Posted on October 12, 2011

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CS Monitor: Iran NOT a major threat 19:23:55
Building the Truth: Paul vs. Cain (New video) 18:03:04
The Rock The r3volution Tour Needs A PR Person To Donate A Little Time To Us! 22:52:09
Tom Woods: What Ron Paul Could Ask Herman Cain 14:51:32
Judge Nap is BLACKED OUT! 12:59:19
Something smells funny. 13:33:55
Alex Jones "They are trying to label the Occupy Movement as communist to divide Americans!" 15:13:56
Ron Paul Double Pwns Herman Cain and Disses Alan Greenspan 06:42:42
Republican strategist: "Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination" 07:53:57
Switch Party Affiliation to Republican to Vote for Ron Paul! NY & NH deadline FRIDAY October 14TH!! - Check your state here. 18:54:57
Bloomberg / Washington Post GOP Debate - Ron Paul Highlights 10:04:03
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Oh Romney. 23:53:58
NH Primary Dec. 6 or Dec. 13 23:46:16
WRLC and CNN debate in Nevada 10/18..discounted tickets here! Update 23:41:49
Ron Paul in third place nationally in Reuters poll, ahead of Perry 23:40:49
Ron Paul Halloween Masks! Finally! 23:31:50
Visa, MasterCard Accused of Price Fixing by ATM Operators 23:27:06
Were Judge Napolitano's hands tied on the Herman Cain Fed reserve Lies? 23:26:44
The 11th Hour Moneybomb 11/11/11 23:12:50
Ron Paul - the GREATEST interview ever! 23:11:08
Judge debunks latest Iran plot 23:06:00
Obama Coming To Asheville NC 22:51:11
If Ron Paul was a Founding Father (Time Lapse Video) 22:41:41
They want us to go to WAR with Iran - Do the Right Thing to Stop War with Iran (Video) 22:40:25
The “very scary” Iranian Terror plot 22:30:54
Paul to meet with LePen - political stupidity 22:21:07
Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Presidential Forum Saturday the 22nd!! 22:15:51
Lets Plan a Monthly Sign Bomb! 22:12:14
Hannity tonight 22:09:14
Video - 'New' Afghan Military in Action 22:08:57
Candidate Face Time at Debates 22:04:19
Night of the Living Fed Part 1&2 21:57:17
Donation App For OWS Protesters 21:56:31
5 Reasons Why Herman Cain Would Make a Bad President 21:51:34
IMAGE - Ron Paul "The Exorcist" 21:40:02
Cain's 9-9-9 Plan Will Raise Taxes On The Poor & Massively Cut Taxes For Rich People 21:29:13
Occupy Portland - riot police 21:27:20
New Hampshire Considering December 6th Primary Date 21:25:20
Here we go already with the backfire 21:20:24
Romney's connections to elitist organizations Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations 21:07:16
Goldman May Drop Bank Status Over Volcker Rule 21:07:14
"999," Is Already Being Dismantled - Herman Cain's One Trick Pony Will Not Fly 20:57:50
Fact-checking Cain - Bloomberg Debate 20:46:27
Mitt Romney's economic advisor Mankiw's 10 principles, exploded in funny fashion 20:40:26
Foreign Policy is EVERYTHING 20:26:50
Reuters/Ipsos: Ron Paul at 13%, Rick Perry at 10% 20:13:26
I tried to warn everyone about Cain months ago, now where is he at in the polls? 20:12:57
Occupation Of The Fed [By Chinese Military] 20:10:00
If Cain is beginning to implode, that should leave Paul vs Romney. Then Dr Paul begins educating America on the economy/jobs. 19:59:42
Poll: Herman Cain Leads Mitt Romney By 8 Points 19:53:37
CBS POLL: Paul Losing 19:47:37
Help me get the word out! Herman Cain uses Liberals' tactics to supress the truth 19:47:06
Greatly inspiring video updated, commemorating signbomb etc. 19:46:42
One of Florida's Largest Counties to Stop Adding Fluoride to Water 19:45:08
New Hampshire Primary December 6? 19:39:57
Foreign policy ammunition for Ron Paul 19:37:35
The Origin of the Income Tax 19:27:00
Can Romney survive this? 18:55:07
