Posted on October 7, 2011

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Paul in 3rd in NH 21:16:02
U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill 13:27:55
Truly Revolutionary: Greek city starts “rebel” barter economy and alternative currency 12:06:03
Ron Paul 2012 TV Ad: 'Start Protecting America's Borders' 10:45:02
Obama Administration orders all California medical-marijuana outlets to close 03:18:09
Daily Paul Member Dustin Reid on Freedom Watch 01:27:21
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Why doesn't Ron Paul have a Nobel Peace Price yet? 23:59:08
2 Ron Paul Issues that "Rational" Liberals have a problem with 23:33:50
The Dumbest Thing Ever Said About Gold Investments 23:03:18
How it Feels to be Ron Paul for an Hour 23:00:32
*If we built a wall on the Mexican Border 22:54:17
96-year-old Chattanooga resident denied voting ID 22:09:12
The Paul Derangement Syndrome is a serious condition.  22:03:30
food/gold standard in combination for the capital reform of currency? 21:52:57
FDA going after the supplement industry again. Letter my wife got from Biotics. 21:48:05
Ron Paul's Brother Wayne on the FED 21:43:39
Sophie Scholl - Freedom Fighter 21:18:02
Texas newspaper online-poll on ending the wars. 21:17:02
Laurence M. Vance - Five Lies of the Religious Right About Ron Paul 21:15:40
Colorado mmj law in direct conflict with the colorado constitutional ammendment 21:13:22
Know somebody that's thinking of voting for somebody else? 21:12:28
Afghan war is still only halfway, says general 20:41:13
Paul comments on unemployment, will be presenting his economic plan in the coming weeks 20:28:19
For those that seek the TRUTH, 20:14:49
FDA about ready to take dietary supplements away (for real this time) 20:12:35
Is ron paul anti-unions? 19:54:04
10 Years Later, What is the Price and are we any more Free? 19:42:35
USDA Farmers Market Sells Contaminated Food 19:14:19
CAINesian Economics 18:55:08
Who will go with me to Occupy New Orleans? 18:51:01
A Symbol of Change 18:49:30
Tom Sawyer rolls down wall street with infoguns a blazing 18:40:28
A suggestion for how Ron Paul could make the most of OWS 18:38:26
Report from Occupy Chicago! 17:58:36
This will sink Herman Cain's Campaign.Spread The Word! 17:58:07
how to bring Occupy protesters to Paul camp 17:48:40
USA.,blind,foolish and bent on her own destruction 17:19:44
WorldNetDaily gets it wrong AGAIN! Impeachment? Yes! But not for this 17:16:14
Progressives, Ron Paul, and Federalism 17:12:30
Rap News - Ron Paul vs. Peter Joseph 16:59:25
Winning the hearts and minds of the 99% 16:46:54
Ron Paul for the 99% Cards FREE Download 16:36:18
Occupy Wall Street and Collective Consciousness 16:34:44
5 Questions for RonPaul 16:32:13
Computer Virus Hits Drones : LEAD at Drudge Report 16:25:19
Wall Street Runs America 16:23:18
Occupy Wall Street/Fed, What does the DailyPaul Suggest they do?? 16:17:07
I think the "best" videos should be available for download on torrent. 16:04:10
Negatives of Each GOP Candidate 15:46:36
Rand Paul on Freedom Watch: "They're On Their iPhones, Wearing Designer Jeans" 15:35:04
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Explained in 3 Minutes: must watch 15:28:26
U.S. Had $1.3 Trillion Deficit in Fiscal 2011 14:54:04
Male Black Bear Eats Backpack and Stomps at Cameraman 14:51:32
FBI to launch nationwide Facial Recognition service 14:48:08
Iowa Caucus moved to January 3, 2012 14:47:20
GOP primary changes will make Ohio a big draw before March 6 14:30:33
10 Years of War in Afghanistan 14:11:53
My (video) response to CPAC's Ron Paul omission. 14:11:16
Flash! God Speaks To 'Willard' - Romney Says, 'God Wants Us To Lead Not Follow' 14:04:17
