Posted on October 16, 2011

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/17/2011: Government is NOT a business. 19:34:28
Herman Cain - The Fall Begins Today 18:15:55
I Represented Ron Paul In The 2011 Chicago Marathon 16:12:03
Epic Rescue of Ron Paul Sign 19:43:06
Freedom Watch: Freedom Is The Law Of The Land! 07:01:06
Cartoon from 1912, one year before the creation of the Federal Reserve… amazing. 00:48:15
Did anyone else just see the "Saturday Night Live" skit involving Ron Paul? WOW! 00:18:40
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cain/romney/paul Comparison sheet for canvassing and tabling! please use! 23:48:26
The NY Daily News blacking out RON Paul ! 23:45:41
Pokemon Ron Paul 23:44:34
Loving the new Daily Paul blacking out of the words Ron Paul. 23:36:49
Do Any of You Think We Live in the Twilight Zone? 23:17:24
Finally: Herman Cain's Puppet Masters Exposed 22:39:55
Idea for someone with the time and savvy 22:35:34
Editor of Would Support Ron Paul 22:25:08
Is Giuliani responsible for the Ron Paul Rise?? 22:24:45
END THE FED is Mainstream! 22:09:32
America's Wake up Call in Layman's Terms 22:04:25
Ron Paul Running. 21:49:56
>> Debt Bond-Age << 21:49:06
Hey check out this tight Ron Paul song I found. 21:37:46
Presidential Cokeheads - Obama, Bush, Clinton 21:06:48
Arrested for closing your bank account 20:48:37
Door Hangers etc. 20:16:08
Iraqi troop withdrawal - Ron is right again! 20:09:50
Ron Paul Supporter Provides Free Prescription Help to all Americans 19:58:46
Herman 'clueless' Cain 19:56:37
Chore Wars for Ron Paul 19:45:45
Paul's Straw Poll Results Omitted in South Carolina 19:44:54
"Banned" Commercial: Ron Paul 2012 (Unofficial) 19:40:38
Why Obama Supporters Should Vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries 19:02:53
Ron Paul 2012 Solo Sign Bomb! 18:35:30
Help! Need some more sensible comments 18:31:46
Epic Rescue of Ron Paul Sign From City Thugs - Hilarious!! 17:35:40
Bank of North Dakota, A model for America? 17:35:15
calling ALL redditors 17:31:02
Cindy Sheehan arrested in Sacramento OWS protest 17:10:42
Ask A Question During the CNN Debates! 16:48:16
The Blaze: Time To Free the Herman Cain Slaves 16:21:13
Politics 2012 - UPI : Ron Paul Adds Buzz To GOP Nominating Process 16:18:38
Occupy Wall Street (Full Movie) Documentary 16:05:08
Another stupid article about the debate situation in Las Vegas. 16:01:41
Satirical RP article that's actually funny 16:00:29
Make an Anti-Class Warfare video - Call to Action 15:55:47
We are winning! Hardcore Keynesian Rethinks Support For Federal Reserve and advertises Paul's End The Fed 15:51:34
Dr Paul, The issue to win this election is "GET the money OUT of congress" 15:29:20
a RON PAUL recipe so easy, an 88 year old Lifelong Democrat could follow it! 15:19:59
Only Mitt Romney & Herman Cain Stand In The Way of Ron Paul's GOP Nomination 15:04:11
How much do you think Christie got paid to endorse Romney? 14:13:27
Straw Polls 14:08:12
This is what I put up on MY facebook status update. 14:04:31
BTO: Quick Promotion! 13:58:47
Not sure what to make of this. 13:51:47
Alex Jones says Occupy Wall Streeters trying to eject Ron Paul supporters. 13:45:07
Ron Paul's break thru evidenced by SNL skit, Limbaugh, Hannity & now Scarborough; Ron's surging toward a Tipping Point explosion 13:36:38
Ron Paul Military Donations - Please Read. 13:25:29
Youtube : Citibank Customers Arrested for Trying to Close Their Accounts 13:08:41
I am not an American 12:41:44
Does Anyone Know if Paul Wrote This? - The War On Religion, views on religion at state level 12:40:02
Ron Paul has received less speaking time in the debates than any other candidate, study shows. 12:39:19
Are we whiners? 12:37:57
Numbers are in for Contributions. 12:28:23
Endorsements Wave 12:01:10
Long Ties to Koch Brothers will damage Cains credibility 11:41:42
My Boston anti-war rally experience 11:41:09
Long Ties to Koch Brothers will damage Cains credibility 11:39:38
Edgar Allan Poe Blacked This Out 11:11:04
Ideas for spreading the word 11:09:12
Canada Says: Ron Paul President 2012! 11:01:41
Is it me or have a bunch of Establishment people joined DP 11:00:41
Florida Restaurant a Ron Paul Hub 10:54:59
Summarizing Herman Cain's lie about auditing the Fed. (video) 10:52:15
"The Representative Tax System" -When the Free Market Meets the Tax Code 10:50:16
Would anyone like to help make a video? 10:39:05
Who Won Last Nights SNL Debate? 10:10:55
Ron Paul places third in latest Reuters/Ipsos poll 09:54:52
Needed NOW: █ █ in Comments Sections, Forums, Letters to the editor, etc. 09:29:35
Beautiful Occupy Wall Street Video 09:28:03
OCT 26th & 27th OWS? The Buttonwood Gathering NYC 08:43:27
Ron Paul impression - brief but good 08:28:37
No Black Out here 06:34:11
Gerald Celente calls for New World Order 05:38:44
Legend Thomas Sowell On The Occupy Cry Babies 05:38:36
Tom Woods filling in for Peter Schiff, 10/13/2011 (Video) 04:33:32
Ron Paul's new "half plan" 04:22:17
Ron Paul's Christian Foreign Policy: "Blessed are the Peacemakers" (Video) 03:49:34
Forbes article advocates abolishing the Fed, Patriot Act, & corporatism. Also: end the wars 03:06:13
Could high speed rail be the answer? 02:43:07
Arrested for closing account at Citibank 02:32:09
Roll With The Flow - Austrian Eco Chick Fan Vid 02:00:54
BTO emails look great.. what about BTO youtube videos using annotations? 01:20:00
Vote for Ron Paul in the Newsmax "Do you really back Herman Cain?" Poll 01:04:34
New member: Back from local 'Occupy' movement and I'm on the NEWS! 00:58:50
Some great original C-SPAN videos 00:37:59
This Guy Did It Again 00:36:09
G. Edward Griffin: Individualism vs. Collectivism 00:28:38
*UPDATE* Saturday Night Live Just Gave Props to Ron Paul? 00:15:15
Herman Cain 00:03:30
How to present Ron Paul's stance on illegal immigration 00:00:20