Posted on October 19, 2011

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Post time now launched - along with BlueRepublican video! 17:11:05
Rand Paul Shuts Down US Senate Committee, Stops Bogus Bloated Pseudo-Education Bill By Demanding Senators Follow Their Own Rules 15:47:40
Joe Scarborough from MSNBC says he will mention BlackThisOut (Video) 15:04:29
Ron Paul on Fox News 10/19/11 11:54:50
GAO Audit of The Fed Finds Serious Conflicts 11:35:55
Freedom Watch: Rand Paul Makes It Official and Endorses Ron Paul for President 09:05:16
Holy Bailout! Federal Reserve Now Backstopping $75 Trillion Of Bank Of America's Derivatives Trades 01:35:29
Chicago Sun Times: Ron Paul’s budget cuts put U.S. on right track 01:08:50
Culture Jamming for Black This Out 00:48:58
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Black This Out EXTENDED for 3 days. 23:59:11
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; John Perkins 23:51:26
It's Official Rand Paul Endorses Ron Paul 23:42:15
Sean Hannity is way over hi Head. 23:40:14
Another Way to Promote the Ron Paul Black This Out Money Bomb 23:39:16
Hermain Cain: Now this is funny! 23:37:29
Converting those scared of _ _'s foreign policy 23:33:27
how to win over those opposed to Ron Paul's foreign policy 23:30:45
Anyone Catch the new Daily Show Bit? 23:15:12
NPR has hat in hand , payback time for their black out Ron Paul contributions. 22:59:01
Ron Paul Bar Crawl! 22:56:49
This is what they are teaching in college. Debunk please! 22:47:28
Here introducing myself 22:44:08
Money and Politics: The Case for Ron Paul 22:41:30
Preparing Your Kids For 21th Century . Smart Money video. Jim Rogers, Billionaire 22:39:09
Black This out Money Bomb Video 22:33:28
A good rebuttal to the "Ron Paul cuts research funding" crowd 22:22:54
Money and Politics: The Case for Ron Paul 22:17:32
Let's contribute tomorrow like it's day 1 of BTO moneybomb? 22:11:33
Very Disappointing Rand Paul Comments On "Occupy" Protesters (On The Peter Schiff Show) 22:09:50
Ron Paul's question for Mitt Romney 22:02:13 - Make Regular Purchases and a Percentage goes to the Campaign 22:01:55
New Fox Poll: Who won last night's GOP presidential debate? 21:57:28
a poll regarding RP's treatment by the media 21:48:40
ideas for the campaign 21:40:53
Ron Paul's Plan to Restore America Explained 21:35:25
THE Double Down Challenge 21:26:47
We Need Paul on Piers Morgan Immediately! 21:26:31
Occupy Wall Street May Address Looting by Bank of America and Federal Reserve 21:25:00
10 Days that Shook my World 21:14:35
* Urban Dictionary: Cainunism * 21:11:04
Fox News Poll on debate. Cain winning. Paul 2nd. Vote! 21:11:03
Ron Paul supporters approach Alec Baldwin about Ending the Fed at OWS (Video) 21:06:58
Read the comments under this article, if this doesnt make you proud. 20:56:15
The Costs of War 20:43:49
Standard of Living in the US Falls at Sharpest Pace Ever 20:43:09
Ron Paul on Greta Wire 20:41:41
Has Anyone Gone to 20:26:38
FOX News Poll: Is Ron Paul Treated Fairly? Please visit and vote! 20:24:38
The World According to Herman Cain 20:20:10
Campaign Spirit is High for BTO!! 20:18:35
The Ron Paul Road Warrior: Iowa 20:05:24
WHO IS RON paul IN 15 MINUTES. MR constitution 19:51:26
Ron Paul Raises Over 2 Million The Day After The Debate 19:46:19
Number of Donors? 19:41:59 Poll on "WHO won the GOP Debate last night" 19:29:15
BTO Money Bomb Extended Until Midnight, October 21,2011 19:25:52
Joe Biden--arrogance defined."Don't screw around with me" (short video) 19:22:02
How Much Will Cain's 999 Plan Cost Senior Citizens? 19:15:09
75 Trillion, with a T 19:04:51
Ron Paul Revolution Parade and Picnic - Nevada Day (State Holiday) 10/29/11 - Steve Dore Appearance 18:48:31
How To Vote For Ron Paul In The Primaries In Your State 18:45:20
President Paul President Paul President Paul President Paul 18:37:05
