Posted on October 11, 2011

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10/18/11: Ron Paul on CNBC; CNN; Fox News 4pm; Debate 8pm ET; Moneybomb at Midnight! 10:47:11
Ron Paul Calls Out Herman Cain For Lie Over Fed Audit During GOP Debate 22:21:51
Sign Bomb a Success! Here is What's Next! 16:06:33
Caucus 2012: Economists debate Paul's gold standard policy 13:57:55
Another Ron Paul Supporter Railing Against the Fed at OWS 00:27:17
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Ron Paul National DVD Education Bomb! 23:58:24
Paul is probably the most capitalist candidate ever in American history.. 23:56:14
Paul's Eyebrow: Vote this article DOWN, here [link] 23:51:07
What if we became flip floppers. 23:38:44
GOP Debate: Ron Paul Calls Out Herman Cain For Lie Over Fed Audit 23:36:19
To the person who came up to me in the airport yesterday: 23:33:28
Everyone I Spoke To At The Occupy DC Protest Said They Were Voting For Ron Paul! -Freedom Watch 23:26:51
Herman Cain's 666 plan 23:22:22
Time For A Ron Paul Third Party Revolution! 23:18:23
Facebook Poll - Cain Winning 23:12:37
CA prisoners in private prison in Oklahoma 23:09:55
Dr. Paul, can you hear me? 23:05:19
Blue Collar Ron Paul Supporter 22:55:15
Bill Still Announces Presidential Candidacy 22:52:04
0-0-0. Ron Paul One-Ups Herman Cain's 9-9-9. 22:49:21
From Huffpost: Cain caught in blatant lie during debate. 22:46:00
Post-Debate Polls 22:43:36
HuffPo covers Paul Calling out Cain's FED lies 22:33:30
Poll 22:32:17
Ron Paul vs Herman Cain 22:25:34
the Real Reason for Iraq, Libya and why Iran, or Syria is next (hint: it's the Fed) 22:23:31
Ron Paul Straw poll results thus far. 22:17:29
From the censored boards at Bloomberg 22:14:50
Herman Cain Lies, You Know What To Do 21:36:43
How to Run a Winning Political Campaign: Fight Back Fast 21:29:23
Ron Paul is a gentleman 21:18:14
Host a Debate For Ron Paul? 21:01:28
NEW Ron Paul Anti-WAR Site! 20:24:23
Clever rap News video 19:40:53
Herman Cain Flip-Flop List 19:28:13
Occupy Yourself: How To Fight Corporatism 19:14:43
A Real Plan To Handle The Media - Join Them 19:13:47
Bloomberg debate coverage has started - 7pm Eastern. 19:03:08
Idea: Ron Paul direct responses to Youtubers 18:43:42
Christie legitimizes Ron Paul, Shows Establishment's Concern Over Paul's Effective Campaign 18:34:39
Raw Story: Marines tell Hannity to F. off! 18:33:49
A painting I did for our local Ron Paul Grassroots Headquarters 18:31:36
Christie legitimizes Ron Paul, Shows Establishment's Concern Over Paul's Effective Campaign 18:29:38
Audio: Hannity complains to Rand Paul that Ron Paul has been attacking him and won't come on the show 18:20:28
Here we go again 18:04:36
BREAKING : Romney’s Advisers Met With Obama to Help Craft "Obamacare" 17:50:19
Seating at the debate. Do NOT Sit Together. 17:27:18
Saudi Arabia. Let us not enter war with Iran. 17:23:08
Paul vs Cain 17:20:36
Put on the full armor of God for the devils defeat 17:02:02
When will the "Also Rans" go home leaving Ron Paul to debate Mitt Romney and maybe X? 16:55:51
Iran Tied To Potential Hit On Saudi Ambassador In US 16:54:55
Ron Paul Sign Bomb - Madison County Illinois 16:52:18
Stirring piece about the USS Liberty false flag 16:46:42
Occupy Boise interview: "End the Fed, stop the wars." 16:40:54
When torture is necessary. 16:20:47
American Patriot Party 16:16:15
Paul Maintains Top Tier Status In New Hampshire, Perry Plummets 16:11:08
Fed Chairman Cain ran for President in 2000 (0 delegates) 16:07:53
Phone Polls are Obsolete, Ron Paul is the Real Front Runner 15:56:58
#OccupyDC Storms the Senate, chanting "End War Now!" 15:56:31
Ron Paul Candidate Profile 15:51:14
Hank Williams new "Keep the Change!" 15:01:23
Ron Paul Maintains Top Tier Status in New Hampshire Perry Plummets 14:58:44
Ron Paul Sign Bomb Hits America! 14:50:27
