Posted on October 14, 2011

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"For Liberty Re-cut" v2.0 Now Shipping! With updates! 21:45:55
Ron Paul's plan being announced Monday. Cutting $1 trillion. Cutting his pay to $39,000 19:12:22
Hilarious Article by Doug Wead - Ignoring Ron Paul Has Reached Comic Proportions 18:25:53
New Paulite 17:02:06
Cookie Monster on the 2012 Candidates: One of these things is not like the other 14:37:29
The Hill: Ron Paul can blow Herman Cain away over the Federal Reserve 14:24:02
Could Ron Paul win the GOP Nomination? REDSTATE 13:52:01
I asked a question about the constitution at a local debate 10:27:08
New Ron Paul Ad: Life 08:44:43
Pat Buchanan Talks 3rd Party, Ron Paul 08:29:13
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Robin Koerner's latest article - War on Terror Kills More Americans than Al-Awlaki Could 23:55:34
OWS Straw Poll? 23:45:43
Vote ! Indiana News Poll 23:43:46
Ron Paul's appeal to Liberals and the OWS crowd ~~Occupy Miami~~ 23:43:45
Small Group Campaigning in the Early States 23:19:01
Carpool Campaigning in the Early Primary States 23:14:56
Cain blows up 9-9-9 plan with "Empowerment Zones" 22:58:58
Paul Supporter on Mankiw's Blog 22:52:28
Combined Straw Poll Standing of Candidates 22:28:31
1968 court ruling, homeowner challenges fractional reserve banking loan 22:13:54
Smart Politics Analyzes Debate Face Time: BTO Promotion 22:12:35
Face Book Poll - Vote for Paul 21:03:09
HuffPo refuses to publish Robin Koerner's (Founder of Blue Republicans) new article 20:59:59
Michelle Obama to gunowners 20:51:48
Vote for Ron Paul or ELSE! 20:49:31
Need HELP for RP series for Christians!! 20:47:06
Adam vs the Man 20:42:47
"Narrow tailoring" - Great RJ Harris article on smoking ban 20:37:47
Look who is left out - a good thing! 20:31:45
Debate Down to 7: Huntsman boycotting Las Vegas Debate. 20:10:37 needs help 20:07:12
"What Occupy Wallstreet needs, is a Kent State Moment!" MSNBC 20:00:40
Cain did not save Godfather's pizza..he ran it into the ground..look at sales figures!! 19:49:27
Every elected official must know the Constitution 19:48:00
First things first: What's the probability of winning Iowa? 19:41:56
How Drugs Helped Invent the Internet & The Singularity: Jason Silva on "Turning Into Gods" 19:31:55
9-9-9 Plan: Seven Views 19:24:04
Contact Bomb ! 19:14:31
Ron's detailed agenda.article on CBN 19:12:50
Having Some Fun With Meetup Groups 19:10:44
Sunglasses with video camera in them for under $30.00!! only 5 hours left. 19:07:53
Herman Cain: The Creature From Jekyll Island 19:06:51
Dr "KNOW" Wins! Ron Paul learned from the establishment. 19:04:13
NYPD Cop Punches Protester at Occupy Wall Street, 10/14/11 18:46:14
Levin: Reagan viewed "War Powers Act" as unconstitutional. 18:39:32
Grover Norquist Explains the Danger of “999″ 18:32:06
Ignoring Ron Paul Has Reached Comic Proportions 18:29:34
Cain has most airtime on Fox of any GOP candidate since June 1 18:12:09
71% of the US Military Sinks Jeffrey Lord’s Credibility says Kurt Wallace on Mike Church Show 17:45:41
Industrial Revolution & No Income Tax, But Information Revolution & High Taxes? 17:43:39
Chemtrails screw up the sky with white lines everywhere- video from today 17:42:24
Ron Paul Plans "Major Announcement" In Nevada 17:41:02
Herman Cain questioned about his weak stance on the 2nd Amendment 17:40:57
Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street 17:29:26
Targeted Ron Paul Campaign flyers for Mormons/LDS 17:27:11
Hannity: You Ron Paul Supporters need to COOL IT 17:13:51
Major Annoucement in Vegas? 17:11:32
blog post: Which GOP Candidate do you trust with our economy? 17:11:08
How Occupying Can Bring Us Together 17:06:31
Support the Ron Paul Road Warrior by Pledging for the Black This Out Money Bomb 17:02:36
Cain and the Super Committee 16:55:30
I'm kicking off the "Rock the Revolution Tour" Saturday! 16:51:44
Obama orders and sends US troops to Uganada! How man wars is this now? WTF! 16:31:33
Complete List of All Debates and Straw Polls Scheduled 16:28:32
The Hill - Ron Paul Can Blow Herman Cain Away Over the Federal Reserve 16:25:25
CNN - Ron Paul Touts 'Pro-Life' Credentials in New TV Commercial 16:23:50
