Posted on October 17, 2011

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Ron Paul's Restore America Economic Plan Press Conference - 10/17/11 19:17:05
Ron Paul on CNN / Wolf Blitzer 10/17/11 - Introducing Plan to Restore America 18:50:19
Rush Limbaugh Endorses Ron Paul's Restore America Economic Plan 14:45:21
Ron Paul Announces Ambitious ‘Plan to Restore America’ 13:39:00
Pew Research Center via Atlantic Wire: Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed 10:36:03
Politico: Ron Paul to propose $1T in specific budget cuts 07:32:12
2 Degrees of Separation: A Plane Ride Next to a Top Congressional Staffer for a Major Party Leader 02:57:44
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Just delete this thread. im just trying to tell ya bout Occupy end the fed dallas and occupy dallas 23:56:02
End Fed - Nike Hat Hijacked! - turn logos against them 23:23:36
R0N$1 money bomb for debates because Ron won the debate (only 1 debate) 23:21:26
RP's Win Win Win Plan vs. 999 Plan 23:18:56
A History of Occupy Wall St. by One of the Founders: I am not Soros! 23:14:41
Geraldo Rivera asked about Ron Paul - "We love Ron Paul" 22:57:35
GOP hacks plan to block students from voting for Ron Paul 22:43:24
Record-High 50% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Use 22:35:57
Iowa is January 3, 2012: Ron Paul wins Iowa! How do we make that the headlines in the next morning's papers across the USA? 22:19:59
Breaking News - Politico : The Iowa GOP's Central Committee on Monday set Jan. 3 as the date for the state's presidential caucus 22:06:19
Daily Caller Journalist Bashes Ron Paul 21:58:13
Perfect Timing for Dr. Paul 21:52:19
Hitler Supports Cain's 999 Plan [VIDEO] 21:49:52
Alex Jones exposes the collectivist, class-warfare, anti-Ron Paul Occupy Wall Street Movement. 21:27:03
Rasmussen has Cain leading Obama. 21:22:44
1100 + troops have been killed in afghanistan since Obama 21:02:43
Making RP video, can you guys offer some input? 20:58:06
FOX news Ron Paul blackout 20:36:34
Washington Wire : Ron Paul's Economic Plan Cut 5 Cabinet Agencies, cut taxes, cuts Presidents Pay? 20:33:47
Taiwan RP Shout-Out 20:11:46
Whaddaya nuts or ya blind? 20:09:39
Study Confirms, Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul 20:04:24
Ron Paul < Hey, look at these two blocks to my left 19:46:27
They didn't black out Ron Paul in our local paper today : 19:26:27
‘Plan to Restore America’ - Wash. Post 19:21:24
Please check out this artist 19:19:25
Rush Limbaugh Praises Ron Paul's Economic Plan - Updated Clip 19:17:48
Why is everybody ignoring Ron Paul? 19:13:31
Ohio Straw Poll on Oct 22, 2011 19:07:43
Rush Limbaugh's Email 18:45:08
"Defense Spending" time to clear things up 18:39:13
President Obama send US Troops to a NEW War in Africa 18:30:26
president obama sends US troops TO A NEW WAR IN africa 18:26:42
Ron Paul is 1st/2nd place fundraiser in 31 States. Beats all in Iowa +4!! 18:20:50
Study Confirms Establishment Is Terrified of Ron Paul 18:10:35
Let's have a "We got Spirit" bonding event with OWS 17:58:06
Video Producers & Bloggers: Call TO Action! 17:46:39
Ron Paul's Live Press Release Starts in 5 Minutes 17:46:32
Study Confirms Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul 17:44:11
come on do some proofreading 17:29:41
Ron Paul leading straw polls in number of votes and number of poll wins 17:28:08
Bloomberg: Cain’s 2012 Campaign Built on the Fly Fights to Keep Momentum 17:27:54
Ron Paul Las Vegas Press Conference Streaming Link (Begins At 6 PM EST/ 5 PM CT) 17:21:47
Mitt Romney ad 2012 17:03:37
Ron Pau Media Blackout Confirmed by Pew Research Center; Front page on Drudge. 17:01:24
Revolution PAC censorship or something more dire? 16:55:11
