Posted on October 2, 2011

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New Hampshire Party Change Deadline 10/14 16:50:47
"You can thank me by voting for Dr. Ron Paul." 15:14:23
New Video: Nader, Ron Paul, Kucinich Speak to Occupy Wall Street 12:57:59
Ron Paul's Editorial in the NY Daily News: An Unconstitutional Killing 11:16:52
Ground-swell starting 06:47:42
Unbelievable 01:50:30
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Ron Rolling the Mainstream 23:34:59
Herman Cain AGREES with Ron Paul!! 23:32:48
Ron Paul discusses Occupy Wall Street, warns against militarization of police 23:15:12
$400 Prize: Strike The Root Video Contest 23:10:01
CNN: Brown Dwarf Star in our solar System (with video) 23:00:39
Occupy Wall Street is a Scam, Alex Jones Calls for Nationwide "End the Fed" Protests 22:58:01
The Tide Turns In Colorado 22:54:52
The East is drowning, and are not having a good day in trading: 22:54:06
Associated, Press: Ron Paul Proving to be a Force in 2012 GOP Contest 22:52:46
*HELP! Need "For Liberty, Re-cut" DVDs by this weekend (Oct 8th)! 22:29:41
Chip in to get BlackThisOut advertised on radio 22:21:56
Thank you to Michael and the Daily Paul 22:14:46
"ANONYMOUS" hacktivists for RON paul? 21:57:48
Eye of the Tiger Ron Paul 2012 (Rare Footage!) 21:46:42
Dr. Paul should write up articles of impeachment for Obama 21:27:30
80% Favor Assassination? Don't Believe The Hype 21:16:44
I believe Tupac shakur would have voted for ron paul 20:55:00
Kokesh with Occupy DC 20:41:09
Ron Paul Skydiving Event in NH 20:39:15
Christie's Baggage 20:33:42
I'm Tired. 20:21:10
Roommates for Ron Paul! 20:04:42
very scary "A messege to the bankers from anonymous" Is this the collapse? video 20:01:12
The Beatles Would Support Ron Paul 19:57:02
Proposed List of Demands from Occupy Wall Street. Still think these guys are allies? 19:51:11
BREAKING: Rick Perry's Campaign Is Finished Camp "Nxggxrhead" 19:33:46
Occupy, Tea, Greece, Middle East Spring Etc. Commonality 18:35:12
Secret US-Israeli Nuke Transfers Led To Fukushima Blasts 18:23:46
10,000,000 STRONG for Dr. and Veteran Ron Paul 18:05:24
$14,000,000,000,000,000 Dollar UCC-1 lien filed against the Federal Reserve? WTF? 17:37:41
Some More Political Corruption, Exposed. 17:17:39
My dad told me he saw Ron Paul on Univision, We were very HAPPY! 16:50:58
Better than "assassination"! 16:50:45
October 19th and more. 16:28:23
Who is Dick Eastman? 16:25:20
Ron's Courageous Stance Is Akin To Robert Taft's Stance On the Nuremberg War Trials 16:13:13
P Poll: Ron Paul in virtual tie with Obama in Florida 16:00:04
Occupy Wall Street Protesters Call For Totalitarian Government, Re-Election Of Obama 15:47:59
Ron Paul makes little girl cry! 15:42:47
Educate for Ron Paul Project? 15:36:51
Bill O'Reilly, kicking out Ron Paul for receiving too many votes in his online poll. 15:34:37
Ken Burns Mini Series "Prohibition" Starts Tonight (Oct 2nd 4th) 15:12:21
THIS is America. Don't believe we don't have what it takes to win. 15:12:07
Glenn Greenwald Interviewed by Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio 15:06:30
MJ: Herman Cain's Enron-esque Disaster 14:57:10
Does The President Have The Right To Order The Assassination of An American Citizen Without Charge or Trial? 14:37:27
My thoughts on the Occupy Together movement 14:22:26
Why did the US overthrow Iran's democratically elected government in the 50's? 14:17:46
Rick Perry's "Niggerhead" Problem 14:00:00
Bachmann Out Before Voting Begins? Time To Reach Out 13:32:00
Has Anybody Seen This? 13:20:49
Progressive Ideas vs. Progressive Agenda 13:17:04
We have been invaded by 4 week old Occupiers. 13:14:50
Video: Tom Woods on Ron Paul's foreign policy 13:05:52
Solyndra video by Robert P. Murphy 12:37:24
Where is the Pras/Ron Paul VIDEO? 12:32:08
Legend of 9/11 10 Years On by Anthony Lawson. 12:24:39
Ron Paul needs to stop 'educating' and start CAMPAIGNING. 12:23:41
Anwar Al-Alwaki another burned American Asset? 11:32:24
Micro-Doc: The Government Housing Market Upside Down 11:32:09
Will Herman Cain join our Hunger Strike? 11:29:57
Ron Paul Op-Ed: Killing Awlaki was unconstitutional and violates American principles 11:04:19
Great New Video 10:39:19
Paul proving to be a force in 2012 GOP contest (article) 10:28:28
Winning the Republican nomination. Not that hard actually. 10:27:00
Father who lost FDNY son on 9/11 says memorial is no place for fakers 10:19:38
The 0-0-0 Plan 10:12:57
Can we get Ron Paul to interview on DP forums? 10:03:55
Boston Globe:Ron Paul set to be spoiler 09:21:20
Blog This: Herman Cain Will 'ENRON' Americans 09:18:10
Is Cain smoking crack? 09:04:08
Bill o'reilly poll Morality of killing a terrorist VOTE 08:36:32
New Feature Request: Vote Up Users/Subscribe 08:15:13
Good for Beck 07:58:53
New Chat Feature Request 07:45:13
And here comes the blowback: U.S. officials warn of possible retaliation over al-Awlaki killing 07:11:21
An Internet 9-11 06:39:08
Video Assassinate the 5th Amendment? Over My Dead Body! Ron Paul and Friends Crush the CIA 06:25:39
You have Youtube channel right 4 step program to help BTO moneybomb on Youtube! 06:17:16
Will Cain Flip-Flop Just 4 Months Later? 05:27:14
Occupy Wallstreet Update! The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protesters! 05:10:41
Black THIS Out! Ron Paul Money Bomb Oct 19th 04:52:55
Let's Get Ron Paul on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 04:01:16
Dec 16th 2011 Take the Tea Party BACK 02:44:17
Ron Paul is the 13th Floor, No mention of RP in LA Times Article 02:10:54
Chris Christie poll 01:56:46
O'Reilly's Awlaki poll 01:47:35
Can we influence Occupy Wall Street to endorse Ron Paul? 01:43:21
can some explain why more gov't regulation is bad? 01:40:19
Where is Ron Paul's suit! 01:30:11
Obama's next target For assassination VIDEO 00:19:18
Judge Napolitano: Media Doesnt Want to Admit Ron Paul is 2nd [VIDEO] 00:16:32
ThyBlackman: Ron Paul, President Obama what can be learn from Africa Leader Mugabe… 00:06:52