Posted on October 15, 2011

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█​█​█​ █​█​█​█​, HE who shall NOT be named 16:54:57
Ron Paul's "Broken Clock" Problem is No Problem 16:52:16
Politico: Ron Paul ramps up campaign spending 14:14:08
Occupy is Wonderful! Strongly Consider Going! 16:30:42
Robin Koerner: The War On Terror Kills More Americans than Al-Awlaki Could 01:35:45
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Cain's border solution: electrocuting people. 23:40:53
Europe rejects U.S., IMF recommendations on debt crisis, stirring doubts about plan 23:20:45
Mother of all Bombs, 11-11-11 . We need a Registration Bomb for primaries. 23:19:27
Rivals from both sides slam Jackson’s call to bypass the Constitution 23:14:34
Examiner piece on Perry 23:00:36
Cains new Immigration Policy, instant death via electrified fence 22:58:08
Herman Cain would "shed" his skin color to appease conservative white voters. 22:56:51
We Will Ruin Your Day RNC 22:45:20
Q3 Fundraising 22:43:52
John Titor predictions 22:37:48
Landslide-Paul takes NH Young Republican Straw Poll 22:32:35
Who Cares That ██ ██ Wins Straw Polls? LOL 22:26:47
403: Access Denied 22:14:01
Vicious hit piece on RT 22:04:48
Predator Drones are not Video Games… Recent Attack kills two of our own 22:02:50
So, you don't want an economy then? 21:54:49
Judge Napolitano: Origins of the Tea Party - Hidden push for "Black This Out" 21:53:07
T-shirt Bomb 21:46:05 THE super brochure FOR $.07 or less! 21:16:59
It's Saturday night and they're not laughing 21:11:50
In the news today. NOT Ron Paul! (Black THIS Out Oct 19) 21:05:24
Just released: Lowkey - Hand on your gun (music video) 20:53:45
Paul VS Romney on YouTube 20:46:46
A possible wirte-up to print out and take to Occupy protests. 20:38:39
Ron Paul's Great Neice Stumping for him. 20:38:38
Tweak Your Ron Paul Yard Signs 20:33:33
Interview with the creator of GoldShark. 20:26:28
Billionaire Banker Andrew Beal has donated the max to Ron Paul's presidential campaign. 20:22:13
Paul's eyebrow on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" 20:04:14
Undercover police arrests customers at Citibank for closing account 19:54:19
Fundraising up to Q3 19:34:26
"45" 19:10:40
Gotta tell ya what just happened on Pogo 19:06:58
Mitt Romney AD is Touching All The Important Issues 19:04:19
Paul 3rd In Latest Reuters Poll 19:01:36
NH Switches to "Retroactive Primary" to Remain First-in-the-Nation; Pawlenty Wins 18:50:32
I Like The Odds - Conservative GOP Voters Have a Choice Between 999, 666, or Ron Paul 18:40:44
David Icke - Interview with Suzanne Powell 18:19:24
I Believe This is the Correct Site to File a Complaint/Lawsuit with your TV Broadcaster 18:07:25
Woman arrested for closing Citibank account. Seriously. 18:02:42
I just attended a local Occupy rally! 17:57:39
Whats up with the Black out of Ron Paul 17:57:11
Ron Paul "Blessed are the PeaceMakers" by the Southern Avenger 17:39:19
Effort to educate Cain supporters in article comments 17:38:14
Ron Paul: The Economic Benefits of Bringing Our Troops Home 17:08:12
Outreach to Iowa Colleges and Grassroots Web Portal - Chip-in Included 17:00:09
Edvard Kleinbard on Alan Colmes Radio Show talking 9-9-9 16:46:51
The collectivists' conspiracy 16:25:12
DP forum editorial freedom or control? 16:22:12
Is libertine sex & skydiving too hot to handle for the FAA? 16:05:33
*Global Banking Insurrection 15/10/2011* 15:48:27
Why Has The Campaign Ignored RP's Predictions/Consistency? 15:41:07