So, if Ron became President + his $1T cut plan got approved by Congress..would it be the 1st time.. 18:24:40
Judicial Watch Uncovers FDA Gardasil Records Detailing 26 New Reported Deaths 18:24:18
NJ.COM: Eat your broccoli: Understanding Ron Paul's position on Iran 18:21:19
Ron Paul, it's time to get a decent, tailored suit 18:18:04
A Sample of Ron Paul's Campaign Meal Expenditures 18:04:09
Perry's Flat Tax, Cain's 999 Plan: They're ALL FAKE! 17:55:51
Sherlock Holmes on the Nevada Primary debate 17:52:20
Who Was Congressman Louis Thomas McFadden? A Must Read for Every American. and Every Supporter of Ron Paul 17:52:10
Cain says on CNN 17:52:05
Ron Paul supporters sound off on Christian Science Monitor coverage 17:44:03
TSA on Tennessee Highways 17:43:01
Cash No Longer Allowed for Second-Hand Items in La. 17:39:44
the word Neocon, and Rush's "endorsement" 17:25:59
Federal Records Show Romney Campaign Bought And Paid For By Big Banks 17:25:22
Plan would eliminate billions in scientific funding? 17:16:48
Peter Schiff Customer $ Plea 17:10:15
Washington Post Tries to Black Out Ron Paul 17:07:54
Romney's "gracious" hail-mary Torpedo 17:06:39
Vote in this Daily Caller poll. 16:59:45
Bloomberg - Top Income in U.S. Is.Gasp!.Wash. D.C. Area 16:56:57
Glenn Beck's The Blaze Poll 16:54:57
How about we all change our avatars to be a Ron Paul photo? 16:48:47
R u 1 of the "99%" or not? 16:46:15
Who Won Nevada Debate? Cain, Gingrich lead Dr. Paul 16:37:37
Parasites get rich 16:36:29
Top Five Donors for each candidate 16:36:21
Herman Cain Ads? 16:36:18
If Herman cain't make pizza right how is he? 16:35:41
Bloomberg - The Hidden Utility of Ron Paul’s Balanced-Budget Plan: View 16:31:46
Baldwin Video on the Blaze 16:28:05
The Blaze: What does a strong leader look like to you? 16:24:10
Ron Paul: "Ideologically Pure and Tough as Nails!" Ron is NOT going away and neither are we. 16:19:37
Washington Post Confuses Ron Paul for Fred Karger 16:16:52
Black This Out new song about Ron Paul 16:16:27
Black This Photo Out! 16:00:44
"Plan to Restore America" Would Cut Federal Workforce by 10% 15:55:43
How to get the apathetic to donate to Ron Paul! 15:42:59
The Hidden Utility of Ron Paul’s Blueprint for Balancing U.S. Budget: View 15:37:20
Text everyone you know about BTO! 15:33:02
"Black This Out" name does not inspire 15:32:07
Joe Scarborough Supports the Black This Out Money Bomb 15:31:36
OWS as Shay's Rebellion 15:26:49
BofA, Wells Fargo, JPM Sued Over ATM Fees 15:21:16
OTC Derivatives: Failed Banks or Failed Nations? 15:10:19
How 9-9-9 actually increases taxes 15:09:25
Plan to Restore America Article 15:01:38
The ticker is back 14:46:51
CSM Article very Favorable 14:41:30
Very Positive Ron Paul Article 14:38:47
Little girl asks Wall St. executives: "Who did you exploit today?" 14:37:43
Problems donating online? Do it by phone! 14:14:53
CNN poll AC 360 14:13:28
Why should Ron Paul have to pay for anything? 14:06:25
Ron Paul Would Erase Billions in Research Spending 14:04:28
What Every American Should Know About the Federal Reserve 14:03:32
Rand Paul questions Geithner about interest rates and economic theory 13:50:52
Priceless: Herman Cain’s Economic Adviser Art Laffer 13:49:30
Joan Walsh, editor at, says Ron Paul terrible on civil liberties. 13:47:04
RonBombing Youtube 13:44:51
'Abortion a violation of rights but a state issue, according to Paul' From series by Iowa State Daily journalist Barry Snell 13:42:38
Call Major News Networks and their Advertisers - boycott 13:29:56
Did April Fools day get moved sooner, too? 13:23:28
Glenn Beck Puzzles Me 13:23:00
Gingrich 21st Century Contract with America 13:15:17
Blaze: Ron Paul Releases His Economic Plan 13:10:57
Black This Out Video (remix) 13:08:34
Iowa State Daily: Abortion a violation of rights but a state issue, according to Paul 13:06:29
Why "End the Fed?" 13:00:56