Donny Deutsch: Occupy Wall Street Needs A "Kent State" Moment 16:22:55
losing 16:00:15, Ron Paul most truthful. Bachmann, Perry, Romney: Pant's on fire! Continue reading on 15:43:40
Is It Immoral to Vote for Obama? 15:36:23
Top 3 Common Myths of Capitalism 15:33:25
My collection of news stories documenting govt and other officials who prey on children 14:52:28
Obama orders U.S. troops to help chase down African 'army' leader 14:45:56
"Ron Paul is a Nut" 2007-2008 14:33:15
Video: Teach Peace and Ron Paul 2012 14:20:58
Adam Vs The Man is back!! NEW EPISODE!! 14:19:34
Rick Santorum ad on DP? 14:18:32
Republican Candidate Poll on My Favorite Radio Show Website - Blow It Up Please! 14:05:20
What is the criteria for getting into the presidential debates? 14:00:58
Club for Growth chief backs ’9-9-9′ 13:56:10
I think if this goes viral, it will educate OWS just a little bit 13:39:15
Are You Ready OHIO? 13:38:09
Scientific Study PROVING Ron Paul is being blacked out! 13:33:45
The More Interviews Cain Gives the More He Sounds 13:16:05
Chris Hedges explains Occupy Wall Street and shuts down Kevin O'Leary 13:14:45
You Can Fight The Federal Reserve Right Now 13:12:32
Note on the Federal Reserve with Great Graph 13:11:30
Note on the Federal Reserve with Great Graph 13:09:05
Mitt Romney 2012 ad for the win 13:00:10
Scientific Study Confirms Ron Paul Being Given LEAST Face Time In Debates 12:33:22
Non-charitable people help charities under libertarianism 12:29:00
BlackThisOut protest & moneybomb promotion at MSM HQs in NYC starts tomorrow 12:22:05
World Net Daily - Patrick J. Buchanan : Is The New World Order Unraveling? 11:53:00
MLK monument unvailing Sunday, should RON paul BE there? 11:24:42
Limbaugh says Mitt is not a Conservative 11:10:03
Contributions to Cain, Herman Through 06/30/2011 11:06:05
I AM THE 100% PISSED (please view and spread around) 11:02:58
New hip-hop RP Song - Cool! 10:49:57
Palin Endorsement 10:47:19
Libertarians and Occupy Wall Street 10:43:09
Adam Vs The Man 3.0!! 10:39:10
Tea Party founder backs Occupy Wall Street 10:24:27
President Obama believes in high-level accountability?? 10:17:52
More Americans than Chinese can’t put food on the table 10:11:55
What is the ideal population size per sovereignty? 09:55:25
Press TV Being Taken Off The Air In UK! Is This Lead Up To War With Iran? 09:47:24
Herman Cain's Enron-esque Disaster 09:37:39
Big Brother: children to be prohibited from blowing up balloons, playing with party whistles 09:37:38
Obama 4 more years 09:35:09
Ron Paul questions Alan Greenspan in 2000 09:31:16
extreme long range course. 09:29:14
Ron Paul ad: Life 09:23:48
discard this message 08:54:06
Is the New World Order Unraveling? by Pat Buchanan 08:38:47
Why Ron Paul Is Dominating 08:32:21
Where are all the rallies? 08:16:24
Charlie McGrath compares #Occupy to Tea Party (OUR Tea Party) 07:13:13
Cain steals 9-9-9 from Sim City! 06:51:44
Video: Rand Paul on Hannity discusses his new jobs plan and gives his take on Cain's 999 plan 05:23:15
"Plastic Men" to Air Preceding CNN Debate October 18 04:38:42
Classic Ron Paul - Grills Greenspan! 04:25:46
ART LAFFER is Herman Cain's economic adviser - wrote 999 03:14:06
Remember that Eyebrow thing a few hours ago? We solved it. 03:12:49
Renaissance 2.0 vids Must See ! 02:50:52
Ron Paul's urgent message to our troops: "Don't be the Universal Soldier" 02:47:59
Ron Paul Wins Republican Party of Los Angeles County Straw Poll 02:25:15
New: Article from Bloomberg (through Business Week) Blasts Cain's 9-9-9 Plan 02:03:51
Brave Americans prepare to stand their ground at Occupy Wall Street. God bless you. 01:21:31
Ron Paul needs TWO things badly and NOW. 01:11:56
After the great Ron Paul, will Paulism continue? 09:27:04
Government-Generated Plots 00:53:16
Herman Cain Caught Stealing from the Middle Class and Giving to the Rich with 999 00:40:18
Judge Napalitano: An Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street 00:31:51
Frank Luntz Admits to Creating Biased Group 00:15:30
Cain names Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan as possible 2012 vice presidential picks 00:15:30
This video got 77,201 view today on a hiphop website 00:12:51