Paul Surpasses Perry in Latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll 13%! 3rd! 15:40:21
RP ahead of "RP" Nationally 15:33:16
Great Thread on RPF - How to kick neocon a** on Iran 15:14:13
Are YOU a Delegate? If not then WHY NOT 14:22:05
The Debate is down to THREE: Ron, Dumb & Dumber 14:10:27
The Eight Marks of Fascist Policy- Lew Rockwell 14:07:10
Making the Case for Ron Paul 13:51:47
Help me understand: 13:35:26
404: Page Not Found 13:04:56
New Ron Paul Ads Like the 'Pro-Life' Ad; "Multiple 'One-on-One' w/ Paul Ad Blitz!" Covering All Issues; Expensive but Worth It! 13:01:35
Limbaugh opposes Uganda invasion (for wrong reasons of course) 12:59:35
Report from Occupy Toronto -- Canadians Love Ron Paul 12:55:42
The contradictory nature of the GOP's nonexistent philosophy 12:53:45
Blacked Out! on MSNBC 12:53:41
PA Police officer harasses Sign Bomb 12:27:36
GOP Analyst: "Ron Paul Could Win GOP Nomination" 12:03:35
Ron Paul's niece: You gotta see this! 12:02:34
Is there a way to volunteer to help staff Ron Paul campaign offices around the nation? 11:51:02
I almost gave up after the 2008 Campaign, but this time its different! 11:47:30
Opinions on a Paul/Kucinich ticket. Previously addressed issue 11:28:35
Ayn Rand's message to the Occupiers of the privately-owned Zuccotti Park and blockers of roads and sidewalks at OWS. 11:22:10
Sounds Like Shavon 11:16:05
Paul v Cain on Economics 11:03:23
Inforgraphic: The student loan racket, the next bubble to burst 10:52:30
Black this Out can raise $16 Million if we all just Double Down! 10:51:23
The Newest False Flag 10:44:00
Abolish Electronic Voting - Petition 10:36:43
OWS angst 10:25:06
Tea Party Presidential Election Primer: Paul v. Cain on Economics 10:22:36
Peter Schiff exposes the Achilles heel of Herman Cain's 999 plan 10:19:00
Business Insider: Where The Heck Is Ron Paul? 09:43:02
Nobel Peace Prize-President quietly opens 8th US battlefront 09:11:47
Sign Ideas for OWS events 08:55:28
Where The Heck Is Ron Paul? 08:25:30
Facebook Poll by Right Change - Please help 07:44:43
Obombya sends troops to Uganda to prop up "Dictator for Life." 06:37:47
Anti-Romney Attack Ad 05:28:24
New Video:Message To Humanity: The Time is Now - The rEvolution Is Coming! 05:02:16
Peter Schiff exposes the Achilles heel of Herman Cain's 999 plan 04:57:09
My Thoughts on how to make Black This Out into something they cannot ignore!! 04:45:18
Black This OUT- 7 Day competition Blitz !! WIN A 1 oz. Silver Coin! (w/ RP face on it !) 04:40:36
Ron Paul Winning the Info War in New Hampshire and Iowa 04:28:36
Important message to 08 Obama Voters about Ron Paul. 04:08:25
I am not Moving.. Short film.. Occupy wall street 03:49:11
I am not Moving.. Short film.. Occupy wall street 03:42:08
The 9-9-9 plan is disastrous pure and simple 02:19:54
Peter Schiff's keynote at the '09 End the Fed Rally 02:14:40
Is this why Ron's numbers are underwhelming in many polls?? 02:09:54
Scientific Study Confirms Ron Paul Being Given Least Time In Debates 02:04:36
Treason in Britain 01:48:28
"Occupy Wall Street: Communism's Clueless Foot Soldiers" 01:43:39
Silverplate for Paul! :) 01:43:30
Herman Cain Announces "007" Plan for Foreign Policy: Cites Nintendo 64 as Influence 01:33:33
Urban Dictionary defines PAULBOT 00:44:01
Paul v. Cain on Economics (Article) 00:40:24
Neo Politician with Nuts. 00:33:23
whitehouse petition for ending the war 00:18:22
OWS Organizational Email Archive 00:08:52
Rock the Revolution Tour - Kansas City 00:04:17