Old: Ron Paul Songified 13:50:13
#OccupyDC JOIN Dennis Kucinich, Walter Jones and Ron Paul. Let's bring our troops home! 13:46:48
Ron Paul puts America first 13:32:24
Zogby Poll now has Cain in the lead 13:22:53
Obama Abomination to Civil Liberties 13:02:14
Lined with Ron Paul supporters Occupy Dallas gathers outside Federal Reserve 12:57:02
How investment Banks turned housing & Student Loans into a toxic and financial disaster 12:55:53
Mike Church's Road to Independence Signs Distribution Deal with BMG 12:43:32
Debate Schedule 12:32:17
Time to shift gears 12:27:58
Romney: Century of American dominance ahead 12:06:12
Zogby poll: Cain up by 20, Paul tied with Perry 12:04:38
Herman Cain wants to confer with advisers before making decisions 11:55:28
Poll: Cain surges, opens up 20-point lead on Romney 11:41:11
New Campaign Ad - "Secure" 11:36:52
Ron Paul Campaign Stop in Eastern North Carolina - Local NBC station to cover event! 11:19:51
Don't worry about polls: Become a Delegate 11:17:26
Idea. Shock Ad showing assassination of a blogger opposing the war 11:08:21
New Paul Ad - Foreign Policy 11:07:20
Astrology Predicts Ron Paul Winning? 11:05:51
Stop wasting your time and energy with the primary process. Become a delegate. 10:57:21
Occupy Minnesota 10:48:30
This is what our tax dollars are being used for! Must see video! 10:46:26
New Ron Paul 2012 Ad: "Secure" (sneak peek!) 10:43:15
DHS moves ahead with "pre-crime" detector 10:41:48
New Ron Paul 2012 Ad 10:39:31
Forward / Back arrows - Active Forum topics 10:11:17
Obama will not be impeached 09:56:28
RU4 Liberty? Or just for Ron Paul? 09:49:23
Greenspan blows the whistle on the FED 09:37:03
Are Illegal Aliens Given Trials or Are They Just Executed on Reasonable Evidence? 09:24:30
Homeland Security moves forward with 'pre-crime' detection 09:17:52
Ren Stevens Explains How Obama Does It 09:06:41
News Media: Stop asking Dr. Paul if he'll run as an independent! 08:58:59
Lots of Ron Paul supporters at the Occupy Cleveland FED protest. Thank you! 08:53:12
The 1% and Ron Paul's next campaign ad 08:06:04
Drudge: Rand Paul: Obama’s Rhetoric Could Turn ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Violent 08:05:23
Matt Taibbi: Attorneys General Settlement: The Next Big Bank Bailout? 07:35:03
Libertarian Wall Street Protestors Demand End to the Fed 07:21:57
Got interviewed by BBC and Associated Press at #OccupyCleveland 07:08:10
The Truth About The 99%: An Interview With Occupy Boston 06:45:09
Occupy The Fed "dot" TV 06:23:33
Michael Savage Agrees with Ron Paul on al-Awlaki Assassination 06:20:58
Ron Paul: US could target journalists for killing 06:17:47
Afghanistan War: Ex-Commander Stanley McChrystal Says U.S. Started War With 'Frighteningly Simplistic' View Of Country 06:08:59
Youtube launches channel for 2012 Presidential Race 06:06:05
Hundreds in Vancouver Protest and Demand Arrest of Dick Cheney 06:02:22
Counterfeiters Love Democracy! 04:27:58
Obama admits nobody pays taxes voluntarily - Peter Schiff Show (listen up, Harry Reid) 03:34:51
Tim Robbins joins Occupy Wall Street movement 02:21:18
Assassinating the Constitution by Jack Hunter 02:16:44
It's time we got Rowdy!!!! 01:40:00
Adam VS Ron Paul bashing occupiers 01:21:20
Ron Paulian tries to Occupy Wall Street. 00:54:59
Constitutional Role of Judges, Senate Judiciary Committee, Oct 5, 2011 00:39:54
Media Blackout: Gary Johnson on Stage with Ron Paul 00:35:22
Compilation video of National Press Club speech 00:15:33
Federal & Local Law Enforcement Agencies Try to Take Family Motel from Innocent Owners 00:05:44
Talking points/sound bites/suggestions for Next 2 debates Oct 11 and Oct 18 00:04:47
Occupy "your hometown." 09:05:57