Posted on October 13, 2011

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Ron Paul says he will not join other candidates in boycotting Nevada caucus 19:32:32
UPDATED: Revolution PAC "Plastic Men" Ad To Air Before Next Debate on CNN! 19:26:35
Rand Paul and other Senators Unveil Jobs Through Growth Act 16:28:44
Fox: California’s Medical Marijuana Industry Getting Stoned (Now Supporting Ron Paul!) 17:54:09
2012 GOP Race shaped entirely around ignoring Ron Paul 13:39:02
Mark Larsen: Blowback for Romney in NYC 14:55:41
BTO is Exploding On Facebook! WE need your help ASAP! 14:48:10
MSNBC sets up Ron Paul while challenging Herman Cain 18:30:58
What Have They Done with Ron Paul? 11:18:13
Senate Passes Currency Manipulation Legislation 08:20:47
Doug Wead on the importance of the BTO moneybomb 01:59:26
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OWS Bank Transfer Day Nov. 5th (Close national bank accounts - move to credit unions) 23:58:32
'Is The New World Order Unraveling?' 23:52:02
"The Wisconsin judge who recently ruled that we have no right to own a cow or drink its milk 23:50:42
Michael Nordstrom, why are you allowing Cain ads on your site? 23:46:20
Interesting stuff here, hope you all will read, and go to this site 23:30:12
Radio Host Interviews mitt romney then calls him an a-hole ! Live ON AIR !! Changes his vote to Ron Paul on the spot! 23:26:44
Grassroots Idea for the Primaries 23:21:34
Herman Cain 23:05:28
Get Ron Paul to Wall Street,. now? Please? 22:52:09
Really good RP video 22:44:21
A Hundred Words 22:40:08
Herman Cain Exposed: Economically Incompetent 22:31:54
Iranian Terror Plot: Fake, Fake, Fake 22:29:35
An Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street- Freedom Watch 10/13 22:23:54
Herman Cain Admits He "Missed" Economic Crisis 22:23:42
Need some help on the Fed 22:22:18
Hermain Cain Questions the Integrity of Ron Paul's Eyebrows 22:21:47
Calling all video producers !! 21:59:07
Ron Paul needs his own 9-9-9 21:48:29
Ron Paul Not Welcome At Occupy 21:41:14
Popular Email Circulating About Herman Cain 21:38:34
Ron Paul should speak to Occupy Wall Street 21:35:59
The Judge and OWS! Someone please post his comments 21:07:08
We fabricated drug charges vs. innocent people to meet arrest quotas former detective testifies 20:55:49
October 18 Debate - The Obvious Iran Question - How Should Ron Paul Approach It? 20:48:28
New Ron Paul Poster (Captain America) 20:26:52
Did anyone notice Jon Stewart last night? Re-ran Ron Paul interview. 20:21:23
Broaden the Tent, Support the Occupy Movement! 20:21:15
Ron Paul Vs Herman Cain Must See Video! 20:02:46
Lead the Occupy 20:01:59
The Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) smears Occupy Wall Street as Anti-Semitic 20:00:17
Get your popcorn ready. 19:59:18
Can someone help me with a graphic for stickers? 19:17:57
THis Is so WEIRD. Huntsman/Romney Kinfolk?? 18:47:10
ZONATION: Herman Cain Is Black and He Doesn't Smoke Crack 18:46:58
Occupy Wall Street may be the Fly in the Illuminati's Ointment! 18:39:25
9-9-9 Analysis 18:33:17
Cain's 999 Plan - From Sim City? 18:30:50
Huge Ron Paul supporter, Jeremy Sands, representing the 1% at Occupy Spartanburg, SC 18:25:09
New Cain Vs Paul Video on Ron Paul's Site 18:12:16
:THIS IS THE Freedom of choice: 18:11:59
This is going VIRAL - Black Your Eyes Out 18:07:38
cain wants rubio or demint as his VP 18:04:12