Bloomberg attacks RP's plan as "scary" 16:51:54
Ron Paul Plan To Restore America Press Conference: 6:00pm est (Live Video) 16:45:55
Vote in this poll 16:45:14
They outlawed CASH in Louisianna (some transactions) 16:43:48
Personal insight into Herman Cain's character 16:39:33
Video: Make it go Viral @ OWS 16:19:41
Ron Paul -- Plan to Restore America On Squawk Box Tuesday 10/18 - 6AM ET 16:16:31
I cancelled my cable 16:03:11
CBS - Ron Paul proposes saving $1T by scrapping five federal departments 15:47:32
Rush touting Ron Paul's $1T spending cut plan! (Video) 15:43:08
Government Aims to Build a ‘Data Eye in the Sky’ 15:40:42
Anyone have some Vector art of the good doctor? 15:37:19
FOX Exposed: Undeniable Proof of Media Bias Against Ron Paul 15:37:14
Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed 15:35:30
Meet The Press: Ron Paul Blackout (video) 15:35:28
Cain's Response to 9-9-9 critique. Please Comment with your response 15:34:26
Gold and Economic Freedom by Alan Greenspan 15:18:12
Pew Poll Confirms the Media is Ignoring Ron Paul! 15:17:03
Limbaugh Endorses Paul Plan--Then Claims Credit 15:16:42
Foreigners Dump $74 Billion In Treasurys In 6 Consecutive Weeks: Biggest Sequential Outflow In History 15:13:41
Herman Cain winning our online poll. Help? - Update 15:12:46
Finally. 15:10:18
Please continue to crush Cain in this Poll 15:03:17
Half Of Paul's Contributions Came In Amounts Less Than $200, Below The Threshhold To Be Itemized In The Campaign Finance Report. 14:55:14
Foreign contributions 14:54:23
MSM Reaction to Paul Plan 14:44:22
New CNN poll shows 2/3 of Republicans and likely Republican voters are undecided 14:40:36
Why Ron Paul's plan to restore America is the greatest hope for American prosperity 14:37:51
Latest Iowa 2012 Presidential Power Rankings.. Ron Paul #1, Bachmann Dead Last 14:35:24
GOP Presidential Donation Map, which includes all candidates 14:16:17
Plan to Restore America 14:16:03
Senator Rand Paul to force Senate Establishment to read bills they are voting on by tacking on countless amendments 14:09:15
YES! Official campaign posted info about BTO to the facebook! 13:57:55
Who is really in the lead in straw polls? 13:57:17
Oct 22 Ohio GOP Straw Poll Caravan to Columbus Ohio 13:56:10
Iowa 2012 GOP Presidential Power Rankings: The caucus race is not getting any clearer 13:55:28
Ron Paul interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN 13:52:40
Why Nazis and Communists Like Occupy Wall Street 13:50:10
Playing with a stacked deck 13:46:19
The complaining should end today! 13:44:25
The Letter of marque carried by the Prince of Neufchatel (PHOTO) 13:43:40
OWS - Canada Serves Up Some Liberty and Ron Paul in Victoria (video) 13:37:33
FULL PDF! of Restore America Plan 13:31:00
The underground Paulistas strike! 13:23:52
Ron Paul #1 in Iowa Power Rankings! 13:19:58
Black Them Out! 13:16:11
Economic Collapse Blog Runs Down The Numbers Of Cain's 9/9/9 Plan 13:11:05
The Technology of Individual Independence Towards Individual Sovereignty 13:07:48
Washington Post: Bloggers rave about Ron Paul 13:04:03
Even the homeless vote Ron Paul 13:01:00
Attn posters: URLs with "ron paul" in them will not work 12:54:59
Nice Older interview with Carol Paul from last campaign. 3 parts 12:48:53
Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed 12:40:35
New Nashville poll has █ pitted against Herman Ron winning so far 12:33:49
Here's what happens in my Nazi Cop Town when you want to retrieve your stolen property 12:24:32
Kahn Academy Great video on Fractional Banking 12:20:07
Louisiana banned certain cash transactions in July 12:06:19
Cain in 2010: "National Sales Tax Is Insane" 12:04:54