Harrisburg, PA - files for bankruptcy 18:49:26
Ron Paul "billboard market saturation" T-shirts for sale 18:36:33
The head of France's far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen wants to meet Ron Paul 18:14:51
Great news: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to Re-air Ron Paul interview from 9/26 tonight! 18:02:17
Terence Mckenna on the Drug War (Two Primary Reasons) 18:01:19
American Spectator Hit Piece and Iran Assassination Plot 17:40:27
Judicial Watch Sues Department of Justice and ATF for Documents Pertaining to ATF’s “Fast and Furious” 17:33:33
New Reuters/Ipsos Poll - Paul in 3rd behind Romney and Cain 17:23:02
I need good resources on Environmental Protection without the EPA 17:20:51
Infowars Insider Reports On GOP Strategist Saying That Paul Can Win GOP Nomination 17:18:34
HuffPo : The Corrupt History of Corporate Personhood 17:13:10
Illinois Straw Pollers! Here's our chance to rack up another WIN for RP 17:12:40
Defending the American Dream Summit - Ron Paul Invited - Nov 4-5 17:09:14
P-P-P Poll Has Paul @ 5% Gingrich @ 15% 17:08:02
How to Cut the 2011 Federal Budget by 2/3 and Have a $1.3 Trillion Surplus 17:06:22
NC Rep. Likes Ron Paul 16:52:46
Facebookers 16:51:50
Herman Cain labels people calling the Housing Bubble "ignorant". Source Right Here. 16:46:37
How incapable do they think we are? 16:45:07
Iran War Drums Beating 16:44:05
Olive Garden: American flag display would disrupt dining experience 16:39:16
The Federal Reserve POLL! 16:27:21
The Origins of OWS "Occupy Wall Street: A Globalist Op?" 16:22:59
What Ron Paul could ask Herman Cain - Tom Woods 16:17:04
What's up with the Ron Paul pic in the Secure America's Border Banner Ad? 15:58:30
How Mitt Romney's Health-Care Experts Helped Design Obamacare 15:24:18
Spreading the message 15:22:42
Meet the Occupiers of the Federal Reserve 15:22:18
Who's Getting Inside the Western Debate? Who's holding signs outside? 15:22:04
Rick Sanitarium adds on Daily Paul? 15:18:40
Jimmy Carter endorses Mitt Romney! 15:16:29
Jimmy Carter endorses Mitt Romney! 15:15:02
Here's an RNC Poll I got today - VOTE! 15:10:42
Help Ron Paul in this Online Poll 15:09:38
Is Herman Cain turning out to be the Republican Obama? 15:08:58
After the "IT" hits the fan, Lessons from Argentina 15:02:50
Limbaugh: GOP Conservative Base Doesn't Want Romney 14:39:56
Herman Cain Exposed: The Federal Reserve Chairman 14:24:26
Fallacious Rhetoric against the Tea Party 14:14:27
"The Beginning is Near" 14:07:14
Armed Chinese Troops in Texas! 13:54:25
100 Reasons for Ron Paul [videos] 13:52:22
This ruined my day. There is no hope for these people. 13:50:30
Coalitions: Recipes for Success 13:42:35
End the Fed - Literally Overnight - No Joke 13:40:58
Rasmussen: Romney 41%, Obama 43%; Cain 39%, Obama 42%, Perry 35%, Obama 49% 13:31:10
The 9-9-9 Plan Defunds Social Security and Medicare! 13:17:47
Breaking News: Subpoena Sent to DOJ on Govt Gun Running Operation - Judge Napolitano 13:13:05
Gallup: At 77%, Herman Cain Leads GOP Field in Favorable Rating 13:06:02
Hip Hop artist Sole, " I think I'm Ben Bernanke 12:56:36
Want to Kill the 9-9-9 Idea? Just Show That It's Phase One of the 23% Fair Tax. He Says So on His Own Site 12:42:49
Iowa State Daily: Under Paul presidency, welfare programs safe for those already dependent 12:42:20
Need help on how to respond to Cain supporter showing Ron Paul lies too 12:40:57
Post Debate Poll Herman Cain currently leading 12:39:41
Vote for Ron in this Poll, he needs help 12:39:05
Proposed: OWS & Ron Paul Demand Full Fed Audit Before Election 12:36:02
Mitt Romney's Economic Adviser: Gregory Mankiw is a Keynesian 12:32:21