WW three : Holder: US Will Hold Iran Accountable 14:21:25
Christie endorses Romney 14:20:12
Spamming facebook for Ron 14:03:46
Register Republican 14:01:08
Ron Paul's Closing Statement for tonight's debate 13:54:23
Nashville Occupy participants trying to push Fed issue out. need help/advice 13:48:39
The Best Ron Paul Video Ever ! 13:44:11
T-Shirts mugs stickers etc. 13:17:08
Breaking 1:00 pm et: Chris Christie Endorses ObamaCare Adviser Romney 13:14:10
Romney Advisers Helped the White House Draft Health Care Reform 13:05:36
OWS = Anti-American 12:55:45
Who Actually Owns the Fed and Why That Must End 12:35:06
Wall Street protests to target NYC millionaires' homes 12:32:02
Who Actually Owns the Fed and Why That Must End 12:31:50
Will Bloomberg host a fair debate tonight? Or are we in for more of the same? 12:27:52
Another Ron Paul Smear in the media 12:13:30
Memo to Republican National Committee: Give Us Ron Paul or We Will Give You Obama 12:08:10
Why the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street Should Cooperate 12:07:46
Wow , can the ignoring by the media get any more obvious than this 12:07:22
Time to step it up RON! 12:04:41
[Video] Tom Woods Hosts Schiff Show- Special Guest Judge Napolitano 12:04:18
Newsflash: There isn't going to be another terrorist attack 11:59:02
Question about changing Party Affiliation in NY? 11:52:40
Occupy Wall Street TRUTH! (message to young protestors) 11:41:41
Tom Woods: Guest Hosting the Peter Schiff Show Thursday 11:41:37
Is Ron Paul Sandbagging? 11:39:57
Facebook censorship 11:17:21
Locally, OWS = HCEC 11:09:35
Echoes of Ron Paul 10:59:59
Torture is Systemic in Afghan Prisons 10:53:35
Your Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is About to Get Much More Expensive 10:35:53
Pulpit Freedom Sunday: Pastors Defying IRS 10:31:44
Naked Statues for Ron Paul 2012 10:28:27
Epic Kid Bullhorning for Ron Paul 2012 10:24:56
Old school view of occupy with a R.P. spin 10:24:47
FYI Daily Paul has a Chat 10:21:08
How well do you know Romney? 10:15:04
Educating OCCUPYWALLSTREET in Nashville, TN 10:12:58
Hank Jr Puts out free song bashing Fox and Obama USSA 10:09:25
Apple to Hold Day of Celebration for Jobs on Oct. 19th 09:54:38
IT'S getting ugly! 09:46:37
NBC Marist polls Paul third in Iowa and second in NH 09:12:59
One week until the HUGE BlackThisOut Moneybomb. Have you pledged? 09:12:05
Does anyone have any campaign material from RP 1988? 08:58:59
Signs! Signs! Come get your FREE Signs! 08:54:30
Paul, Bachmann, Cain. The real top tier? Votes don't lie. 08:13:34
Romney, "There's a lot of reasons not to elect me"! 07:30:26
For Sale: 2 sequential $100 Trillion Zimbabwe banknotes featuring Ron Paul's signature! 07:24:20
A Dangerous Precedent: New Article by Ron Paul 06:59:13
The Cart is Uselessly Before the Horse 06:44:14
Occupy our schools 06:17:27
Ron Paul Revolution Austin Chapter 05:03:31
Lamar Smith Primary Challenge?? 04:44:41
Calif. Governor Veto Allows Warrantless Cellphone Searches 04:29:08
Question: If Ron Paul Gets Elected What Would You Say About Assination Possibility? 03:27:52
Beware the call of Direct Democracy 03:01:28
TYT: Ron Paul Wins Value Voters Summit Straw Poll 02:51:05
Last 150 Stickers from Ron Paul Designs just for $29. 02:27:31
From Prophet to President - Fantastic Vid to Share 01:51:19
Ron Paul vs Obama-ThyBlackMan 01:50:38
#OccupyDC Ron Paul Ad - Peace NOW! 01:49:29
WAR vs. PEACE! Another Great RP Article from ThyBlackman: Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama… 01:42:50
Registered Just To Post This - What Woke You Up To Ron Paul? 01:16:38
Breaking: Occupy Boston Stand-off, Tea Party Members Have Joined. Please call Mayor, BPD 01:10:35
Some Tips for the Phone from Home Project 01:01:46
UNGRIP - Full Length Movie Documentary 2011 00:53:41
Obama impeachment 00:41:32
Gerald Celente Predicted This 00:38:13