Posted on October 20, 2011

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The Folly of the Federal Reserve | The Plain Truth by Judge Napolitano 10/20/11 23:24:36
An honest politician (updated) 23:14:46
Peter Schiff: My Dad is a Patriot, a Political Prisoner in Jail For His Beliefs Who Stood Up for His Constitutional Rights 19:28:27
Awesome 'End This War' video 17:38:56
Youtube Politics Channel: Take A Look! 13:57:14
It's not too late to host a Black This Out Party Tonight! 13:52:18
Thank you for waking me up. 12:49:50
Ron Paul Walk the Line Song - End the Fed 08:32:55
Dr. Paul's WSJ Op-Ed Linking the Fed & Financial Crisis 03:33:05
Ron Paul Quotes Twitter Bomb -- Paulinate Twitter October 22 00:14:39
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What they don't want you to know about Libya and Gadaffi 23:45:50
Open Letter to Occupy Wall Street 23:35:35
I'm disgusted with the Libya reactions 23:30:34
Schiff: Cain's 9-9-9 has an extra 9 at the end 23:12:51
New Rule: No Hijacking Money Bombs 23:03:53
Piers Morgan Attacks Cain and Say's He Agrees with RON paul! woot! 23:02:13
The Dysfunctional Debate - Starring Perry Romney 22:59:06
Cash banned in Louisiana 22:54:36
Ron Paul leads in online searches 22:50:05
A "Tea Party" event for Ron Paul we can all get behind! 22:43:53
The REAL reason we attacked Libya 22:32:00
This could do Cain in faster 22:26:20
Endorsements 22:23:46
Can someone record Anderson tonight? 22:20:49
Interesting article about Ron Paul in today's "Iowa Caucus"! 22:15:03
Office of Congressman Ron Paul Money Lecture Series: "What is Money?" with Joseph T. Salerno 22:11:57
Palin Complements Ron Paul on Foreign Policy 22:09:57
Occupy Wall Street Puppeteers Reveal Real Intentions: A starting 1% NEW world order TAX! 21:42:57
Peter Schiff Endorsed Karen Kwiatkowski On His Radio Show 21:42:37
The first streetwise revolution? . 21:38:57
Some Stuff From Jim's Notebook 21:35:13
Kindly email Gov. Palin to encourage an endorsement? 21:32:18
Sarah Palin just gave R-- P- some love on Hannity 21:24:40
Las Vegas Sun in depth interview with Ron Paul 10/19/2011 21:22:19
Namelist to fire Benton? 21:16:38
Sarah Palin: Ron Paul has hit the nail on the head. 21:16:24
Bob Wenzel will be a guest 21:13:59
Ron Paul: A Top Tier Candidate! Sarah Palin speaks very highly of Ron Paul's Foreign Policy on Hannity! 21:12:27
Halloween Ron Paul Tirck-or-Treat mini-flyers 21:11:08
Shocking Video : The Bank just Gambled your Money - this time ALL of it! Can anyone stop them? 21:03:00
AP: Paul drops $2M in new TV ads to criticize rivals 21:01:55
Focused Support Groups for Ron Paul on Mainstream Media Sites 20:57:05
The greatest threat to Ron Paul getting the nomination 20:53:24
Another awesome video!You gotta see this 20:38:38
Herman Cain's Pro-Choice statements contrasted with Ron Paul - NEW VIDEO 20:33:03
"Ron Paul's Bad Math" Anderson Cooper/CNN - UPDATED 20:26:58
Jesse Benton co-authored "Plan to Restore America" ?? 20:24:55
Cash "Banned" in Louisiana.Think about this one! 20:06:55
Herman Cain is very afraid. 20:03:32
I need a little help with this dumb poll - please vote OTHER! 19:56:52
I need a little help with this dumb poll - please vote OTHER! 19:50:43
If Ron cuts the USGS what will take its place? 19:38:42
Seriously? Seriously? 19:33:42
More problems for the banksters.. Foreclosures Nullified 19:30:19
Paul MUST make an extended statement regarding 19:29:56 DO NOT BUY from here! 19:29:39
This journalist tells the truth, with facts, about the Black Out! 19:15:18
This journalist tells the truth, with facts, about the Black Out! 19:09:51 - DO NOT BUY from them 19:07:57
TECHNORATI: Cain's unethical money laundering scheme. 18:41:36
Rand Paul only one to vote against "no child left behind" 18:27:21
Video-Burzynski Research Institute’s Cancer Treatment Threatens Big Pharma 18:25:03
Please send this to everyone in your address book, 18:20:22
Anti Fed Ron Paul Truth Teller Battles The Obama Zombies At Occupy Wall St Event in California 18:15:19