Occupy Spartanburg SC: Obama supporter will vote for Ron Paul in the Primary! 17:53:00
Low Down on Romney (and all the other non-RP candidates) 17:34:38
Did You Hear It? 17:30:12
Smear Attempt: Ron Paul Is Wrong About The Fifth Amendment 17:25:34
Herman Cain admits he misread the financial crisis, did not see housing bubble. 17:22:32
Ron Paul's Hard Work on the Campaign 17:22:17
Herman Cain vs. Ron Paul On Predicting The Economic Collapse (video) 17:21:55
'Grimm' blowback for Romney endorsement in NYC 17:20:59
The Black Walnut Story 17:19:17
OWS and Oppositional Defiant Disorder 16:51:09
What would Perpetual Vetoes look like on the National Stage 16:49:47
Is Obama Admin Fabricating Iranian Assassination Plot To Distract From Fast & Furious Investigation? 16:46:27
Obama forced to address petition to pardon Marc Emery 16:46:03
Why are you supporting Ron Paul? 16:39:20
More from Jeffrey Lord 16:34:19
VIDEO: Does the media manipulate the political process? 16:30:34
Fact Check! Herman Cain’s Ice Cream Meltdown 16:24:41
Cornucopia Institute: Cereal Crimes 16:20:31
How to get Herman Cain to lose support with his conservative base? 15:42:44
Herman Cain Vs. Ron Paul: Fix The Fed, or End The Fed? 15:32:04
MSBNC - Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan is simple: most will simply pay more 15:28:21
I have an Idea 15:21:10
Ron Paul Art Found: Equates Him to Batman in Superhero Awesomeness 15:17:14
Building the Truth about the Federal Reserve (Paul vs Cain) 15:13:41
Long time lurker joining in the BTO money bomb :) 15:10:32
Place "My Candidate For President" Articles in local newspapers throughout the country. 14:55:12
Israel is the reason why we are constantly fighting an uphill battle. 14:50:13
Attention authors of children's books. 14:42:39
Help Keep The Rock The r3volution Tour On The Road And Support Liberty Artists At The Same Time! 14:39:12
GerryMandering, Have you heard of it ? 14:32:49
To All Of The Talk Radio Show Callers - Please Read This 14:31:28
Judge Napolitano on facebook is blacking out some of his words and 14:15:42
Ron Paul on NFIB Confrence Call 14:15:41
5% in the latest Rasmussen Poll 14:08:28
Thyblackman: Barack vs. Ron 13:51:22
Mr. Cain, who do you turn to? 13:47:13
update your facebook photo/avatar with black this out! 13:41:19
The Bernank is scared of bears and Ron Paul 13:38:37
What will need to happen to get Ron to the TOP? 13:33:02
Lawmakers seek Probe on Banks' new Debit Card Fees 13:30:52
Media bias video: Ron Paul Black this out 13:26:33
Ron Paul's Immigration Policy Means a Vibrant America! 13:13:14
Love-fest for Herman Cain grows as his supporters support the FED 13:10:03
Paul's Electability Odds Still Far Surpass Cain and Gingrich 13:09:05
Bank Transfer Day Nov 5 13:07:57
Start a "Research your candidate or die" committee. 13:07:08
Herman Cain & Hillary Clinton: More In Common Than You Think 12:31:39
Herman Cain: Another Establishment Hack (Video/Audio) 12:29:04
ET disclosure: a 20-day scenario ends on Halloween 12:23:59
Rand Paul Battles EPA Head On 12:19:58
We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former detective testifies 12:19:04
FLASH !! Alex Jones : Key Pentagon Sources Say Israel Will Attack Iran Within 2 Weeks 12:16:35
Jobs Bill was Created to Fail 12:15:47
please comment ON this cain article! thanks 12:01:42