Who won the Western debate - poll at the Boston Globe 12:54:54
Why "End the Fed?" 12:49:51
FIRST radio call in this morning - WGN Chicago - Mike McConnell Show 12:29:30
# of times each candidate spoke at the vegas debate 12:25:14
Can anyone help with this? 12:19:10
Send this to your friends and family. black this OUT html email 12:13:14
Sherlock Holmes on the Nevada Primary debate 12:04:30
Did you see CNN's piece on last night's debate? 11:55:28
Adviser Who Helped Cain Craft 9-9-9 Plan Backs Away From Sales Tax 11:51:56
Critically IMPORTANT poll 11:48:31
HELP! Can't Donate 11:48:24
Ron Paul: The Gloves Are Off‏ 11:47:45
Who Won the Nevada CNN Debate? 11:31:15
DC area supporters. A quick Question. 11:30:09
Alec Baldwin on Ending the Fed, SEC, and he's "Not a supporter of Ron Paul" 11:26:37
Together You & I Can Change Things 11:20:06
Ron Paul just on Cavuto 10/19 11:15:20
Cain Rapidly Losing Momentum 11:06:23
Neocons attack the use of the word "empire" to describe America 11:05:02
Ron Paul On 'Cainesian' Economics (The Lew Rockwell Interview) 11:04:12
Couple of Awesome Ron Paul articles. 10:57:22
Remember 'Ron Paul Graphs'? 10:43:24
Social Security Recipients to Get 3.6% COLA Increase in January 10:33:26
When Romney helped Perry evade the law 10:33:16
Violent Greek Protests Against More Austerity: 10-19-11 (vid./live cam) 10:27:21
Did Money Bomb get so messed up at the start that donations never counted? 09:49:11
Weasel who backstabbed RP supporters in ID makes headlines 09:36:08
Ron's 2012 campaign - the timing is everything! 09:31:27
"'Occupy Wall St.' malfeasance--Soetoro gives loans to park owners" 08:59:20
IDEA! Give your presents to Ron Paul! 08:57:39
Students Seek Federal Bailout 08:55:22
Anyone remember media coverage in 2007? 08:53:43
Post debate online polls? 08:41:49
What Happens When all of America is Bankrupt like California? asks Pat Buchanan 08:27:59
France has a Ron Paul 08:27:15
Federal Reserve and Bank of America Initiate a Coup to Dump Billions of Dollars of Losses on the American Taxpayer 08:24:57
Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney Donations Show Stark Difference 08:21:34
Ron Paul says Cain’s 9-9-9 Tax Plan would Hurt Poor People 08:05:32
Which nations in which we currently occupy have declared war on America? 08:05:26
Ron Paul supporters in Estonia 08:01:43
Undermining Bernanke Energizes GOP Candidates 07:22:43
Bernanke: Fed May Need to Burst Asset Bubbles to Steady Economy 07:20:25
Space - Domestic Policy, 1988 07:13:05
Ron Paul on Cainesian Economics 06:40:08
Poll: Cain winning: go vote! 06:31:34
Idea for activism. We the People Petition for Audit the FED/Gold. 06:09:31
Please help us spread the word about BTO whole day! 06:09:05
Political Experts Say Mitt Romney Won Last Night's GOP Debate, But Was Ron Paul the Most Honest? 06:03:02
Black THIS Out 05:49:58
Ron Paul: Get Serious About the Budget 05:25:25
Ron Paul and OWS making the rounds on the internet. Here's how to answer their questions 05:21:40
Ron Paul on Fox News - Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 10:40am ET 04:57:40
Ron Paul answers the last CNN debate question 03:51:59
Ron Paul - End the fed. No bailouts 03:14:24
Show your support in NYC 02:50:27
Tweeter Promotes Ron Paul to Celebs and Engaging Them on Twitter 02:29:24
SomeECard Comic 02:27:24
Who won the debate Patch Poll 01:57:03
Van with Presidents stolen teleprompter recovered 01:06:57
Was anyone here, there at the debate in LV? 01:05:41
front page Blaze Poll 00:59:50
I tried to gather all the polls in one place - VOTE! 00:58:18
Ron Paul is watching BTO moneybomb now! 00:57:16
"¡Hola! A North American President?" Bishop Romney's Relatives In Mexico Closely Watch Presidential Race -KHOU 11 News Video 00:45:31
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Ron Paul on Sean Hannity Radio 10/18 00:04:24