Blog mentioning Ron Paul 18:03:07
DoD - Cost of 6 Month Libya/Gaddafi Operation: $1.1B 17:50:54
Enough with us vs. them mentality! 17:48:57
How to Silence a Nobel Prize Winning Economist. 17:43:30
HIlarious Herman Cain moment 17:26:50
Paul up to 17% in Iowa 16:54:18
Nuther poll, but going toward Cain. 16:46:13
Must see video - Ron Paul vs Obama 16:42:57
Mitt Leading? 16:41:46
Paul Drops $2M in New TV Ads To Criticize Rivals‎ -AP 16:36:21
Ron Paul is going to buy his media coverage 16:25:38
Drudge: Ron Paul launches $2M in TV ads taking on GOP field. 16:24:28
Herman Cain talks abortion with John Stossel, fails miserably. 16:20:34
Why are you people not doing anything about his complete lack of news coverage? 16:17:50
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul is Pure American Conservatism 16:17:31
This is how your fix Congress! 16:17:19
Drudge bump 15:41:54
Youtube for Kelly - WGN Caller of the day yesterday(for Ron Paul)! UPDATED 15:41:23
Day of 'Global Revolution' comes to London as thousands of demonstrators take over the City 15:36:52
Phone banking effort 15:34:28
The saddest documentary ever - "The New American Century" 15:34:18
It's called the Statue of Liberty 15:32:28
Ron Paul on "Meet the Press" this Sunday. 15:29:38
Supporting Ron Paul makes me proud to be American 15:25:42
We need a "Ron Paul 3VOLution" this time. 15:20:43
Ron Paul Pumpkin Carving! 15:19:38
Paul drops $2M in new TV ads to criticize rivals 15:11:58
Rasmussen: Ron Paul third in Iowa [Does this mean he is now "top tier"?] 15:10:41
Alec Baldwin-Dylan Ratigan-Vince Vaughn-Ron Paul End The-FED Team 14:56:57
Taxes 14:53:54
Ron Paul - I'm the man in black 14:52:55
Adam Kokesh to be on RedEye tonight 14:47:34
Democrat converts and environmental issues 14:39:51
There Are People who think Freedom is a Bad Thing 14:36:43
Obama administration 'bailed out' GM salmon firm 14:33:17
CNN Does our work for us on Romney 14:30:14
Here's a "job well done" to Michael and the Daily Paul crew 14:28:49
McClintock endorsement? 14:25:29
Who has the better economic plan? Vote now. 14:24:35
GOP Rep. Schilling Receives Assassination Threat 14:24:01
Piers Morgan mentions and agrees with Ron Paul several times in his interview with Herman Cain 14:13:24
TSA Tyranny in Tennesee Army of Agents on Wheels Fighting 'Terrorism' 14:10:57
Thinking of moving to Singapore.. anyone here familiar with or there? 14:08:36
How To Become A Delegate in Your State - Easy Steps 14:06:01
Empowerment Zones? 14:04:28
Reach out to Muslims and Mosques 13:54:07
Cain is going to be on the local talk radio at 1:00 cental today 13:52:36
Egypt's 'Facebook Revolutionary' now advising OWS 13:40:55
Article Linking George Soros to Occupy Wall Street 13:34:46
Provident Metals Ron Paul 2012 Copper Bullion 13:24:07
Can Ron Paul Win the Election? 13:13:25
These poll results are interesting if they are real with 180,658 voters++ 13:12:53
The Truth behind Gaddafi's murder 13:12:22
Ray Stevens: Obama Budget Plan 13:10:43
Louis Farrakhan Condemns the US over its Treatment of Libya 13:03:46
slashdot crowd needs some lessons 13:01:26
Restore America MoneyBomb/ Restore America AvatarBomb 12:57:15
Slashdot Discusses Ron Paul's Budget Proposals 12:56:37
Ron Paul Predicted Bank Bailouts Three Years Before They Took Place! 12:55:57
Raising Taxes Is Not a Solution 12:48:19
Good New York Times article about Ron's media plan 12:41:12's Robert Scheer high praise for RON PAUL in debate! 12:38:49
Ron Paul on Slashdot 12:38:14
Stop bashing the OWS events, stop feeding the divide an conquer mentality. 12:34:11
Grigoris Lambrakis 12:12:00
Wayne Newton cuddles with Michele Bachmann 12:05:16
How to raise money legitimately for Ron Paul 12:03:53
Gaddafi speech: "America hanged Saddam, and you could be next!" (with English) 11:48:50
Washington Post: Ron Paul Supported Energy Subsidy 11:34:14
The Declaration, Re-envisioned 11:32:38
Quantitative Easing (as explained by Australian comedians Clarke and Dawe) 11:32:30