Obama: Feds To Go After Newspapers, Radio For Medical Marijuana Ads 11:52:09
Sorry - but this story from Daily Beast on 999 and Revolution for the Rich needs exposure! 11:47:41
There Is Such A Person 11:44:42
The "I went to OWS and did this" thread - Ron Paul supporters in the 99% 11:26:40
Rick Santorum ad on this site 11:21:39
The Problem with Mitt Romney is: What ? 11:21:28
Possible World Changing New Movie Coming Out -Premieres 11.11.11- 11:20:01
MSNBC: Tax group: 9-9-9, a 'major tax cut' for the rich, 'substantial' increase on others 11:16:17
warning to gun owners 11:01:58
auto bailout 2009 10:58:28
Ron Paul: Truth, Honesty, and Consistency 10:57:27
Debate wasn’t first time Herman Cain praised Alan Greenspan 10:54:06
Uber Geek Dvorak Picks Up on Anti-Paul MSM Bias 10:35:58
Big Pharma’s Plan to Destroy California’s Children 10:32:28
Free Trade Agreements? 10:28:42
Herman Cain Quoted Pokemon the Movie 2000 in a Debate 10:24:29
Just sent a Letter to my State House Representative 10:24:15
Great expose' ON 999! Cain's Revolution for the Rich - on Daily Beast 10:19:25
CptnMidnite on Freedom Watch w/ Judge Nap 10:13:56
What Herman Cain thinks about the Federal Reserve in his own words. 10:12:37
CNN GOP debate October 18th in Vegas 10:10:54
Captain Midnight on Judge Napolitano's show 10:05:14
Comedian, Actor, Fear Factor host Joe Rogan. Show some love 09:58:38
Judge Napolitano - Terror Plots & Flase Flags 09:54:47
Video: Media Promotes Herman Cain: Disses Ron Paul 09:47:41
Does electing a Republican, who is not Ron Paul, mean war with Iran? 09:26:18
Revolution 2012 - Ron Paul. Video of collection of Ron Paul quotes over music. Inspiring. 08:58:25
Why Conservatives Deserve to Lose in 2012 08:49:58
Anti-Defamation League keeping an eye on ‘Occupy Wall Street’ 08:43:52
Senators Call for Immediate Action to Help Homeowners Refinance 08:35:11
Supreme Court Declines to Review MERS Challenge 08:32:48
Herman Cain recommends housing stock on Fox News, stock then plunges 98% in value 08:29:01
Hardball with Chris Matthews - They may go back to Ron Paul!! 08:28:32
Rick Perry not giving up, New Ad! 08:20:58
Herman Cain 2012 ad Amazing 08:11:21
Steer Clear of Herman Cain 08:04:18
Cain=Republican Obama 07:52:48
Obama raises more than $70 million from 980,000 people in Q3 07:35:37
The Suicide of Liberty: The Transformation of the US into a Police State Dr. Paul Craig Roberts 07:17:09
The Beginning of the End for Herman Cain 05:48:34
Ron Paul Leads Florida Poll 05:44:49
Freedom Watch: Some Terror Threats Are Real 04:35:21
Obama's new technological edge 03:25:40
Ron Paul @ the Univ. of Las Vegas ~10/19/11 - Y4RP Event 02:54:49
Let's start non-official Ron Paul offices in cities that the campaign has not established.. 02:22:19
Chis Hedges Smackdown 02:21:17
Ron Paul / Herman Cain Bloomberg Debates XtraNormal Video 01:44:13
This debate sponsored by Mitt and Herman 01:22:36
Federal Reserve Phone Bomb!! *10-17-11* 01:16:55
A Sarah Palin endorsement! 01:11:43
Buffalo Tea Party Leader 01:06:01
Anonymous demanded Bernanke's resignation before OWS started 00:37:01
His New Name Is - Sermon Cain 00:35:23
David Hall (Owner of the Liberty Bell) died at age 60 00:27:58
Property rights. and Stefan Molyneux 00:27:17
Ron Paul supposedly lagging in Nevada 00:26:06
Humor 00:22:46
Ron Paul at 11% in MSNBC/WSJ Poll 00:20:02
The Number 9 Wins The Republican Debate 00:09:04