Death of Dollar by 2012!! Lindsey Williams Prediction (2011) 12:19:08
Help get "End the Fed" on the Occupy Goals List! 12:18:39
Ron Paul Supporters Follow Me (Monroe County and WNY) 12:18:11
How Dr. Ron Paul won the debate again ! 12:17:19
How Ron Paul Won the Debate 12:16:03
Call Family Research Council and tell them you are withdrawing support 12:09:08
Deadlines 12:06:43
Ron Paul wins Bloomberg readers poll as best candidate on the economy 11:53:12
FRC Family Research Council called me last night asking for money 11:50:50
Occupy America events found in 1,400-plus cities 11:44:59
Could the FED actually be breaking the law? 11:27:28
Romney ads on 11:25:20
Under Ron Paul presidency, Welfare programs Safe for those already Dependent 11:03:51
Canada Pursues U.S.-Style Security and Foreign Policy 10:50:37
Fed Insider Cain Caught In Brazen Debate Lie 10:43:57
Black This Out! Bomb Oct 19th 10:34:53
Fox Poll - Who Won last night's Republican Debate? 10:22:19
New Poll this guy was bashing Ron and promoting Cain Vote now 09:59:49
Dartmouth Student praises Dr. Paul 09:59:06
FBI + Olympics + Mitt Romney = Corruption in New Mexico 09:49:13
Herman Cain Forums freaking out over Judge video : Everyone I spoke too at Occupy DC said they are voting for Ron Paul HAHAHA! 09:47:36 Somebody Put Up This Website Now! 09:36:27
Cain=Koch brothers 09:34:30
More proof of media Bias at Bloomberg Debate 09:25:52
Google Hands Wikileaks Volunteers Gmail Data to U.S. Government 09:22:22
US Ties Iranian Operatives to a Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador 09:06:45
Q&A w/ Tom Woods & Rj Harris 10/27 - 09:00:58
Ron Paul interviewed by Christianity Today after Values Voter Win 08:48:33
Check out my Ron Paul interview on the BBC 08:44:01
9 9 9 "take a close look" 08:22:44
Overlooked Straw Poll in Louisiana 08:22:19
Peter Schiff’s Outlook for Gold & More QE 08:05:15
George W. Bush Talks About Forcing Democracy in Middle East 07:27:44
Ron Paul 2012 "Think Different" Commercial 06:41:58
Occupy Denver March Upon the City 10-8-11 06:18:24
Republican strategist predicts "Ron paul could win" 06:08:16
Cain Says He's "Thankful to Ron Paul" 05:41:24
Meet Rich Lowrie, Herman Cain's Mystery Economic Adviser, a Romney Supporter 04:57:49
Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs radio 10/11/2011 04:44:20
Will Bachmann Be The Next To Drop Out? 04:33:31
The Problem With These Debates SO FAR 04:27:16
Occupy Wall Street: Day One "END THE FED" 04:17:48
People are coming around. 04:11:24
Problem with! Request Confirmation 03:54:35
Herman Cain: Federal Reserve Audit Unnecessary - Ron Paul 2012 Video Release 03:32:11
Black This Out Moneybomb UPDATE! A must read for every Ron Paul supporter! 03:29:18
Anonymous, Guy Fawkes-Occupy Wall Street dilemma, Jesuit connection 03:03:18
Video: Newt Gingrich on Fox News after debate - recognizes Ron Paul's efforts to audit the Fed 02:36:11
How to Capitalize from Cain's Lie. 02:25:18
Washington Post article says Cain's answer on Federal Reserve was "disingenuous at best" 02:15:40
Did Herman Cain Lie about the Federal Reserve? Video 01:55:17
Stats for Bloomberg Debate: Dr. Paul robbed again. 01:21:22
Debate Questions/Time Tabulation? 01:15:00
How about a None-None-None Plan? 01:14:44
Why Did Herman Cain Lie? 01:08:25
When the fox administers justice the chickens will always be found guilty 01:06:09
9+9+9=9 and 6+6+6=9 01:00:15
What Have They Done With Ron Paul? 00:55:07
An example of how smart Cain really is on economics. 00:29:37
Crony capitalism continues: Underhanded bailout to Chrysler/Fiat (Peter Schiff Show) 00:17:30
Video Update : Did Cain out Flip Romney or did Ron Paul Face Plant the Fed? 00:09:21
Ron Paul's closing statement 00:07:56