Bank of america with the FED just started rolling the ball down the road to major depression 11:28:16
Herman Cain: Those Paulites & Their Stupid Questions about the Federal Reserve! (audio book) 11:28:15
Coincidence?? Gaddafi killed RIGHT on time to Black Out RP through the weekend!! 11:23:20
Alec Baldwin wants a call from someone who's qualified to explain why the FED should be dismantled. 11:02:24
Ron Paul's Brilliant 11-Page Plan To Restore America 10:38:14
Herman Cain 999 Opinion Poll 10:31:53
Herman Cain Claims that Apples Cannot be Compared to Oranges; Signs Deal With Mattel for "Apples to Apples: Cain Edition" 10:25:53
Media praising OBAMA for killing Ghadafi? 10:20:06
The Paul plan: Lots of zeros, little explanation 09:58:38
Breaking: Qaddafi Killed 09:55:59
What would you say to refute this? 09:51:16
Fox News Poll: Is Congressman Ron Paul given fair coverage by the media? 09:49:16
Another backdoor bailout - The Fed is out of control! 09:45:21
Ron Paul would cut all foreign even Israel 09:26:24
Message from Johnny Cash from the Great Beyond: "End the Fed!" 09:22:38
Poll at the blaze! 09:11:33
You have been disappeared from Youtube 08:52:45
All Ron Paul Needs To Do To Win The Nomination Is Explain Why He's Not Scared Of Iran 08:52:32
All Ron Paul Needs To Do To Win The Nomination Is Explain Why He's Not Afraid Of Iran 08:50:46
Ron Paul Roxanne Song 08:34:30
TSA Tyranny in Tennessee 08:30:54
Fox is reporting Gaddafi is caught or killed 08:18:21
Perry and Paul mixed record on energy subsidies? 07:58:51
War with Iran is Imminent. What every Ron Paul Supporter should Know About Iran 07:57:43
Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world 07:30:42
Occupy Philadelphia: The Kick That the Left Really Needed 07:11:05
Ron Paul Finds a Lazy Trillion $'s Under the Government Couch? Really? 06:35:37
URGENT send this to Mornig Joe 06:33:38
Undecided voters 06:10:02
Next president-Dr.Paul or Obama,the GOP can only win with Paul supporters 05:32:41
Freedom Watch "Freedom Fighters" lie about Ron Paul's Deficit Reduction Plan 05:24:38
Law Bans Cash for Second Hand Items (with video) 05:16:38
Polls are great, but radios reach 05:04:46
Where to buy R.P.s Books so money goes to Money Bomb Event? 04:58:53
Video Update Humor : Ron Paul upgrades the "Six Million Dollar man" to a Trillion 04:42:41
Amazing, inspiring money bomb idea 03:21:39
Use their weapon against them (propaganda) 02:48:26
Afghan Military Supplies - Vid 02:48:01
Nonpartisan Tax Policy Center says Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan will cut taxes for rich, hike them for non-rich. 02:35:11
I went into this boxing gym about 15 years ago. 02:32:34
Video Update : HUMOR You wish your man smelled like Ron Paul 02:31:11
What's Going On With Romney and Paul? 02:29:24
China State News: Time for China to dump U.S. debt? 02:28:47
Herman Cain: GOP Candidates "Getting On My Last Nerve" 01:51:01
New Story: Under Fire Cain Will Alter 9-9-9 Plan 01:49:24
A short prayer for Dr. Paul - If you wish 01:46:16
Cain super-PAC might violate election law 01:36:35
Presidential Teleprompter Truck Stolen. Semaphore flags now? 01:23:31
Ron Paul: "Son of our Founding Fathers" 01:14:13
Quantum Levitation 00:59:25
Louisiana - Law Bans Cash for Second Hand Transactions 00:56:13 00:55:27
DP, I need your HELP with responding to this neo-con letter. 00:42:12
A little comic relief 00:41:15
Former Bankster Federal Reserve Chairman Cain Regrets His "No-Muslims-In-Cabinet Remark" FlipFlops On Electrocution Of Illegals 00:40:25
"Our Lefty Military" 00:37:37
Herman Cain's Political Career Has Just Ended 00:32:49
Guess the total for 11th of November Veteran's Day Moneybomb 2011 00:21:40
The best commercial so far 00:17:30
Mr. ASSiNINE 9-9-9 dissed Ron Paul on Piers Morgan 00:09:49
Bombers have been flying east across Missouri. 00:05:01
Daily Paul Radio Exclusive interview with Judge Napolitano - It Is Dangerous to Be Right When the Government is Wrong 18:52:04