Posted on October 1, 2011

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When the President can kill whoever he wants 11:30:32
"Ron Paul has the strongest political ground game in Iowa." 11:04:51
Romney secretly and illegally funded Perry 03:40:40
Alert! Blue Democrats, Independents, Democrats in NEW YORK 01:55:31
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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Take Brooklyn Bridge 400+ Arrested HD 23:50:39
Return of Recession Inevitable. "It's going to get a lot worse" 23:47:46
Ron Paul Makes Little Girl Cry 23:47:33
Redirected aggression, retaliation and the TSA Psychology Today 23:23:13
Just turned 4 years old today.Thanks everybody! 23:13:59
Ron Educates Hostile Audience in NH 23:03:09
Ron Paul makes little girl cry. 22:37:24
The Big One: October 19th. Mark Your Calendar! 22:36:33
11 year old girl gives speech at political rally: "Who Inspires Me" she chose RON PAUL (Ron is there!) 22:34:19
The Magna Carta 22:28:34
Ron Paul Revolution banner on hwy 480 in Cleveland, OH 22:15:23
Weekend Viewing:"Debtocracy" 1hr15min (Subtitles) 22:15:20
Ron Paul Limericks 21:45:14
Historians Politely Remind Nation To Check What's Happened In Past Before Making Any Big Decisions 21:43:21
Ron Paul on 'Al Punto' Spanish-language Political Talk Show 21:30:22
Recognize Rights, Protect the Innocent 21:27:39
How many here ran for office? 21:20:20
Mercola, Health Freedom Plan 21:16:09
Obama Supporters "Occupy" DC (Adam vs The Man) 21:10:21
Large Scale Banner Project 21:10:13
Addressing Common Concerns with Ron Paul 21:02:28
Roseanne Barr:END THE FED! 21:01:51
Censorship by The Main Stream Media and the Ron Paul Revolution and It's Not Just in the United States 20:39:24
VIDEO: F*ck the Fed Protest at Boston Fed 20:31:08
Should C-Span’s Washington Journal invite Ron Paul to address his Assassination Views? 20:24:08
Any thoughts? 20:19:48
Is the War on Terror a Hoax?Paul Craig Roberts 19:48:56
They fight for us, we must fight for them. 19:45:24
No love for Rick Perry in Austin, TX 19:42:52
Ron Paul on Biography Channel 19:19:03
Tax Solution for Guilty Millionaires and Billionaires 19:06:27
Ron Paul introduced the “Citizens Protection Act of 2011”H.R. 2613) 19:00:19
Marines To Join Occupy Wall Street? 18:51:04
Occupy Wall Street Official Demands 18:50:37
Celebrity endorsement from Robert Redford 18:18:30
Need some help, Have a few students at Case Western Reserve University ,Want to help Ron 17:19:31
Anwar Awlaki Never Actually a Member of al-Qaeda (they interviewed him once though) 17:11:02
If you strike me down, I shall become 17:09:40
Gary Johnson: Awlaki was 'entitled to due process' 17:07:33
Anonymous Video-Very positive 16:42:25
TheOnion Back In 2008:"Ron Paul Promises To Return When Country Needs Him Most" 16:25:40
Ron Paul supporters show up to Occupy L.A. 16:24:37
Made a video about Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones today.Share it if you like it. 16:03:34
Check out Alexa website traffic rankings! 15:56:54
RAP NEWS 9 The Economy w. Ron Paul Peter Joseph -Is this an attack on Ron Paul? 15:37:45
Peace vs. War: The Choice is Clear 15:18:45
Santorum the loser! 15:17:26
"It's not where the buck stops, but where it starts!" 15:12:15
Verizon sues to overturn 'net neutrality' rules 14:55:29
My friend has died. 14:43:01
Austrian Economists should educate #OccupyWallStreet 14:31:00
$8M Quarter for Ron?! 14:26:34
Please invite congressman Ron Paul to your show. 14:15:18
Recall how Ron Paul explained blowback FBI, security officials warn of possible retaliation over al-Awlaki killing 14:13:54
Is Chris Christie the neocon's last hope, someone explain what's going on? 14:05:27
Rush:Barry Soetoro' elected with 'no identity documents' 14:05:20
Jordan Page's new Ron Paul 2012 Anthem is NOW AVAILABLE 14:04:44
How opinion polls are fraud and engineered to specific outcomes 13:57:30
Response to Brent Budowsky: Ron Paul is a Big Bank's Nightmare 13:48:28
Ron Paul Got Sucked In: So Did We 13:16:42
Obama's Assassination Policy and Donald Vance 13:08:10
Yahoo! Ticker: The Recession is Going to Get A lot Worse" 13:08:10
Rick Santorum hits Ron Paul over al-Awlaki 12:58:05
CIA News: A Brief History of Media Manipulation by U.S. Intelligence 12:32:05
Ron Paul: I Will Preserve Medicare 12:21:32
Come you masters of war 12:21:28
Video: Trader admits Goldman ruling the world..warns to be prepared within the next 12 months 12:15:37
I want to be a doctor! 12:03:16
Work to do. 11:57:22
Rachael Maddow: Fair Coverage on Assassination/Civil Protections [VIDEO] 11:57:17
Answering the supposed mandate to defend Israel 11:48:37
Anwar Al-Awlaki's Oxbow Incident 11:40:24
Researchers Hack Voting Machine for $26 11:12:13
Charles Koch: Social Security for me, but not for thee 09:58:53
via Politico: Jesse Benton "No time for the bottom tier" 09:40:42
Unmanned Predator taxis before patrolling Canada-U.S. border 09:36:44
Ron Paul: I Will Preserve Medicare 09:24:52
Remember, Remember 09:07:18
The United States vs. The Weimar Republic: We live in dangerous times! 08:34:39
Thanks wall st. protestors, America now getting occupied 07:26:41
Peter Schiff On the Recent Gold Pullback 07:21:05
The Cult of Reagan, and Other Neocon Follies (Tom Woods) 07:10:48
Gary North on the United States of Banks 06:57:44
Is the War on Terror a Hoax? by Paul Craig Roberts 06:55:21 Recruitment Cards 05:39:23
Early state GOP Voters seek signs of electability 05:35:16
Ron Paul recruitment cards 05:28:28
Occupy Boston Protest Ends at Fed 05:08:54
POLL Should U.S. kill citizens overseas without affording them due process? 80% say yes! 03:59:11
HOLY COW! Ya'll see this? 03:47:11
Ron Paul restoring power to the states! 03:34:13
Herman Cain calls Ron Paul a grumpy old man!WTF? 03:29:37
Add Ron Paul and Daily Paul to Your Revolution Circle 03:20:27
Herman Cain attended NACC North American Union 03:19:24
Who was the last person who changed the world through peace? 02:47:16
Biggest moneybomb so far is coming! 02:37:10
Podcast mentions Ron Paul 02:30:19
NBC Question Ron Paul About Assassination By Dictate. 01:21:26
Ron Paul on Hulu 00:51:50
Looks like a good fund raising Idea if meetup has 25 members.. 00:48:53
Ron Paul Is a True Man -R. Kipling 00:33:19