall Street. What Wars and Socialism for Corporations is Costing You. 18:44:49
Ron Paul: 1 hour at the National Press Club 10/5/'11 18:36:58
My posts 18:27:40
Herman Cain: If you don't have a job or aren't rich. 18:22:03
Opposition Research 18:16:47
Occupy Austin - Examining their Objectives 18:12:24
Restore our constitutional Republic 18:08:22
Feds Crackdown On California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries By Ordering Shut Down 18:06:43
Ron Paul left out of Poll once again. 18:01:45
SA@TheDC - Assassinating the Constitution 17:54:36
Columbus Ohio Straw Poll 17:49:32
Lawyers by definition, litigate rather than settle. 17:49:31
Colbert Report on Cain & Homosexuality 17:42:49
What is the best place to buy silver? I want to buy some more silver american eagles and silver bars! 17:26:05
Return to real money: China to install more than 2,000 gold ATMs 17:25:38
If we could only figure out what those OWS people REALLY wanted. 17:14:42
Ron Paul Interview With Wolf Blitzer On Cnn 10 / 06 / 2011 17:10:11
Jerry Doyle on Occupy Wall Street - He Supports It 17:06:56
Paul @ 12% in Pew Research Poll sept. 22-oct.4 16:59:45
It's going to be satisfying watching the MSM eat crow when the good Dr. Ron Paul is sworn in as POTUS! 16:31:49
2012 Dream Ticket poll. 16:31:48
ron paul on wolf blitzer Now!! 16:30:11
Fox news poll: Which candidate to go against obama? 16:27:22
Is Ron Paul Todays Thomas Paine? 16:24:45
Herman Cain: A Candidate Writing His Own Campaign Rules 16:18:42
Ron Paul on the Radio (Audio Interviews) 16:08:06
NYC OWS Doomed due to Private Property Rights? 15:53:03
Do you remember Ron Paul Radio? 15:52:15
Getting Truth Information Resources To OWS-Ron Paul Activists Here Are End The Fed 15:51:15
CATO Inst. comes out in favor of ending Afghanistan war 15:49:06
WE ARE THE 99% 15:46:45
Ron Paul's chump change 15:30:50
Cato Institute - Ten Years in Afghanistan Is Enough 15:29:39
Bill O'Reilly disqualifies Ron Paul and Cain from his poll because they received too many votes! 15:21:37
CPAC 2012 Official Trailer excludes Ron Paul 15:18:02
Occupy Wall St Tampa, FL Report 15:00:04
Hank Williams Junior and PC 14:52:22
Death from Afar: The Unaccountable Killing of Anwar al-Awlaqi 14:47:51
ALERT: Ron Paul on CNN (Wolf Blitzer) in 4pm-6pm slot (EST) 14:44:56
John Stewart Asks: Why are the "OWS" protests not worthy of Tea Party respect? 14:35:30
Letters of Marque & Reprisal A War Crime? 14:28:47
15 Real Reasons why Ron Paul is so Popular 14:10:02
DAILYKOS Front Page! Secret Government Panel Can Put Americans on "Kill List" 14:07:11
Phone from Home Project UPDATE: Call-Ticker Might Be Coming! 14:00:37
RevPAC Video: Stop Policing The World! 13:56:36
Heard Any Rumors Lately About Ron Paul Supporters "Occupying" the Federal Reserve? 13:29:47
Palin and Christie both announce 'no run' within a matter of days. What does this mean? 13:21:59
Ron Paul Speaks About Steve Jobs' Death (Audio) 13:14:38
The herd is chasing! 13:12:31
Secret panel can put Americans on "kill list' 13:06:42
Ron Paul Signed Constitution, Declaration, Prints 13:01:56
How to Create a Job: Creating Value, Not Just Work 12:46:12
The Crime of Making Americans Aware of Their Own History 12:28:43
Secret panel can put Americans on "kill list' 12:26:40
Occupy the Fed Chicago 12:16:46
Occupy Wall Street-Paul Supporters Stay Clear. Please! 12:10:02
Why Dr. Paul Does Not Get Fair Shake From Media 11:57:42
Olbermann reads the REAL purpose for protest. 11:57:11
Secret Govt. Assassination Panel Selects Citizens for Death 11:31:22
Reuters: Secret panel can put Americans on "kill list" 11:12:42
Ron Paul as President 11:05:27
Women for Ron Paul! New Video. 11:00:08
Where Should I Go After Florida (Jan. 31st)? 10:28:08
Freddie Mac Fires Marshall C. Watson, but Fannie Continues to Use Firm Because it’s too Expensive to Transfer the Files 10:00:05
A Message to Occupy Wall Street 09:36:27
OWS is misguided statists 09:34:27
Is This a Big Win for the GOP - Or is it a Big Lose for the American People? You Decide. 09:24:04
Reuters - How the Kill List Works 09:11:38
Great Ron Paul Interview in the Des Moines Register 09:11:05
Five Lies of the Religious Right About Ron Paul 09:00:35
Bloomberg GOP Debate Focused on the Economy Oct. 11 @ 7P ET 08:59:35
Now without Palin and Christie threatening to join the race…We should write to them :) 08:48:09
Organizing RP videos for recruiting purposes. 08:47:11
Celente: Obama Will Win If Republicans Pick Establishment Candidate 08:32:10
Herman Cain says Wall Street Protesters are "Un-American" 07:05:31
Tea Party: Libertarians VS Social Conservatives 06:02:31
Ron Paul Should Talk About Corporate Persons 05:47:26
5 questions . for Ron Paul 05:22:23
Video idea for BTO, black out Ron in the video, change the voice 04:49:45
pink floyd 04:17:54
Next, Comes The Impeachment: Republicans Seek All White House Communication On Solyndra Since Obama Inauguration 04:00:21
Taxpayers For Ron Paul 03:35:06
Ron Paul featured in rap news video 02:27:34
Occupy Wall Street - Best Speech Yet - END THE FED! 02:00:04
Luke Rudkowski Attacked by Police, Baton to the Gut at Occupy Wall Street Protest 01:44:33
"He Won't Assassinate You" 01:42:41
Fun, delightful Ron Paul video from, uh, Spain? 00:59:22
Luke Rudkowski Attacked by Police, Baton to the Gut at Occupy Wall Street Arrests 00:58:57
Go Vote on the "Demands" 00:27:04
Must Read! The truth behind the Occupy movement. 00:12:07
History Channel's Brad Meltzer's Decoded New Episode: Investigating Fort Knox Vault. They emailed Ron Paul 4 or 5 questions. 00:08:44
Urgent from Stewart Rhodes: Give Me Your Top Ten Unconstitutional Bush Actions 18:26:14