Herman Cain's long ties to the Koch Brothers 12:02:57
Occupation is opportunity for Intervention 12:02:46
Is Your Ron Paul Yard Sign Properly Adorned? 12:01:42
Wow, it looks like the attack phase has started 11:51:34
Ron Paul on Squawk Box (CNBC) Tues Oct. 18 (6am-9am airing) 11:50:46
Paul vs. Perry: A Facebook Showdown 11:34:58
Marine Sergeant Stands Up to NYPD to Protect Wall Street Protesters 11:33:31
Pre-Crime Screening - TSA To Begin "Chat Downs" 11:29:48
Palin and Gingrich get 3 times more major media than Ron Paul 11:26:38
OccupyTimesSquare -- One Marine vs. 30 Cops -- Marine Wins 11:22:47
Study: Ron Paul Allotted Least Amount of Speaking Time at GOP Debates Read more: 11:21:46
I love Daily Paul 11:18:38
something to make you say "hmm". 11:17:57
I was on the front page of my state's largest newspaper! **Update** They published my letter to the editor 11:15:50
Pew research validates and verifies Paul being 13th floor 10:55:27
Ron Paul Ad idea: Hearts and Minds 10:52:31
I had to share this video pulls at my heart 10:46:38
Real statistics to show the polls are lying. 10:45:58
Major Banks Accused of Defrauding Veterans, Taxpayers 10:36:27
Ron Paul's Major Policy Plan Conference Today 10:28:45
WTF ~ Et Tu DeMint? 09:59:54
Vote in this poll! 09:54:16
Ask questions to CNN Debate forum, not to RP because they will not ask him. I know 09:49:11
More Surreptitious Action from the FED 09:47:48
Video: Communist Party U.S.A. in Solidarity with Occupy Chicago 09:23:40
Black This Out Money Bomb - Great Way to Spread the Word! 09:21:06
URGENT: Attention all New York Ron Paul Supporters! (dw, not OWS) 08:41:36
In defense of Socialists and Communists (read it before you get twitchy.) 08:21:57
Ron Paul’s Economic Plan: Cut 5 Cabinet Agencies Cut Taxes Cut President’s Pay 08:11:43
A Trillion here, a Trillion there. 07:44:07
Peter Schiff: "Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is actually 18-9-9" 07:37:05
a thought and open letter to those in a position to be where I cannot 07:27:28
The Despicable Lies of Herman Cain 06:59:38
We need more comments for Paul here!! 05:59:05
MYTH: The rich aren't paying their "fair share" of taxes 05:25:25
Nice rant by Lionel: Ron Paul terrifies the status quo 04:36:00
Obama/Holder disregard 4th amendment rights, Again. 04:17:45
Lionel: The more the media tells me that Ron Paul doesn't have a chance. 04:13:56
9-9-9 is from SIM CITY 4! 03:43:57
A Foreign Policy of Freedom Could Have Saved 1,437 Americans' Lives 02:46:57
New Ron Paul Slogan: "Restoring Our Wealth", Why this is the Ron Paul message. 02:28:32
The secret to winning over unlikely converts to Ron Paul 02:20:24
Read If You Want To Bring Down Herman Cain! 02:10:02
African American Ron Paul Supporters YouTube Page Destroyed! 01:48:14
New Pew Study: Ron Paul given LEAST news coverage of ALL candidates in GOP field 01:31:05
"Ron Paul can't win the GOP nomination" 01:24:28
Audio From The Rock The r3volution Tour! 01:07:49
Reports and Reviews from the "Rock the Revolution" Tour 00:58:45
Excellent Summary Article 00:45:44
New Hampshire Does Not Want A State Sales Tax - Goodbye, Herman Cain 00:43:35
Another End the Fed protest erupts at OWS in NYC! 00:38:31
Great New Video Showcasing Ron Paul's Consistency 00:37:35
Dubstep Revolution--Video I had not seen 00:33:17
For the Monitor Letter: Paul's the one 00:32:38
Imassera News: Economy Is Priority For Ron Paul 00:24:31
How to silence a Nobel Prize winning economist: Ask him about the economy 00:23:29
Why are there black or darkened-out spots all over this website? 00:18:04
Ouch on the eyes 00:06:06
Great Idea to help gain a huge amount of vote 00:03:12
Opt-Out of Campaign Mailings! 20:23:20